The Best Places to Stay in Copenhagen Without Breaking The Bank

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Here Are Some Of The Best Places To Stay In Copenhagen On A Budget!

Finding the best place to stay in Copenhagen is easy… if you aren’t too concerned about money. It’s no secret that Scandinavia is an expensive region – and Copenhagen is a city that can put a dent into budget-conscious travellers’ wallets.

Sure, there are lots of sources out there like the Guardian or Reddit to help you figure out where to stay in Copenhagen – but you got Penguin and Pia, you favourite travel blog!

Lisa lived in Copenhagen for years while Eric visited a bunch of times and fell in love with the city. That said, we think we know the city pretty well – from the top attractions in Copenhagen to awesome cafes!

So, we will walk you through the best neighbourhoods, hostels, and hotels in Copenhagen, and even a few areas to avoid. Whether you are looking for where to stay downtown, for nightlife, or with a family – we’ve got you covered!

Best Places to Stay in Copenhagen – Neighbourhoods + Accommodations

Let’s briefly dive into the neighbourhoods so you have a better idea of where you’d be booking a place to stay in Copenhagen.

You can see the Copenhagen neighbourhoods that we would recommend what a super, super brief description of what to expect. We will dive in and explain them in-depth further down!

  • København K (Shopping, Dining, Sights)
  • Østerbro (Family-friendly, Parks, Shopping)
  • Nørrebro (Multicultural, Nightlife, Hip)
  • Frederiksberg (Posh, Parks, Dining)
  • Vesterbro (Trendy, Fun, Shopping)
  • Christianshavn & Holmen (Maritime, River, Cozy)
  • Amager Vest (Urban, Architectural, Quiet)

København K

nyhvn harbour colourful houses copenhagen
Everyone wants to stay close to the classic attraction – Nyhavn Harbour!

Known for: Shopping, Dining, Sights. Typically referred to as the “centre”, this is where you’ll find a lot of the touristy sights and shops. Walking out of Kongens Nytorv Metro Station you’ll be right by the famous Nyhavn Harbour.

Strøget (shopping street) is very close by and it’ll take you for a journey through centre and eventually into Vesterbro. If you’re interested in staying in København K, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here are three great affordable accommodation options in København K:

Affordable Hotel Option: Good Morning+ Copenhagen Star

This affordable hotel is centrally located to top attractions and transport. Copenhagen Star has clean rooms, an outdoor patio, ensuite bathrooms, and great buffets breakfast. Guests rave about the friendly staff.

This hotel is technically located in København K but it’s very close to Vesterbro – an area just south of the main centre. You are still VERY MUCH in the centre by the main station in an area with loads of other hotels.

You also have the famous Tivoli Gardens nearby and can walk to the Nyhavn Harbour and the shopping streets and other main attractions easily.

>> Check Out Good Morning+ Copenhagen Star Here

Affordable Hostel Option: Copenhagen Generator Hostel

This is the hostel that Eric stayed in when he travelled to Copenhagen for the first time in 2016. Generator is a great experience.

It’s located in the centre – just a quick walk from Kongens Nytorv Metro Station. It’s no surprise that it was voted the Best Hostel in Denmark for 2018. It was also easily added to our list of 27 favourite hostels in Europe that we’ve stayed at!

There are dorm style rooms as well as single rooms, double rooms, and private rooms for up to 6 people. Each bunk also has a privacy screen, a plug, and a small light which means you can charge what you need and not disturb your roommates with the light on.

Generator has a great atmosphere and a community that gathers around the eating/bar/lounging area each evening.

Overall, the facilities are great, the location is great, and the staff was very helpful. If you’re keen to make friends there will be plenty of other enthusiastic travellers there with you!

>> Check Out Copenhagen Generator Hostel Here

Another Affordable Hostel Option: Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen Downtown can be described as the hip and retro place in the city. It’s been voted regularly the Most Popular Hostel in Copenhagen for the past 5 years!

Located in the heart of the city, it’s between Christiansborg Palace and Strøget shopping street. It’s also around the corner from one of our favourite coffee shops in the city – Espresso Huset!

The hostel offers an onsite bar, cafe, and lounge that boasts some of the cheapest drink prices in the city. Created by travellers, for travellers, Copenhagen Downtown prides itself on a lively atmosphere where you can make new connections when you’re in the city.

The cafe is also right on the street so you get a great city vibe even during your breakfast – which is all-you-can-eat for a small fee.

Lots of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms and the bunks have personal plugs and lights. There’s also lockers in the dorms to store your things as long as you bring a padlock. Linens are provided so that’s a cost you don’t have to worry about.

All in all, Copenhagen Downtown has a very central location, friendly staff, and a great design with food and drinks onsite. Free walking tours leave from the lounge twice daily.

>> Check Out Copenhagen Downtown Hostel Here


Known for: Family-friendly, Parks, Shopping. Located north of the centre, Østerbro is mainly a residential area that is great for families with kids and dogs.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Copenhagen with family – Østerbro might be for you.

Oh, and you’ll find The Little Mermaid sitting on her rock here! If you’re interested in staying in Østerbro, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here is a great affordable accommodation option in Østerbro:

Affordable Hotel Option: Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen

Located just north of the city centre, Adina is an aparthotel – meaning you get your own beautifully decorated apartment with full kitchen but there is a restaurant downstairs to serve you morning breakfast.

Each apartment has a balcony, and the place is only a quick walk to public transportation. There’s also a pool should you want one!

This style of hotel is great because you can save money by preparing your own meals if you like while having the option to “get out” if you choose!

Oh, and you are very close to “The Little Mermaid” for all those classic Copenhagen photos!

>> Check Out Adina Apartment Hotel Copenhagen Here


Known for: Multicultural, Colourful, Hip. If you want the area where the university students and younger crowds mingle, then head to Nørrebro.

There, you’ll find a great concentration of bars and clubs scattered throughout a multicultural district.

Some might consider this the best place to stay in Copenhagen for nightlife. We’ve been out for drinks in Nørrebro and it’s certainly a good time!

If you’re interested in staying in Nørrebro, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here are two great affordable accommodation options in Nørrebro:

Affordable Hotel Option: Hotel Nora Copenhagen

Located very close to the Queen Luise Bridge to take you into the heart of Copenhagen, Hotel Nora is a great affordable hotel option.

With a variety of room styles, friendly staff, a breakfast buffet, and a free beer and water on check in – what else do you need?!

>> Check Out Hotel Nora Copenhagen Here

Affordable Hostel Option: Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe

Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe is located in Nørrebro, known to be one of the liveliest and alternative parts of the city. As such, there are lots of bars, clubs, and cafes nearby that are frequented by a younger crowd and the local artists.

It’s located about a 10-minute walk to the metro so you can be in the centre quite quickly but you can also just walk there yourself!

They also offer free walking tours, bike rentals, and there’s an all-you-can-eat breakfast for a fee at the cafe, if you’re in need.

The rooms are new and simple, varying from privates to 6 bed dorms and they even book into an all-female dorm room. Bed linens and lockers are included!

Sleep in Heaven doesn’t have kitchen facilities but you’re more than allowed to bring in your own food. The staff will also recommend cheap eats and give you the necessary plates and cutlery if you decide to eat-in at the hostel.

>> Check Out Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe Here


Known for: Posh, Parks, Dining. We’ve walked through a few times on the main road – Gammel Kongevej – and counted the nice looking coffee shops on more than two hands. Lisa also went to university in this district!

It’s a fashionable area where more established individuals reside – but it’s also bustling with students since Copenhagen Business School is located in Frederiksberg.

Technically, Frederiksberg is its own city surrounded by Copenhagen but that isn’t overly important for your needs.

You can find things like the Copenhagen Zoo located in Frederiksberg. If you’re interested in staying in Frederiksberg, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here’s a great affordable hotel option in Frederiksberg:

Affordable Hotel Option: Hotel Ottilia

Located more in Vesterbro, it’s very close to Frederiksberg and the attractions like the zoo. This sleek and modern hotel is actually relatively new.

The hotel boasts a buffet breakfast on the rooftop restaurant where you get 360 views of the city around you.

It’s surprisingly affordable for a nice subtle room – and you can walk or use public transport to explore Vesterbro and into the centre!

>> Check Out Hotel Ottilia Here


girl in amusement park with trees behind best places to stay in copenhagen vesterbro
Tivoli Gardens is technically in København K BUT it’s very south – arguably located in Vesterbro.

Known for: Trendy, Fun, Shopping. Vesterbro is this large area that’s southwest of the main centre but still very, very central.

It’s an area we’d recommend since you’re so close to the action and to public transportation with things like Tivoli Gardens and nice bars to keep you busy. If you’re interested in staying in Vesterbro, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here are two great affordable accommodation options in Vesterbro:

Affordable Hotel Option: City Hotel Nebo

City Hotel Nebo is located in Vesterbro steps from Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens. It’s no surprise that travellers love the location. The reviews of the hotel mention that the wonderful staff and the breakfast were excellent.

The breakfast buffet includes bread that is baked fresh and many choices of hot or cold options. There is even an inner courtyard that guests can enjoy when the weather is warmer.

City Hotel Nebo is a great option if you’re looking to save a few bucks because you don’t necessarily need an ensuite bathroom. All the rooms have a work desk, making this actually a great place for business travellers. Some of the rooms even have a seating area.

>> Check Out City Hotel Nebo Here

Affordable Hostel Option: Urban House Copenhagen

Located in Vesterbro, Urban House Copenhagen is brought to you by Meininger – a brand we trust having stayed with them across Europe (like in Germany).

The location makes Urban House a quick walk to Tivoli Gardens, City Hall Square, and Central Station.

All rooms come with linens and towel which is key since not many include the towel! There’s an onsite bar that has great beer on tap and live music many nights of the week.

The hostel also has a courtyard and lounge with game tables like pool but there’s also a quiet room, games room, and movie room.

As for food, breakfast is served for a fee but reviews say it’s pretty good for the price. The restaurant also does dinner and a snack bar is open during the entire day.

There’s a communal kitchen for cooking your own meals and laundry onsite!

Guests say the staff are friendly for a huge hostel – sometimes these places can lose their warming atmosphere. Not at Meininger!

>> Check Out Urban House Copenhagen Here

Christianshavn & Holmen

boats along the edge of blue canal with buildings best places to stay in copenhagen
The canals of Christianhavn might attract you!

Known for: Maritime, River, Cozy. The area of Christianshavn is definitely known for the canals running through and the amount of boats you’ll find everywhere you look.

It’s a beautiful residential area that’s quieter than the main centre.

Not to be confused with Christiania – which is the politically “free state” that exists separate from Copenhagen and Denmark with its own laws and customs.

You should certainly go and see Christiania which is very close to places in this district. If you’re interested in staying in Christianshavn, you can check now for hotel deals in the area.

Here is a great and affordable accommodation option in Christianshavn:

Affordable Hotel Option: Hotel Copenhagen

Okay, so this is technically located in Amager West BUT it’s a cheap hotel options and its very, very close to Christianshavn.

Hotel Copenhagen is made up of simple rooms, clean facilities, friendly staff, and a buffet breakfast each morning. Rooms share a bathrooms on the floors which have showers and sinks.

In the end, you get a cheap place to stay that’s close to the centre by walking of the metro station nearby. It’s a great budget way to stay in Copenhagen!

>> Check Out Hotel Copenhagen Here

Amager Vest

Known for: Urban, Architectural, Quiet. If you’re trying to save money by not staying in the centre, then try to stay in Amager – which is close to Copenhagen International Airport.

An upside is you’re getting cheaper hotels at good prices. A potential downside is that you would probably have to take the metro into the centre which can add up.

You could always look into day passes for public transport if you know you will be using it. So – weigh the options for you!

Amager is technically a separate island from Copenhagen and continues to develop with new housing, retail, and urban office spaces. Here is great affordable accommodation option in Amager:

Affordable Hotel Option: Cabinn Metro

Cabinn Metro was a nice stay that served a purpose. One time, we had a really early flight out of Copenhagen and so we stayed at Cabinn for one night.

The hotel is located between downtown and the airport, and it’s also very close to the Metro/Regional-Train Station Ørestad.

This makes it a good choice outside the city centre that’s cheap but still really easy to get back and forth using the metro.

The rooms are pretty basic but they have everything you need and are more than enough for a good night of sleep. They have a variety of room types with bunk beds, room for four, or even a double room.

The bathrooms are very small though – they are those ones where basically the entire bathroom is the shower so be sure to close the curtain well! We really didn’t mind the set-up for the price and the convenience.

>> Check Out Cabinn Metro Here

Copenhagen Neighbourhoods To Avoid

There are lots of great places to stay in Copenhagen – but there are a couple of areas you should generally avoid as a visitor.

We’d suggest not staying in Bellahoj or Copenhagen Nordvest as these areas are some of the more “shabby” and “unsafe” areas (as unsafe as Copenhagen can get).

Booking Tip

Here’s a huge tip to consider before you book your accommodation. We suggest trying to stay within walking distance of a metro station – unless you plan on biking everywhere anyway!

If you don’t stay close to the metro (or a bus stop), then getting home later in the evening (let’s say after drinks) can be difficult because the S-train and regional trains stop running in the late evening during the weekdays.

There is no Uber in Copenhagen, so you’ll be stuck with an expensive taxi ride. It’s Copenhagen – you don’t want to take a taxi unless you absolutely have to.

The metro, however, runs 24 hours a day. Therefore, stay close to the metro or within walking distance of it so you can always get home easily without spending a ton of money! Here’s the link to the Copenhagen Metro System.

And there you have it – our take on some of the cheapest accommodations Copenhagen has to offer.

We’ve done our best to provide you with the tools to choose a place that’s great for you and your needs.

Be sure to book early and don’t be too discouraged if your location is a little outside the centre. You’ll still have a great time in Copenhagen.

As always, Happy Danish Accommodation Waddlin’,


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