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Some of the Best Places to Stay in Copenhagen So You Can See the Mermaids!

Finding the best place to stay in Copenhagen is easy… if you aren’t too concerned about money. It’s no secret that Scandinavia is, with Denmark in particular, an expensive region that will leave you checking your pockets for change to buy a street hot dog (which you should definitely do in Copenhagen because they are delicious).

Copenhagen is an expensive city that can put a huge dent into budget-conscious travellers’ wallets. Staying in a Copenhagen hotel, hostel, or an Airbnb that is not crazy expensive but still of good quality can really make your trip to Copenhagen more enjoyable.

It’s important to ask yourself “where should we stay in Copenhagen?” and give it some serious thought! This is because there are certainly some areas to avoid in Copenhagen. We describe them below when we cover the Copenhagen neighbourhoods on the map. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Copenhagen for nightlife – you’re in luck – we cover that, too!

Our general advice before we dive in: book early if you can. The summer is a popular time and if you know you’re planning a trip look well in advance and lock in your place to stay. Trust us – the summer months approach faster than you think and before you know it you’re paying outlandish prices for a bed in the city.

If you have an idea of what kind of hostel or hotel experience you’re looking for – we’ve tried to make it easy! You can fast track your decision by checking out our descriptions in brief:

For the hip, central hostel with a bar and cafe –  Discover Copenhagen Downtown Here.
For a decent hotel close to the main train station – Check Out City Hotel Nebo Here.
For the friendly and simple hostel“Sleep In Heaven” at Sleep In Heaven Hostel.
For a hotel-like room with a lively atmosphere – Enjoy Copenhagen Generator Hostel Here.
For the trendy and cool hostel – Self Check-In at Urban House Copenhagen.
For the socially-conscious atmosphere – Go Green and Clean at Woodah Hostel.
For simple and
modern close to the airport  – Click Here to Stay at Cabinn Metro Hotel.

Where You Should Stay in Copenhagen

Of course – this is a tough question. The easy answer would be “close to the centre” since that’s where a majority of the attractions, sights, shopping, transportation, etc. are. But, it might go without saying that the closer to the centre you stay – the more expensive the accommodation. The further away you stay – the cheaper the accommodation can be.

It’s not impossible to stay nice and close to the action on a budget – just know that it will be more difficult to find a place simply because Copenhagen is just that expensive.

Luckily, you’ve got us to help you out! You’ll notice that a lot of the places we recommend are actual quite close to the heart of the action in Copenhagen. Besides, there are so many different neighbourhoods within walking distance of the centre that you’re bound to find the one with a vibe, charm, and attractions that work best for you! We’ve done our best to give you all the options below based on prices, neighbourhood location, and reviews.

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The Neighbourhoods in Copenhagen

Let’s dive into the neighbourhoods so you have a better idea of where you’d be booking a place to stay in Copenhagen. You’ll find all the neighbourhoods we discuss in this post below on the Copenhagen Neighbourhoods Map.

There are lots of great places to stay in Copenhagen and a few areas you should generally avoid. Below, you’ll find the neighbourhoods we’d recommend with a little more detail. We’d suggest not staying in Bellahoj or Copenhagen Nordvest as these area are some of the more “shabby” and “unsafe” areas (as unsafe as Copenhagen can get).

Overall, each of the neighborhoods are very accessible using the metro – which runs 24 hours a day. Here’s the link to the Copenhagen Metro System.

Penguin and Pia Copenhagen Tip: We suggest trying to stay within walking distance of the metro/a metro station in Copenhagen. We say this because if you don’t stay close to the metro then getting home later in the evening after drinks can be difficult because the S-train and regional trains stop running late in the evening.

These are the trains that would usually allow you to access places and neighbourhoods that are connected to the metro. There is also no Uber in Copenhagen, so you’ll be stuck with an expensive taxi ride. It’s Copenhagen – you don’t want to take a taxi unless you absolutely have to. Therefore, stay close to the metro or within walking distance of it!

Here’s a little overview of the main neighbourhoods in Copenhagen and what you can expect to find in each of them! The numbers are just to help you navigate.

1. København K

Known for: Shopping, Dining, Sights. Typically referred to as the “centre”, this is where you’ll find a lot of the touristy sights and shops. Walking out of Kongens Nytorv Metro Station you’ll be right by the famous Nyhavn Harbour.

Strøget (shopping street) is very close by and it’ll take you for a journey through centre and eventually into Vesterbro.

2. Østerbro

Known for: Family-friendly, Parks, Shopping. Located north of the centre, Østerbro is mainly a residential area that is great for families with kids and dogs. If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Copenhagen with family – Østerbro might be for you. Oh, and you’ll find The Little Mermaid sitting on her rock here!

3. Nørrebro

Known for: Multicultural, Colourful, Hip. If you want the area where the university students and younger crowds mingle, then head to Nørrebro. There, you’ll find a great concentration of bars and clubs scattered throughout a multicultural district.

Some might consider this the best place to stay in Copenhagen for nightlife. We’ve been out for drinks in Nørrebro and it’s certainly a good time!

4. Frederiksberg

Known for: Posh, Parks, Dining. We’ve walked through a few times on the main road – Gammel Kongevej – and counted the nice looking coffee shops on more than two hands. Lisa also went to university in this district!

It’s a fashionable area where older and more established individual reside. Technically, Frederiksberg is it’s own city surrounded by Copenhagen but that isn’t overly important for your needs. You can find things like the Copenhagen Zoo located in Frederiksberg.

5. Vesterbro

Known for: Trendy, Fun, Shopping. Vesterbro is this large area that’s southwest of the main centre but still very, very central. If you notice, we actually recommend quite a few places in this area that are relatively cheap.

It’s an area we’d recommend since you’re so close to the action and to public transportation with things like Tivoli Gardens and nice bars to keep you busy.

6. Christianshavn & Holmen

Known for: Maritime, River, Cozy. The area of Christianshavn is definitely known for the canals running through and the amount of boats you’ll find everywhere you look. It’s a beautiful residential area that’s quieter than the main centre.

Not to be confused with Christiania – which is the politically “free state” that exists separate from Copenhagen and Denmark with its own laws and customs. You should certainly go and see Christiania which is very close to places in this district.

7. Amager Vest

Known for: Urban, Architectural, Quiet. If you’re trying to save money by not staying in the centre, then try to stay in Amager – which is close to Copenhagen International Airport. Amager is technically a separate island from Copenhagen and continues to develop with new housing, retail, and urban office spaces.

Hostels in Copenhagen

It should come as no surprise that a lot of the cheapest options for accommodation in Copenhagen are in fact hostels. However, it’s important to note that while there are a mix of dorm rooms and private rooms in some of these hostels, often the private rooms in hostels are MORE expensive than a private room in one of the cheaper Copenhagen hotels.

This is usually because the location of the hostels is more central so you pay a higher price than for a room in a cheap hotel that might be farther away.

In short: the price difference between a hostel and a hotel isn’t so much that the facilities are awful (we’ve stayed at or chosen highly ranked places in this post). Typically, it’s the locations that make places more desired and thus more expensive. Here are some of the top hostels in Copenhagen that won’t break your wallet.

Copenhagen Generator Hostel

This is the hostel that Eric stayed in when he travelled to Copenhagen for the first time in 2016. Generator is a great experience. It’s located in the centre – just a quick walk from Kongens Nytorv Metro Station. It’s no surprise that it was voted the Best Hostel in Denmark for 2018!

Facilities at Copenhagen Generator Hostel

As for rooms, Eric stayed in a dorm room of 8 and there was plenty of room for everyone. He had an ensuite bathroom but there were also other bathrooms in the hallway that anyone could use. There are also single rooms, double rooms, and private rooms for up to 6 people.

Each bunk also has a privacy screen, a plug, and a small light which means you can charge what you need and not disturb your roommates with the light on.

Even through it’s considered an “extra-large” hostel on Hostelworld, it still has a great atmosphere and a community that gathers around the eating/bar/lounging area each evening.

The huge first floor near reception is where you’ll find the bar and tables for food, drinks, and socializing. The lounge has padded seats and couches. There’s even game tables and an outdoor patio area.

Overall, the facilities are great, the location is great, and the staff were very helpful. If you’re keen to make friends there will be plenty of other enthusiastic travellers there with you! Check Availability for Your Stay at Copenhagen Generator!

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen Downtown can be described as the hip and retro place in the city. It’s been voted the Most Popular Hostel in Copenhagen for the past 5 years straight!

Located in the heart of the city, it’s between Christiansborg Palace and Strøget shopping street. It’s also around the corner from one of our favourite coffee shops in the city – Espresso Huset!

Facilities at Copenhagen Hostel

The hostel offers an onsite bar, cafe, and lounge that boasts some of the cheapest drink prices in the city. Because we’re talking about Copenhagen prices – you’ll definitely want to take advantage of their “happy hour” prices.

Created by travellers, for travellers, Copenhagen Downtown prides itself on a lively atmosphere where you can make new connections when you’re in the city. The cafe is also right on the street so you get a great city vibe even during your breakfast – which is all-you-can-eat for a small fee. Guests say the breakfast is amazing.

As for rooms, they have configurations for all travellers. They have 88 rooms that range from private rooms for 2 to 5 people, and dorm rooms that can sleep anywhere from 4 to 12 people.

Lots of the rooms have ensuite bathrooms and the bunks have personal plugs and lights. There’s also lockers in the dorms to store your things as long as you bring a padlock. Linens are provided so that’s a cost you don’t have to worry about.

All in all, Copenhagen Downtown has a very central location, friendly staff, and a great design with food and drinks onsite. Free walking tours leave from the lounge twice daily. What else do you need?! It gets booked up FAST – so book your stay at Copenhagen Downtown and feel good about your trip to Copenhagen!

Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe

Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe is located in Nørrebro, known to be one of the liveliest and alternative parts of the city. As such, there are lots of bars, clubs, and cafes nearby that are frequented by a younger crowd and the local artists.

It’s located about a 10 minute walk to the metro so you can be in the centre quite quickly but you can also just walk there yourself!

Facilities at Sleep in Heaven Hostel

The facilities for what is technically classed as a “large hostel” include an outdoor patio/beer garden and pool tables. The lounge area has couches and music and again, you can’t beat a daily happy hour! They also offer free walking tours, bike rentals, and there’s an all-you-can-eat breakfast for a fee at the cafe, if you’re in need.

The rooms are new and simple, varying from privates to 6 bed dorms and they even book into an all-female dorm room. Bed linens and lockers are included!

Sleep in Heaven doesn’t have kitchen facilities but you’re more than allowed to bring in your own food. The staff will also recommend cheap eats and give you the necessary plates and cutlery if you decide to eat-in at the hostel.

On that note, the staff are always reviewed as being super friendly with great tips about the area and Copenhagen, in general. If you want to have a sleep in heaven, then check out Sleep in Heaven Hostel and Cafe!

Woodah Hostel

Those looking for an eco-friendly atmosphere in a newly-renovated hostel should look no further than Woodah Hostel. Located in Vesterbro, it’s a short walk to Copenhagen Central Station.

Woodah is actually right across the street from one of our favourite bars in the city – Mikkeller Bar. Specializing in local craft beer and basically below street level when you enter – you should check it out!

Facilities at Woodah Hostel

The bunks have this crazy modern feel where everyone gets their own little wooden capsule. The reviews always say that the staff are very friendly and really helpful. Woodah staff offer recommendations about things to do and places to go.

Aside from the new facilities, they offer bike rentals from the hostel and linens included with no hidden fees for extras. Towels are for a fee, though.

Their atmosphere is described as appealing to those interested in living sustainably, yoga, the environment, and social causes in general. As such, the facilities reflect a dedication to these interests.

Onsite, there is a cafe/restaurant and a bar. Woodah actually serves a free organic breakfast! Overall, guests like the chilled vibe so if that’s what you want then have a look at Woodah Hostel!

Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger

Also located in Vesterbro, Urban House Copenhagen is brought to you by Meininger. If you don’t know the hostel brand, then just know that they are all over Europe and we’ve stayed in Berlin and Munich.

It’s always a good time with great facilities that are a standard across all of them. The location makes Urban House a quick walk to Tivoli Gardens, City Hall Square, and Central Station.

Facilities at Urban House Copenhagen Hostel

There’s plenty of room at Urban House since it’s classified as an extra-large hostel. You have the option to book a private room with ensuite bathroom or they have a variety of dorm sizes (4 to 8 mixed gender and all-female rooms available) for you or your group.

All rooms come with linens and towel which is key since not many include the towel! The dorms have lockers for your gear, and each of the bunks have reading lights which is always handy.

The Copenhagen location is great because they actually offer self check-in which can speed up the process when you first arrive. Don’t worry, they have real staff that are at reception as well. As for facilities, they offer a bike rental/shop.

There’s an onsite bar that has great beer on tap and live music many nights of the week. The hostel also has a courtyard and lounge with game tables like pool but there’s also a quiet room, games room, and movie room.

As for food, breakfast is served for a fee but reviews say it’s pretty good for the price. The restaurant also does dinner and a snack bar is open during the entire day. There’s a communal kitchen for cooking your own meals and laundry onsite!

Guests say the staff are friendly for a huge hostel – sometimes these places can lose their warming atmosphere. Not at Meininger! Book your stay in Urban House here.

Cheap Hotels in Copenhagen

As for cheap hotels in Copenhagen, we can suggest two hotels: one that we’ve stayed at and one that we’ve walked by like a hundred times!

Cabinn Metro

Cabinn Metro was a nice stay that served a purpose. One time, we had a really early flight out of Copenhagen and so we stayed at Cabinn for one night. The hotel is close to the airport, which is why we stayed there.

Facilities at Cabinn Metro

The rooms are pretty basic but they have everything you need and are more than enough for a good night of sleep. They have a variety of room types with bunk beds, room for four, or even a double room.

The bathrooms are very small though – they are those ones where basically the entire bathroom is the shower so be sure to close the curtain well! We really didn’t mind the set-up for the price and the convenience.

The hotel is located between downtown and the airport, and it’s also very close to the Metro/Regional-Train Station Ørestad. This makes it a good choice outside the city centre that’s cheap but still really easy to get back and forth using the metro.

Since it is not right in the centre it is actually a cheaper option than lots of other hotels and even most private rooms at hostels in the city centre. Just food for thought. Book a night at Cabinn Metro to lock in a cheap place in Copenhagen!

City Hotel Nebo

City Hotel Nebo is located in Vesterbro steps from Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli Gardens. It’s no surprise that travellers love the location. The reviews of the hotel mention that the wonderful staff and the breakfast were excellent.

The breakfast buffet includes bread that is baked fresh and many choices of hot or cold options. There is even an inner courtyard that guests can enjoy when the weather is warmer.

Facilities at City Hotel Nebo

Hotel Nebo has a range of rooms from classic single, double, triple and quad rooms. They also have “economy” rooms for one up to four guests and these share a bathroom, which is why they become “economy”.

A great option if you’re looking to save a few bucks because you don’t necessarily need an ensuite bathroom. All the rooms have a work desk, making this actually a great place for business travellers. Some of the rooms even have a seating area.

With bikes for rent at the hotel, you can really dive into feeling like a local in one of the bike friendliest cities in the world! It’s also cool to note that Hotel Nebo is a non-profit hotel which means some of their income goes to helping the homeless community in Copenhagen. You get a great location – Copenhagen feels supported: Win-Win! Book your stay at City Hotel Nebo now!

Airbnbs in Copenhagen

We stay in Airbnbs all the time (we’re typing from one right now) and usually they are a cheaper option plus we like our own space for work. There are many available in Copenhagen but generally they aren’t as cheap as in other cities.

Fortunately, there are private rooms and entire apartments available for anywhere from 55 CAD/night to 110 CAD/night. We’re going to let you do the math on how much money Canadian is in your currency!

And there you have it – our take on some of the cheapest accommodations Copenhagen has to offer. We’ve done our best to provide you with the tools to choose a place that’s great for you and your needs. Be sure to book early and don’t be too discouraged if your location is a little outside the centre. You’ll still have a great time in Copenhagen.

As always, Happy Danish Waddlin’,

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The Best Places to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark, without going broke


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