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Travelling Prague in the Winter? Here’s your Guide.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a new adventure seeker heading to Europe, Prague is a city that continues to come up in conversation. This is for good reason. This well-known city in the Czech Republic boats some of the most beautiful views, the most beautiful architecture, and the most incredible experiences.

Travelling to Prague in the winter is a totally different adventure than in the summer for a variety of reasons. For starters, tourist season in the summer means there’s hardly room to breathe when you’re walking around. Of course visiting Prague in the summer is still a great experience – but in the winter, there are far less humans buzzing about. It’ll obviously be a little colder, but that’s nothing a good pair of boots, a nice warm jacket, decent gloves, and a warm hat can’t handle! Just bundle yourself up and you’ll be fine!

Since there’s so much to do and see in Prague, we’ve divided our guide into a few sections to get you on your adventure. This list is in no way extensive or complete – just meant to serve as a guide to get you started! Speaking of getting you ready for Prague – if you’re looking to book one of the great hostels in the city – then head over to booking the best hostels in Prague!

Things to See in Prague

The National Monument at Vitkov

While the photo above is of the Žižkov Television Tower, that’s one of the shots you’ll see from Vitkov! There’s an incredible monument and museum in Prague – and it’s likely not where you’re expecting to find one! Hike up to the top of Vitkov hill in the Žižkov district and you’ll find the National Monument at Vitkov. Fun fact – the monument is the third largest equestrian statue in the world! Commemorating a long story of Czech history, you’ll get great views of Prague 1 from the area opposite the famous Castle. Just head behind Florenc bus/metro station.

Visit the Old Town Square – Christmas Market

Any trip to Prague should begin with a wander around the most beautiful square in Prague. The Old Town Square is a beautiful open space where the world comes to meet Prague. You’ll find buildings such as the Town Hall (with the 600+ year old famous Astronomical Clock), the tall and proud Týn Cathedral, the Church of St. Nicholas and a variety of multi-coloured houses.

In the winter, the Old Town Square comes alive with shops, vendors, lights, and amazing smells of food. You can sample sweet and savoury treats and snap amazing photos of the old buildings all lit up. Don’t forget to grab yourself a beer or a mulled wine!

Check out the John Lennon Wall

If you’re in Prague, you can’t leave without seeing the famous John Lennon Wall. A notable symbol of peace, rebellion, and creativity for decades, the wall has seen its share of contributions over the years. You can even bring spray paint and leave your message on the wall. It’s changing every single day.  It’s located at Velkopřevorské náměstí (Grand Priory Square), Malá Strana, which is on the other side of the Vltava river from Prague 1.

Visit Prague Castle

Ah yes, Prague Castle. No visit is complete without a wander around the largest coherent castle complex in the world – according to Guinness World Records! For those just dying to know – it’s approximately 70,000 m²! The grounds are free to walk through, but many side halls, exhibits and other tours require payment and potentially a booking in advance. You can have a look at the exhibits and prices on the website for Prague Castle.

Photograph the “Four Bridges” from Letna Park

If you head north in Prague 1 you’ll cross the “Čechův most” bridge. You’ll then turn left and hike up to the Letensky profil. From up here in Letna Park, you can snap a photo of the “four bridges” – which is a great photograph of the largest four bridges crossing the Vltava river – including the famous Charles Bridge.

Find Sculptures by Czech Artist David Černý

Before late 2017, you used to be able to find babies with barcodes for faces climbing the outside of the TV Tower. Now they are down for cleaning. That said, you’ll find a seven foot sculpture of Sigmund Freud dangling over an alleyway near the Old Town. Whichever piece you find, you’ll likely run into a provocative work of art by the famous Czech artist David Černý. His pieces are meant to inspire, create dialogue, and make a statement. The babies with the barcode faces are also featured closer to the John Lennon wall on the other side of the Vltava river in the park. For a shock factor, they definitely accomplish that!

Things to Do in Prague

Enjoy a sweet and sugary Trdelnik

Those of you craving something sweet won’t have to look for long in Prague. The famous circular doughy and sugar-covered Trdelnik can be found near the Charles Bridge in Prague 1. Just go where you’d expect to find tourists, and you’ll find Trdelnik. This pastry, while famous in Prague, is actually of Hungarian roots and can be found from Austria across lower Eastern Europe.

Check out the Jewish Quarter

The Prague Jewish Quarter is rich with history. You’ll find six synagogues within the tiny area between the Vltava river and the Old Town Square. There’s a variety of walking tours which are well worth the time to make sure you understand the history. Since many of the oldest buildings from the 13th century were saved from destruction over the years, the Quarter serves as a wonderful trip through the triumphs and struggles of the Jewish inhabitants of Europe.

Dance with the Dancing House

Built in 1996, this odd looking building stands out against all the other Baroque and Gothic style buildings. Snap a photo or video of you dancing along with it. We dare you!

Climb the Petřín Lookout Tower

If you’re looking for a bit of a hike, we would suggest going to Petřín Lookout Tower. There’s two ways to the top of the hill that the Tower stands on. You can hike through the nature trails or take the cable car. At the top of the hill, you’ll find an iron tower which reminded us of a “mini Eiffel tower”. Built in 1891, you’ll get great views of the city. The tower and the museum are even open in the winter – but check to see their reduced hours at the website.

Walk the Famous Charles Bridge

This one seems like a “no-brainer” but you’ve got to walk along the Charles Bridge to get the full Prague tourist experience. Completed in 1402, the bridge is a main artery connecting the two neighbourhoods across the Vltava river and into the Old Town of Prague 1. It’s lined with beautiful statues and sculptures, and you’ll find vendors, artists, and tourists all walking along enjoying the sights up and down the Vltava river as far as you can see. With all tourist locations – watch your pockets!

Where to Eat in Prague

If you’re looking for places to eat in Prague – there’s more than a few. In fact, just go on Google Maps and type in “restaurant” while you’re zoomed over Prague 1. You’ll get so many suggestions you won’t know what to do! To help you out, we’ll list a few places we’ve eaten at to give you a first-hand account of our experience. This list is in NO WAY exhaustive – just meant to give you a sample of a few places!

Café Restaurant Palanda

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Let’s just say that this burger place in Prague 1 is amazing. Their fries are excellent, and their burgers are recommended by more than one local couple we’ve had the pleasure of knowing! Plus, Czech beer! You can find their Czech site here.

U Medvídků

This traditional Czech beer hall feels like it is influenced by German design and culture. Don’t let that fool you. The food is delicious, the meat was done well, and the beer was cold. What more can you ask for? Check out the menu and more here.

Marina Restaurant

If you’re looking for places to eat in Prague eat near Mánesův most (bridge) then look no further! This unique floating restaurant is quite literally a boatload of fun. As an established Italian place, you’ll enjoy dinner on this refurbished boat that is docked along the shoreline. It’s a cool experience and a slightly more upscale meal by price.  Read more about this Italian place in Prague.

Restaurace Jáma

Check out this restaurant for North American burgers and Czech dishes. If you catch them at the right time on the weekends – they do brunch from around the world. Fancy a traditional American breakfast with meat and hash browns? How about a traditional British Breakfast with baked beans? You can get it at Jama.

Café Frida

This is an authentic Czech place where a good friend who lived in Prague took us to. It’s definitely more of a local place that’s located in the area Karlin. Essentially, you can find it at the other side of Florenc bus station, closer to the Monument at Vitkov – away from “the main city centre”. We shared a few good local beers there. Have a traditional Czech experience here.

Enjoy your Winter Wander in Prague

That’s all we have! A winter trip to Prague can be an amazing experience to share with group, the family, or your significant human who you really really like. There truly is something for everyone in Prague. What did we forget to mention? Anything you’ve learned on your experiences wandering around Prague in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,
– L&E

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Things to do in Prague in the winter


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