Travel Inspiration

Not quite sure where to go on your next adventure? We get that – the world is a big, wonderful place. This page is dedicated to all of our posts that will inspire you learn about a new country for the first time, look more deeply into a destination, and maybe even decide on how you’d like to spend your next trip!

From chasing castles or cheaper destinations to seeing natural wonders like waterfalls, the northern lights, or sunsets in Europe – here’s a bunch of great posts designed to help you expand your world a little bit!

Worldwide Travel Inspiration

The world is packed full of amazing experiences and unique places to visit. That is why we’ve started to build up a section of posts that cover just some of the amazing experiences you yourself can have.

This list is partly for us to motivate ourselves to get out there and discover – and we hope you can find some travel inspiration for your next adventure here, too!

Europe Travel Inspiration

Since we primarily focus on Europe, we have quite a few posts that are dedicated to different topics around exploring Europe – in case you are unfamiliar with the continent. Maybe you are familiar with Europe and you’re looking for fresh ideas? Whatever the case, these articles are a great place to dive in and discover something new!