27 Great European Hostels For Your Euro Trip (We’ve Stayed At All Of Them)

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Here Are Some Awesome European Hostels That We Recommend!

Whether you are a first time Europe tripper or a seasoned veteran, hostels are great places to stay across the continent if you want to keep within a budget. 

European hostels work much the same as anywhere else – you can get a cheaper place to stay with other travellers in a room style (dorm or private) that suits your needs.

Having said that, we’re extremely lucky to have covered so much of Europe and stayed in some great places.

It didn’t really hit us just how many places we had visited until we quantified them in this post. So hopefully, our Europe hostel knowledge is useful to you!

Just so you know, we’ve stayed at all of these hostels on our own dollar. None of these were sponsored stays. We don’t accept free nights in exchange for reviews. Some of these stays were on trips before we started writing about our travels.

Things to Consider When Booking European Hostels

Before booking the hostels you’ll stay at while in Europe, there are a few things you should consider. Most of these detail are straightforward while others are worth discussing in-depth.

Finding the Best and Cheapest European Hostels

As for looking for the “best” and “cheapest” hostels in Europe, let’s be clear about this: “best” is a relative term. Sure, Hostelworld gives out annual awards, but what is good for someone will different for another.

The best party hostel is going to be different from the best boutique hostel – and these kind of hostels are going to attract very different kinds of travellers.

It’s important to think about your travel style and your personality. Then you can book accordingly.

As for price ranges, it generally isn’t the hostels themselves that make the price to stay cheap or expensive. Usually, the city in which the hostel is located is what dictates the price more.

You wouldn’t expect to go to Copenhagen, Denmark and get budget accommodation like you would in Krakow, Poland.. right? If you want a cheaper trip, plan a route through cheaper countries.

This is not to say that cheap hostels don’t exist in certain cities (again, like Copenhagen), but if you want “cheap” then don’t go to Scandinavia in the first place and stick to stops in Eastern Europe instead.

Age Limit in European Hostels

Another consideration for booking hostels in Europe is age limit. While some hostels in Europe do have an age limit (often around 18-45) you can usually find these clearly stated on the booking page.

There are some hostels that are just for a younger crowd, some for families, and some for an adult-only or elder crowd!

Are European Hostels Safe?

If you’re a first time Europe tripper, the you might be wondering if hostels in Europe are safe.

Eric has personally stayed in over 25 hostels across Europe and has never had a bad experience to write home about. Honestly. That said, sure, there are likely dodgy hostels in every country. Just don’t stay at them.

The trick is to read reviews and to book early to make sure you stay at one of the most popular, most secure, and most established ones.

If you plan to “book as you go” you should know that the summer season is a busy time and that the best hostels do book up solid.

So, don’t be surprised if you roll into Dubrovnik in July, most places are full, and you have to choose a hostel with less than good reviews. You sometimes can – but it’s a gamble you’ll have to be okay accepting.

Having said that, let’s dive into 27 hostels across 20 countries in Europe so you can hear about our experiences in each one and get started booking your European adventure!

To make scrolling through easy for you we have sorted the countries alphabetically.


man in red jacket taking photo of building in winter european hostels vienna
We’ve explored Vienna in both the summer AND winter.

Austria is a country that we know we have far more to explore. That said, we’ve spent some time in the capital, Vienna, and loved every moment. Vienna is a beautiful city full of things to do.

It is a bit more of an expensive city so do factor that in when you’re planning out your route. It can be cheaper to stay in other cities like Budapest and hit up Vienna on a pass-through for a day or two, for example.

Wombats City Hostel Naschmarkt, Vienna – Check Now

For a brand that you see all over and can trust, Wombats Naschmarkt didn’t disappoint.

The hostel is a classic hostel experience – nice big receptions, people coming and going, an upbeat bar area, and loads of activities you can participate in. We stayed in a dorm room with an ensuite bathroom and had zero complaints.

In fact, the bar area was under renovation while we stayed there (it’s done now) and they still made the effort to serve travellers which was nice. We also did the suggested free walking tour which was really good for seeing the city!

The location is right on Naschmarkt – a giant long market area in the city that leads right into the centre after about a 15-minute walk.

Address: Rechte Wienzeile 35, 1040 Wien, Austria


feet in colourful hammock european hostels antwerp belgium
Eric actually relaxing in Abhostels’s backyard hammock!

Passing through Western Europe isn’t complete without a stop in Belgium. This tiny country is full of things to see – and it keeps changing as you travel through it.

For example, the language changes from French to Dutch to German depending on the region you are visiting.

There are a few cities in Belgium that are popular for a stop through – the capital, Brussels, being a big stop for travellers. The city is full of hostels and well connected to other cities in the area so book ahead to avoid disappointment on your Brussels hostel!

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel, Brussels – Check Now

2GO4 is located right in the centre of the city just a short walk from the Brussels North (Nord) train station. We could walk to all the major attractions which made things easy.

The reception and ground floor common areas are nice – decorated in a very cool, hipster/boutique kind of way.

We stayed in a small dorm room that was clean and the bathroom was across the hall. Overall, a pretty simple stay but it served its purpose. We even caught a free walking tour from the hostel which was great.

Address: Boulevard Emile Jacqmain 99, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Antwerp Backpackers Hostel (Abhostel), Antwerp – Check Now

If you are heading through Antwerp, stay at Antwerp Backpackers. This very social hostel is basically a huge house for you to relax in and call home for a few days.

The location was to the east of the centre, but still very much walkable from the central station.

What makes Abhostel great are the nice hosts and open atmosphere. There is a large communal kitchen/living room area that leads to a back patio with hammocks. We cooked dinner there with other people and got to know basically everyone staying there.

They even have musical instruments so we had a 4 person jam session which – to this day – goes down as one of Eric’s favourite hostel moments, ever. The rooms are clean and the facilities are secure and great. What else do you need?!

Address: Kattenberg 110, 2140 Antwerpen, Belgium


croatian old town with mountain in background european hostels croatia
Dubrovnik is a popular stop – with plenty of hostels in the Old Town!

Croatia is undoubtedly a popular destination with so many great cities, towns, and islands to check out. We spend quite a bit of time in Croatia this past year exploring the top attractions, national parks like Krka, and hot spots like Dubrovnik.

Whether you are planning an epic Croatia road trip or looking to island hop, you are going to need a place to sleep – and a hostel is a great option.

We wrote a whole guide on where to stay in Dubrovnik. We had an apartment but also mentioned some hostels – so head on over to that post if you’re looking for a hostel in Dubrovnik!

As for hostels we’ve stayed in Croatia, you’ll have to head to Zadar for that!

The Mellow Monkey, Zadar – Check Now

Formerly known as the Drunken Monkey, the Mellow Monkey is located to the east of the old town in Zadar.

This hostel had a lively atmosphere and a super nice staff that went out with us when we stayed there. The facilities themselves are pretty standard with dorm rooms throughout.

The fact that they aren’t in the old town means they have more space to offer guests. The Mellow Monkey has a sun terrace on the roof, a small pool in the backyard, and even a small bar downstairs.

When you want to get to the old town, it is only like a 20-minute walk along the beautiful waterfront to the centre!

Address: Ul. Jure Kastriotića Skenderbega 21, 23000, Zadar, Croatia

Czech Republic

girl in winter hat taking photo of old town buildings european hostels prague czech republic
There are plenty of great shots to take all over Prague.

Visiting the Czech Republic is always an important stop on a Euro tripper’s list. Usually, it’s known for the cheap beer and the beautiful old town… and you wouldn’t be wrong.

The capital city of a country usually draws a crowd – but Prague does that better than most of the other European capitals. This makes it a popular stop that is full of hostels that do fill in the summer season.

If you want more Prague information, we’ve got a huge guide on things to do in Prague. If you want to dive into other hostels in Prague, check out hostels in Prague for all budgets and styles here!

The MadHouse Prague, Prague – Check Now

If you’ve followed along for a while now, you’d know that the MadHouse has played a huge part in shaping Eric’s travel life/perspective on the world.

Voted consistently as one of the best party hostels in the world, the MadHouse is run by some Canadians that know what they are doing. They have created a fun and welcoming atmosphere where you can meet some amazing travellers.

Consisting of four large dorm style rooms with smaller rooms/levels in them, the place isn’t too large so you really do get to know everyone. The communal kitchen is large and often a meeting point for getting social.

The events and activities are all taken care of by the staff who do them with you. You just show up and have fun. We can’t recommend the MadHouse enough.

Address: 39 102 Spálená, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha, Czechia


colourful harbour buildings with boats european hostels copenhagen denmark
Copenhagen Generator is just a 7-minute walk from Nyhavn Harbour!

If you’re looking to travel to Denmark, a stop in the capital, Copenhagen, is a must. This Nordic capital is very special to us – Lisa lived there for three years for school and Eric loved travelling through. There is so much to do and see in Copenhagen.

A downside to the city – however – is that it can be expensive! We’ve written a guide on staying in Copenhagen without breaking the bank– and hostels are a great way to do this. They are centrally located and just as good as hotels in many cases!

Generator Copenhagen, Copenhagen – Check Now

As far as a larger hostel goes, Generator Copenhagen was a great stay. Generator is also a chain brand that you can typically trust in most major cities – and Copenhagen was no exception.

The dorm-style room was clean and had an ensuite bathroom. The hostel overall is made up of a ton of dorm-style and private rooms.

The reception area is massive and the staff were super friendly. There is a bar, restaurant area, and loads of tables. In another area, there are comfy chairs, a television room, and even a few games tables.

It’s a very social ground floor with an outdoor area, too! Overall, the people were super friendly and Eric made quite a few friends staying there. Would DEFINITELY recommend!

Address: Adelgade 5-7, 1304 København, Denmark


glass capsule with london buildings below european hostels london united kingdom
Beautiful London below from the famous London Eye!

To avoid confusion – yes, we divided up the United Kingdom into England and Scotland. That is why you find them separate on this list.

In any case, there are loads of great hostels across the major cities in England. From Oxford to London, you’re sure to find an affordable place to stay.

We’re going to focus on London since Eric has stayed in two hostels in the city. As with most popular places in Europe, London can be expensive and does book up in the summertime so definitely book ahead for that Europe trip.

If you are planning a visit, you can read a whole guide on where to stay in London, visiting the top attractions in London, and be sure to check out our guide on how to spend a perfect day in London!

Clink78, London – Check Now

Located up near King’s Cross Station, Clink78 is a social place great for connecting with other travellers.

We stayed in a dorm-style room that was pretty modern with bathrooms down the hallway. The reception area was large and the staff were on their game when we needed them.

Overall, a pretty good stay – we can’t say much more because it was only one night but got the job done. We didn’t make full use of the facilities so give Clink78 a go and let us know what you liked!

Address: 78 King’s Cross Rd, London WC1X 9QG, UK


old town stone wall and gates european hostels tallinn estonia
The gates to the Old Town are like 4 minutes from Red Emperor Hostel.

If you are travelling the Baltics, a stop in Estonia is basically a must. The country is more influenced by Finland than its neighbours to the south – although we mention both Latvia and Lithuania on this list further down!

That said, s stop in the capital, Tallinn, is a great idea. Tallinn has a wonderful medieval old town that is full of things to do.

As for hostels, there are plenty to choose from both in the Old Town or very close by. The place where Eric stayed is listed below.

However, there are loads of hostels to choose from and word of mouth from fellow travellers always ended up with the Red Emperor OR The Monk’s Bunk as two of the most popular hostel choices for a social experience!

Red Emperor Bar & Hostel, Tallinn – Check Now

If you are looking for a VERY social experience, Red Emperor is for you. From the free beer at check in to the time you check out, it was a blast staying there.

Red Emperor is located just outside of the old town walls about 5 minutes from the main city gate shown above. The dorm rooms were small with simple bunks, lockers, and bathrooms/showers separate.

As for facilities, the place has a bar and games area where things get a little loud at times. It’s best to join in! The area near reception was nice for hanging out (there’s a kitchen) and the staff were very chill and helpful!

Address: Aia 10, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia


eiffel tower with blue sky european hostels paris france
Paris is a very popular stop – and hostels are everywhere!

We honestly can’t talk too much about hostel around France since the country is just so large AND we have limited experience in this department.

Eric’s travelled to a few major cities in France and enjoyed his time but stayed with friends or in a hotel (for work).

That said, he did stay in a classic backpacker hostel in Paris. You will find MANY hostels in Paris but it’s also super popular – because it’s Paris – so definitely book ahead if you can!

Le Village Montmartre, Paris – Check Now

Le Village was a great stay in the big city. Located in the north end and close to a metro station, the hostel was tucked away in a quieter area. The dorm style room we stayed in was super clean and there were lockers in it as well.

The highlight of the place was probably the outdoor/rooftop terrace where people hung out during the day and even at night to have drinks.

The ground floor at check-in had loads of little tables where we had breakfast and it was nice to meet other travellers!

Address: 20 Rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris, France


graffiti wall european hostels berlin germany
The East Side Gallery is around the corner from Plus Berlin!

If you’re travelling to Germany for the first time, we have a LOT to say – probably because Lisa is German and we’ve travelled the country quite a bit!

The country is full of beautiful cities – from the large cities like Berlin to the beautiful smaller places like Würzburg, Bamberg, or even Aschaffenburg.

That said, we’ve stayed in loads of hostels across the country. Below are just two hostels we liked in cities. For more German hostels, check out a whole post on hostels in Germany that we love!

PLUS Berlin, Berlin- Check Now

Located near the East Side Gallery (the old Berlin Wall), PLUS Berlin is a massive hostel with loads of different dorm and private style rooms.

There’s a restaurant/bar onsite, a pool, an inner courtyard, and the staff knew what they were doing to get so many people where they needed to go.

You might miss some of the “hostel atmosphere” but it’s a great place to stay! There are plenty of things to do in Berlin so keep that in mind when you book.

Address: Warschauer Pl. 6, 10245 Berlin

MEININGER Hotel München City Center, Munich – Check Now

If you are heading for Munich, MEININGER is a brand name that we mention in the German Hostels post because we trust it.

MEININGER in Munich isn’t right in the old town/city centre – but it’s easy to walk to or take the metro to.

The place is clean and secure with a nice ground floor reception, nice staff, clean dorm rooms, and a good restaurant across the street!

Address: Landsberger Str. 20, 80339 München


blonde girl with camera taking photo of castle and river european hostels budapest hungary
Lisa exploring the Chain Bridge – there are great hostels all over Budapest.

Travelling through Hungary wouldn’t be complete without a classic stop in the capital city, Budapest. We’ve spent quite a bit of time in Budapest – both together and separate.

Eric also has Hungarian citizenship so there’s that small fact. We love the city and have a pretty decent guide on what to do and see in Budapest – and then posts on one perfect Budapest day or three days in Budapest.

There are plenty of hostels all over the city and generally they are cheaper than in other countries. There is no shortage of party hostels in Budapest – thanks to the “Budapest Party Hostels”.

This grouping of four hostels – Retox, Carpe Noctem, Grandio Party Hostel, and Vitae (mentioned below) make fun easy to be had. You can also find other boutique hostels in Budapest like Maverick Lodge!

Vitae Hostel (formerly Carpe Noctem Vitae), Budapest – Check Now

When Eric stayed in Budapest, he stayed in Carpe Noctem Vitae – which has since rebranded to Vitae Hostel.

As one of the four Budapest Party Hostels, it’s definitely a place where people go to socialize and have a crazy time in Budapest. The location is right in the centre of Pest, and the staff are always friendly, social, and helpful.

That said, Vitae hostel is different from the others in the sense that there is a rule: you party hard, and then you come back and you GO TO SLEEP.

There is NO loudness back at the hostel after a night out so that locals and other guests can sleep. This makes it a great place for any attempt at balance while in Budapest!

Address: Budapest, Erzsébet krt. 50, 1073 Hungary


tall church from down the road euopean hostels reykjavik iceland
A shot of Hallgrímskirkja from down the street in Reykjavik!

Iceland has become such a popular destination since a few airlines made it an easy stopover on the way to Europe. That said, it’s a nice place to check out for a few days.

We stopped there on the way over to Europe to start our Europe trip and did classic things like the Golden Circle Tour.

Given the popularity, we wrote a whole guide on where to stay in Reykjavik. There are a few hostels in Reykjavik to choose from but do keep in mind that Iceland is expensive!

KEX Hostel, Reykjavik – Check Now

Staying at KEX is a great idea because, admittedly, it is super popular for a bunch of reasons.  This hipster-looking place has a huge ground floor with seating, a bar, and is often a venue for live music.

It’s also located right on the water and close to/in downtown Reykjavik (it’s not that big) so walking everywhere was easy.

We stayed in a pretty big dorm room – hostels are expensive so we had to go cheap – but it had a large wall so it felt like two rooms. The bathrooms were private and down the hall which worked well.

There was a kitchen area where people cooked and we played a few cards games. Overall, we would absolutely stay again!

Address: Skúlagata 28, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


yellow building with flags outside european hostels dublin ireland
Gogarty’s is right beside where Eric stayed – it was LIVELY!

Ireland is a country we are yet to cover in great detail and we are SO excited to finally get the chance. Eric has visited Dublin a few times now and has had a great time exploring the city each time.

There are loads of great hostels in Dublin – many of which live up to the Irish spirit and are pretty lively. If you are looking for attractions, here are some of the best things to do in Dublin.

Oliver St John Gogarty’s Hostel, Dublin  – Check Now

Located right in the middle of the action in Temple Bar, Oliver Gogarty’s was a hell of a stay. The hostel itself is pretty simple – we stayed in a cheap dorm-style room.

You have to know that the location is pretty loud so don’t expect to get a night of great sleep, but if you want to be out and about while in Dublin, you cannot beat the location.

Also, the pub connected/next door is full of live music, great pub food, and of course, Guinness! Also, the staff were nice and check in was easy.

Address: 18-21 Anglesea St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland


old town buildings with cobble stone roads european hostels riga latvia
Riga’s historic Old Town is where Naughty Squirrel is located!

Eric explored the Baltic countries on his own during a gap in our first ever trip together (Lisa had to get ready for school so we met again in Copenhagen). Eric recommends travelling the Baltics since they are three fascinating countries.

Latvia was probably his favourite – but each one has its own history and charm. If you are looking for hostels in the capital of Latvia, Riga is a city full of fairly cheap accommodation. Eric highly recommends where he stayed – see below!

The Naughty Squirrel Backpackers, Riga – Check Now

Located right in the Old Town of Riga a short walk from the bus station, Naughty Squirrel Backpackers is one of those hostels you shake your head at because it’s ridiculous and then end up having an amazing time.

From the free shot with check-in (a Latvian liqueur called Riga Black Balsam) to the lively and social atmosphere, the stay was great. The front door is also secure with an intercom and keycard entry.

Eric stayed in a dorm room and each of the bunks have a plug, light, and curtain so you can give yourself a bit of sleeping privacy.

The staff were so friendly and gave great advice for food, there are countless activities to join, and there is also more than one common space to be social or to relax and have time to yourself.

There’s also a bar tap behind/in the check-in desk and beside the kitchen so it’s easy to grab a pint if you want one. Honestly, only great memories about Naughty Squirrel.

Address: Kalēju iela 50, Centra rajons, Old, Rīgas pilsēta, LV-1050, Latvia


Having already covered Latvia and Estonia on this list, it’s only fair that we cover the capital of Lithuania as well. Lithuania isn’t a huge country and most backpackers gravitate towards the two major cities – Kaunas and Vilnius.

There are a ton of (highly rated) hostels in Vilnius, a few great hostels to choose from in Kaunas, and a handful on the coast in Klaipeda.

Eric stayed in Vilnius for a few days and had a great time exploring the city – even though it was the dead of winter! Here’s his recommendation for Vilnius below!

Jimmy Jumps House, Vilnius – Check Now

From the free waffles each morning to the friendly staff and “home” atmosphere, Jimmy Jumps House is a great hostel to stay at for a few days.

The hostel is right in the centre of the old town close to many shops, cafes, restaurants, and a few of the main attractions. It was also walkable to the bus station during the day.

Jimmy Jumps was a clean hostel with a fun common area/kitchen where people played games, had drinks, and generally shared stories and had a good time.

The dorm rooms were simple with ensuite bathrooms but there are also more bathrooms in the hallway.

They also have a few private rooms if you prefer those. The entrance way is very secure – and the main hallway has chalk messages from other travellers. It’s a great community.

Address: Savičiaus g. 12, Vilnius 01127, Lithuania


man with hat and backpack sitting on pier looking over harbour european hostels sliema malta
Exploring Sliema and looking over to Valletta…

We’ve got a soft spot for Malta – and if you are travelling to Malta for the first time, a hostel is a great choice for a place to stay.

Admittedly, we’ve written extensively on where to stay in Malta and where to stay on Gozo and covered hostels in these posts as well.

That said, any great Malta itinerary full of things to do around Malta and in the capital, Valletta, is going to require a great place to stay.

If you want a hostel, they are concentrated in Sliema and St Julian’s – with one on the island of Gozo!

Corner Hostel, Sliema- Check Now

Located right in the heart of Sliema, Corner Hostel is physically located on a street corner in a nice, quiet residential area.

This large house is full of dorm-style rooms with ensuites (this is where Eric stayed) with a kitchen on the ground floor. The place was pretty simple but secure and full of other nice travellers passing through Malta.

The dorm also had an ensuite bathroom which was nice. It’s a classic hostel experience by all measures.

We’d recommend Corner Hostel – but there are definitely other hostels in Sliema (like Two Pillows Boutique Hostel) which you should check out.

Address: 6 St Margaret St, Sliema SLM 1979, Malta


metal gate in stone wall european hostels podgorica montenegro
The property for Montenegro Hostel is totally safe and secure.

We had an amazing time exploring Montenegro. When we started out in the Balkans, we didn’t expect to spend that much time there – but plans changed/shifted.

So, we got to spend time in the capital, Podgorica, and places along the beautiful coast like Kotor and Ulcinj. You can read up on things to do in those places if you’re planning to spend some time in them!

As for hostels, there are a few to choose from in Podgorica, a few in Kotor, and a lesser amount in Ulcinj. That said, we would highly recommend all three we stayed at!

Montenegro Hostel, Podgorica – Check Now

We landed in the capital and this was the first place we went to basically. Even though we only spend one night, we loved our stay at Montenegro Hostel.

The location is a gated house in the old town just a short walk to the city centre.

The host was SO kind – he suggested places to eat and things to do as well as made breakfast the next morning.

We were there in the colder months but the place has a massive green backyard and rooftop terrace for sunbathing which would be perfect for the summer!

Address: 52, Radoja Jovanovića, Podgorica, Montenegro

Old Town Hostel (East Wing), Kotor – Check Now

Old Town Hostel is conveniently located in the Old Town of Kotor. They call themselves a “party hostel” and we guess that was clear when we got offered (and took) a free shot at check-in.

The staff are nice and the travellers that stay there were super friendly/social – we made a few friends and even keep in touch with one of them.

That said, we didn’t go out as much as the others since we had work to do. We did, however, go on the party boat cruise around the Bay of Kotor and that was loads of fun.

We had a private room so it was easy to socialize but then get some peace and quiet. The hostel also has a pool and is divided up into lots of different wings so it’s not like the place is one massive building.

Funny enough, our door lock broke (and was repaired quickly) but the staff gave us a free beer and dinner for the hassle. We’d recommend!

Address: Budva Old Town, 284, Kotor 85330, Montenegro

Hostel Pirate, Ulcinj – Check Now

Hostel Pirate became a home for us while in Ulcinj. The hosts are incredible and create a welcoming atmosphere for all travellers passing through.

Located close to the bus station and not too far from the various beaches, this hostel is a large house with private and dorm rooms all over. The communal kitchen was great for a longer stay where we prepared meals often.

The house is in a secure neighbourhood, there’s free beer each evening, and you really do get to meet everyone staying there.

It’s very social (but not in a crazy way) – and there are lots of cats and a cute dog named Don who we liked a little too much. If you are in Ulcinj, just stay at Hostel Pirate – you will not regret it.

Address: Rr. 28 Dhjetori, Ulcinj 85360, Montenegro


two guys waving from large white letters european hostels amsterdam netherlands
A classic photo with the famous sign in Amsterdam.

If you’re passing through Western Europe, a stop in the Netherlands is also a good idea. Admittedly, lots of travellers make it a point to stop through Amsterdam since there is so much to do and see.

Amsterdam is a cool city but it can be expensive and can get really busy in the summer season so be sure to book hostels ahead to get the best ones.

That said, there are other cities in the Netherlands – like Eindhoven, The Hague, Maastricht, and Rotterdam, which are great for exploring, too!

Flying Pig Uptown, Amsterdam – Check Now

Flying Pig Uptown was a great base to meet people and explore the city from. Located about 20 minutes walking from the central train station, it’s still very much in the centre but in a bit of a quieter area with a park close by.

The hostel itself has nice big dorm rooms, and a very social bar/restaurant area on the main floor near the reception area. There was always something going on and the staff were friendly and kept travellers up to date with the latest! We’d recommend staying there.

While we’re talking about hostels in Amsterdam, be sure to check out Flying Pig Downtown since that’s another popular choice for travellers visiting Amsterdam!

Address: Vossiusstraat 46/47, 1071 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

King Kong Hostel, Rotterdam – Check Now

King Kong was a great stay – despite the fact that Eric had strep throat and had to go to the hospital while in Rotterdam! The hostel is in a great location just a short walk from the train station.

There are shops, bars, and places to eat very close by. The hostel itself has a bar/cafe and a pretty large seating area to hang out and be social. We stayed in a dorm room with nice staff and had no complaints overall!

Address: Witte de Withstraat 74, 3012 BS Rotterdam, Netherlands


castle on top of green hill with fountain european hostels edinburgh scotland
The Royal Mile leads up to Edinburgh Castle – with great hostels close by!

Oh, Scotland – specifically Edinburgh. If you didn’t already know, Edinburgh plays a HUGE role in our backstory here at Penguin and Pia.

It’s where we started talking since we both lived in the city years ago. If you are exploring Edinburgh, check out our other posts like the best bars, things to do in Edinburgh, what to do in a day in Edinburgh, the best coffee shops, and more!

Because of its popularity, there are quite a few hostels in Edinburgh – many are great while others are kind of dodgy and could be skipped if you can help it.

We’re not going to bash any of them outright, so just read the reviews or our post on where to stay in Edinburgh and you will figure out which ones are which pretty quickly. Below is a top-notch one.

Royal Mile Backpackers, Edinburgh – Check Now

Located right on the Royal Mile, Royal Mile Backpackers is a classic backpackers hostel complete with communal kitchen, dorm rooms, and nice staff to guide your stay while in Edinburgh.

Eric made a few friends while staying in a big beautiful room that overlooked the Mile and had people to go out with, hike the Seat with, etc.

It kind of became a home for the few days he spent there – and was the perfect place to make decisions about attending the University of Edinburgh… a decision which would eventually lead him to Lisa over a year later.

There’s a good chance you wouldn’t be reading these words if it wasn’t for this hostel.

Address: 105 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1SG, UK


white building with light post european hostels madrid spain
Exploring Madrid is easy with great hostels around each corner…

It’s no secret that Spain is a popular stop for many Europe trippers. Hot sun, great culture, cheap prices – what else do you need?

That said, there are so many beautiful cities in Spain full of awesome attractions that it can be VERY hard to work out where to fit in Spain into your trip itinerary.

If you are travelling to Spain for the first time, you can be sure that there are loads of hostels to choose from.

You should definitely consider booking ahead if you are travelling to Spain in the summer season since the bigger cities (like Madrid and Barcelona) can get VERY busy. We’ve (mostly Lisa) covered quite a bit of Spain, and these are our recommended hostels!

Kabul Party Hostel, Barcelona- Check Now

If you’re in Barcelona, there will likely be no shortage of hostels to book. That said, the one time that Eric did stay in the city, he stayed two nights with friends at Kabul Party Hostel.

Located right in the city centre just off of La Rambla, you cannot beat the location. The hostel itself was fun with loads of people. They also had security at the door checking keycards which made the place more secure.

The facilities are nice and there was even a free dinner when we stayed. Even though we stayed in a massive 20+ bunk room we were able to get an okay sleep (but people came and went a basically all hours of the day!)

Address: Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Hostal Madrid, Madrid- Check Now

Lisa has been to Madrid twice now and both times she stayed at Hostal Madrid because she liked it so much the first time. It is not your typical hostel since it does not have any dorm style rooms.

Instead, it is more of an affordable hotel with rooms for different group sizes – from single and double rooms to small apartments with kitchenettes for bigger groups.

The last time Lisa stayed there with two of her friends they had a small apartment with three beds, a private bathroom, seating area, and kitchen space – all for a very affordable price.

Next to its affordability, the location is another reason to stay at this accommodation. It is only steps away from the Puerta del Sol and the “Zero-Kilometre” plaque as well as the Plaza Mayor.

Address: Esparteros, 6, Madrid City Center, 28012 Madrid, Spain

Casa Al Sur Terraza, Malaga – Check Now

During a trip to the south of Spain, Lisa and one of her friends from exchange stayed at the Casa Al Sur Hostel in Málaga. There are small dorm-style rooms, but Lisa stayed in a private room with her friend.

The rooms were nice and there were enough bathrooms available that they didn’t have to play the waiting game when it came to showering.

One of the hostel’s highlights was certainly the huge rooftop terrace. During the summer, lots of the guests hang out there, eat dinner and enjoy getting to know each other.

Unfortunately, Lisa and her friend were there in December so there weren’t really any events happening.

However, it was still great to enjoy the mild Spanish winter and eat breakfast on the rooftop patio with a great view. For these reasons, and due to its great location, we would probably stay there again when visiting Málaga together on a future trip.

Address: Calle Mármoles, 28, 29007 Málaga, Spain


colourful old buildings on waterfront with boats european hostels stockholm sweden
City Backpackers was just a 10-minute walk from this area at the waterfront.

Eric booked a mini trip to parts of Scandinavia while living in Edinburgh. He travelled two countries (Denmark and Sweden) solo and had a great time.

Although the two places were really expensive, a big reason he had a good time was because of the hostels he stayed in and the people he met.

City Backpackers Hostel, Stockholm – Check Now

City Backpackers was a hostel that is super popular, is in a great central location, and has something for everyone. Eric visited in the winter so he didn’t get to enjoy the large private patio area they have but it looked awesome.

He stayed in a small dorm room that was close to the bathrooms, a communal kitchen, and a large cozy common area where people hung out and drank/read/socialized.

The staff were very friendly – he even used the computers to print a train ticket with no hassle at all. All in all, a memorable stay!

Address: Upplandsgatan 2, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden

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And there you have it – 27 European hostels that we’ve stayed at and would definitely recommend. In the end, there are SO many hostels all over Europe and in each of these cities.

Just keep in mind your budget, assess the location, read the reviews, and you’ll be just fine! Let us know where you end up staying – we’d love to hear about it!

As always, Happy Europe Hostel Waddlin’,

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