How to Get From Halifax to Peggy’s Cove [All Options]

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Going From Halifax to Peggy’s Cove Is Pretty Simple! 

If you’re trying to figure out how to get to Peggy’s Cove from Halifax, you’re not alone! This stunning seaside area (and famous lighthouse) is one of Canada’s top places to visit – which makes getting there a frequently asked question!

Luckily, there are a number of ways to get to Peggy’s Cove safely and easily. If you’re wondering “how far is Peggy’s Cove from Halifax” – it’s about 50 minutes of driving time, but it can depend on a few factors like traffic and weather.

When we visited Peggy’s Cove, we drove there as part of a larger day trip to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay which was awesome. However, you may not have access to a car and/or you might not want to drive.

So, this post outlines different ways to get to Peggy’s Cove from Halifax so you can pick the best option for you!

Halifax to Peggy’s Cove Transport Options

Halifax to Peggy’s Cove By Car

white lighthouse with red top sitting on rocky shoreline with people walking around under gloomy skies.
The one, the only – Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse!

By far the most common way to get from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove is by car. There are actually two main routes to get there. These two routes join – at Peggy’s Cove – to form a “loop” from Downtown Halifax. 

So, you could drive to Peggy’s Cove down one side of the loop, stop in Peggy’s Cove, and continue the loop back to Halifax.

Renting a car is a good idea if you didn’t arrive in Halifax with one. A car is great for scenic day trips while you visit – and you can go at your own pace!

Parts of this drive are along what is known as the “Lighthouse Route” which hugs the famed South Shore of Nova Scotia from Halifax to Yarmouth.

You’ll pass by/through seaside villages, beaches, boats in harbours, lighthouses, rocky terrain, dense forest, and more.

On our Halifax to Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and Peggy’s Cove day itinerary, we almost completed this whole loop and would definitely recommend it!

Shortest Drive to Peggy’s Cove

Having said that, the shortest distance from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove is about 45 kilometres. The driving time here is about 50 minutes. 

Traffic getting out of Halifax can be a bit of a factor but it usually won’t move the needle too much.

From downtown Halifax, you’ll head out of town on Quinpool Road, enter the Armdale Roundabout (you can’t miss it), and exit onto St. Margaret’s Road/Trunk 3. 

You then turn left at the lights close to Long Lake Provincial Park onto Prospect Rd/NS-333 W (don’t head for Highway 103).

You then just follow NS-333 W which is part of the Lighthouse Route all the way to Peggy’s Point Road (turn left onto it). It’s hard to miss all the signage!

red building behind large black asphalt parking lot with clouds above.
Here’s the Visitor Centre at the first parking lot (where we parked).

Once there, we parked in the first parking lot by the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre. Also, parking is free.

Navigation Address of First Parking Lot: 96 Peggys Point Rd, Peggys Cove, NS B3Z 3S2

There is a secondary parking lot closer to the actual Lighthouse. You’d have to drive through the small village to reach it. Parking is also free here.

Navigation Address of Second Parking Lot: 178 Peggys Cove Rd, Peggys Cove, NS B3Z 3S2

Keep in Mind: If you’re visiting Peggy’s Cove by car, be sure to arrive early (especially during the busy summer season) because the parking lots can fill up very quickly and the crowds do swell significantly.

Slightly Longer, Scenic Drive to Peggy’s Cove

man and woman taking a selfie with rocks and lighthouse behind.
We made it to Peggy’s Cove by car – worth it!

As we mentioned above, you could also drive another, slightly longer route to Peggy’s Cove. 

This drive takes just over an hour and is about 55 kilometres. This route is the same as above but instead of turning onto Route 333 you just stay on Trunk 3/St. Margaret’s Bay Road

Trunk 3 will snake through small towns – following the major Highway 103. It is much more scenic and a bit more relaxed than the Highway.

After 20 minutes of driving, you’ll end up around Upper Tantallon. From here, you turn left onto Peggy’s Cove Road and follow this all the way to Peggy’s Cove. 

A benefit of this drive is that you essentially hug the eastern shoreline of St. Margaret’s Bay as you head in a southerly direction. We also did this drive in this direction and it was lovely. 

You can even make a stop or two before Peggy’s Cove at a bakery/deli like White Sails or at the Swissair 111 Memorial.

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Peggy’s Cove Loop Drive from Halifax

In the end, both of these above routes will get you to Peggy’s Cove easily. Whichever one you pick, we’d strongly suggest continuing the loop so that you see both drives (since both are worth it). 

The difference in scenery (from our experience) was that NS-333 to Peggy’s Cove is a little more forested with rocky terrain while Peggy’s Cove Road down to the Cove had more seaside views. 

You’ll eventually get back to where you started (around Long Lake Provincial Park) and from here you can return to downtown Halifax the same way you came.

Check out this cycling website for a good visual of what this loop driving route looks like together. It says it’s for a bike but it follows the same route you would be driving.

Halifax to Peggy’s Cove Tours

gloomy fishing cove with seaside buildings on shore.
Peggy’s Cove is fit for visiting in any weather!

If you’re in Halifax, the other tried-and-tested way to get to Peggy’s Cove is on a tour. Peggy’s Cove is very popular so there is no shortage of companies and well-rated tours to get you there! 

A Halifax to Peggy’s Cove tour is also a really good idea if you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive yourself there.

You might also be short on time while visiting Halifax and the logistics of getting there and back with a car feels daunting. That’s totally fair! 

The tours take the same route you would when driving there yourself so you don’t miss much of the scenery by taking a tour! Check out these Halifax tours to Peggy’s Cove:

Adding to the ease of a tour, they generally pick you up from Downtown Halifax accommodations. Having a tour guide can also be nice because you get local knowledge along the way… so you just sit back, relax, and get the camera ready!

Because of its popularity, there are a bunch of tours you can choose to book. Some take you right to Peggy’s Cove while others make for a longer day trip to explore nearby South Shore sights like Lunenburg or Mahone Bay!

Halifax to Peggy’s Cove by Bus

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no public transportation/bus service to Peggy’s Cove. So if you’re looking for a Halifax to Peggy’s Cove bus, you’re out of luck with regional transit. 

The two ways to get to Peggy’s Cove are really only driving yourself there or hopping on a tour.

To be fair, some Peggy’s Cove tours are on smaller shuttle buses – so you’d still get a bus ride if you took a tour that was conducted on a bus!

Halifax to Peggy’s Cove by Bike

Lastly, there is an option to bike to Peggy’s Cove. For visitors, it’s probably not the most practical or realistic – but it’s an option.

The ride would be around 50 kilometres and would take around 2 and a half hours (one way) – without stops. Of course this depends on your fitness level.

Unlike biking from Halifax to Lunenburg which has a nice trail system all the way there, the route to Peggy’s Cove would include actual roadways.

We wouldn’t recommend it but it’s a way to get from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove so we’ve included it. You’d complete what some call the Peggy’s Cove Loop. You can learn more about this route on BikeMap.

Our local friend has biked this loop – but he’s an actual cyclist so this isn’t for unseasoned visitors to take on. Plus, you’d need a bike rental if you don’t have your own.

Other Travel Options

Just to be thorough, there are a few more options to get to Peggy’s Cove – but they are less recommended.

A Halifax to Peggy’s Cove taxi is possible but we wouldn’t usually recommend it since it can be expensive (compared to a tour or a day car rental) even for the fare in just one direction.

There are some Halifax companies with flat rates to Peggy’s Cove – and if you have a full car it might make sense. So make sure to do the math before booking anything!

There are also some private car/shuttle services in Halifax that offer these kinds of day packages with flat rates. You can call or have a look online to assess costs. 

Check out Premier Car Service as one such example of having an actual service offering for a Luxury Private Tour to Peggy’s Cove.

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And there you have it – all the ways to get from Halifax to Peggy’s Cove. Whether you drive yourself or book a tour, there is bound to be a way that works for your budget and timelines.

Have a great time at Peggy’s Cove – remember to take in the seaside beauty when you get there!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

– L&E