Niagara on the Lake Accommodations: Your Guide To Hotels, B&Bs, And Inns

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Finding Niagara on the Lake Accommodations Has Never Been Easier!

Spending a night or two in the famous Ontario wine region of Niagara on the Lake? That’s a great idea – that way you can enjoy the wineries and not have to drive home right away! Luckily for you, NOTL (as it’s called) is loaded with greats hotels, historic inns, charming bed and breakfasts, and even cottages right on the water!

We had a wander around Niagara on the Lake while exploring Niagara Falls. While we stayed in Niagara Falls this time, Eric has stayed in Niagara on the Lake before for a wedding. Needless to say, we are familiar with the region and the historic little town itself! From the Prince of Wales Hotel to Queen’s Landing or the Harbour House, there are loads of amazing places to stay in Niagara on the Lake.

However, determining where to stay exactly can take a bit of planning since there are many accommodation styles (and your budget) to consider. So, in this post, we walk you through the areas to stay and then talk about places by category – sharing details like whether there’s a pool or parking as well as whether they are good for kids, and more! Let’s get exploring!

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Niagara on the Lake Accommodations – Places to Stay

Before we dive into specific accommodations to check out in the region, it’s important to understand the Niagara on the Lake region. The region itself is quite large – and known as a wine/fruit growing country.

That said, there is an actual historic old town called Niagara on the Lake at the very northeastern tip of the region at the mouth of where the Niagara River spills into Lake Ontario. This is where you find MOST of the accommodations in the region.

However, there are also few other very small towns/communities scattered across the region (like Queenston or Virgil) and separated by vast vineyards, sometimes forests, waterways, etc. There are definitely properties (usually bed and breakfasts or inns) located amongst the fields and along the Niagara River. We will get into these details more in-depth below when we compare the areas.

Niagara on the Lake (The Actual Historic Town)

old town hall with brick cenotaph and cars on the street niagara on the lake accommodations
The town centre is full of sights, shops, food, and more!

Okay, so as we mentioned, the actual town of Niagara on the Lake is where MOST people stay when they visit. The main street – Queen Street – is where you find the best shopping, food, drinks, ice cream, and more!

There is a ton to see and do in the little town which we are writing a whole post on as we speak! Because of the area’s popularity, you’ll find the largest concentration of properties in this area. 

If you know that you absolutely want to stay in the historic old town, then you can check here for accommodation options in Niagara on the Lake. Specifically, check out the Pillar and Post Inn & Spa for a great hotel (Eric stayed there) or Somerset for an incredible bed and breakfast by the water.

Accommodations Outside Niagara on the Lake

Beyond the actual old town of Niagara on the Lake, there isn’t much else to the region besides amazing wineries and the fields for the fruit and wine grapes. There are a few smaller “towns” like Virgil or Queenston which have amenities such as grocery stores, and things to see, etc.

However, given that you will likely rent a car (or even a bike!) to explore the region during the day, you don’t necessarily have to stay in one of these smaller “centres”. So, here are a few places to check out that are NOT in the old town of Niagara on the Lake but still in the wine region.

The Niagara River

Of note, we’d suggest staying in an accommodation along the Niagara River to the east end of the region. This would be a great idea since the area is lush and green and includes a walking pathway to follow for ages. There are also wineries and farmers’ markets along the road like Reif or Inniskillin, to name two.

If you want to stay by the rushing Niagara River, check out The Grand Victorian for a top bed and breakfast (RIGHT beside Reif Estate Winery!) or A La Gallarie which is further south along the river and roadway. In historic Queenston (we drove through and loved it) there’s also the South Landing Inn or The Red Coat B&B!

Near the Highway (QEW)

You might want a classic hotel and/or want to stay closer to the QEW Highway to head for Niagara Falls or the USA. If this is the case, you can stay in an area called Glendale and stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Niagara-on-the-Lake in the VERY south end of the region. 

Niagara Falls

If you want to stay in Niagara Falls (since many people combine the two areas in one trip), that’s also a great idea. You can get between the two regions using a rental car or using the WEGO Bus system. You can check here for hotels in Niagara Falls – but honestly, we are writing a whole separate post on that topic (because it can be tricky) and it’s coming soon!

There are a few more places/areas to stay around/outside the regions but we’d honestly suggest sticking to an accommodation closer to the old town centre of Niagara on the Lake since there are just more amenities, things to do, eat, etc.

Great Niagara on the Lake Accommodation Options

Now that we have explained the differences between the areas to stay in Niagara on the Lake, it’s time to break down the post into accommodations by style/type. This way, if you are sure that you are looking for a specific kind of property, you will find what you are searching for! 

That said, try to stay open-minded about prices, locations, and the “type” of accommodations. For example, the word “inn” and “hotel” is sometimes used interchangeably to describe properties.

Also, accommodations closer to the old town centre are generally more expensive but this isn’t always true and you can still find a deal. It’s also always a good idea to look into whether accommodations offer shuttles to specific wineries or offer wine tours leaving from the properties!

Niagara on the Lake Hotels

Niagara on the Lake has plenty of great hotels – many of which are not chain or brand hotels as you might expect. So, you generally find boutique style inns or large estates that function like hotels with great amenities such as amazing onsite restaurants, service, spas, and more. If you know you want a hotel, you can check here for hotels in Niagara on the Lake

Below, we’ve included a few properties to give you a sample of amazing and really popular hotels in the region!

Prince of Wales Hotel – Check Now

old hotel on street corner with red brick and gardens niagara on the lake accommodations
The Prince of Wales hotel is very, very central!

This historic and charming hotel in the heart of town is hard to miss. We walked by about four times!

  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: RIGHT at the corner of King Street and Queen/Picton Street in the town of Niagara on the Lake
  • Amenities: onsite restaurant & lounge, indoor pool, spa, free onsite parking.

>> Check Out The Prince of Wales Hotel Here

Pillar and Post Inn & Spa – Check Now

green sign for inn with gardens on property niagara on the lake pillar and post
The Pillar and Post didn’t miss a single detail when Eric stayed there!

Pillar and Post Inn & Spa functions much like a hotel/resort but retains the small amenities and feels like a country inn. Eric loved his stay there for a friend’s wedding.

  • Price Range: Upper/Mid-Range
  • Location: A more residential, quiet end of town – still easily walkable to the main hub of Queen Street.
  • Amenities: Indoor + outdoor pools, spa, loads of parking, restaurants and bar, hot springs, a shuttle to wineries, and much more!

>> Check Out The Pillar and Post Inn & Spa Here

Queen’s Landing – Check Now

red brick gate to inn with white column entrance behind queens inn niagara on the lake
The Lions (and the doorman) waiting to greet you!

The Queen’s Landing is arguably the most recognizable (and stunning) accommodation in the region. From friendly staff to beautifully landscaped grounds, the property makes a statement.

  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Close to the water, a quick walk downtown, and close to Fort George Historic Site!
  • Amenities: Onsite French restaurants, bar/lounge, outer terrace, free/valet parking, shuttle service, and more.

>> Check Out Queen’s Landing Here

Niagara on the Lake Inns

Niagara on the Lake – being an old and historic region – has an issue with the naming convention of its accommodations! As we mentioned above, sometimes inns and hotels are used interchangeably. For this section, we tried to highlight classic examples of “inns” in Niagara on the Lake.

Inns are generally smaller, cozier, and offer fewer amenities than hotels – while not sacrificing the quality of stay or the service they offer. Frankly, inns are just different from what full-blown hotels offer yet larger than bed and breakfasts (which we will get to below). If you know you want an inn, you can check here for inns in Niagara on the Lake

Below, we’ve included a few inn properties to give you an overview of some of the best inns in the region!

The Harbour House Hotel – Check Now

wooden inn with white windows and blue door niagara on the lake accommodations
The classic blue door to welcome you home!

The Harbour House Hotel is very much an inn that overlooks the many boats docked in the little marina – ready to explore the river.

  • Price Range: Upper/Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking the marina, a short walk to “downtown” Queen Street
  • Amenities: Free shuttle to town, cozy rooms, free onsite parking, and a daily wine and cheese afternoon reception!

>> Check Out The Harbour House Hotel Here

Moffat Inn – Check Now

The Moffat Inn is a simple but clean historic inn located in the heart of the old town close to restaurants, shopping, and more!

  • Price Range: Budget (for Niagara on the Lake!)
  • Location: Right downtown on Picton Street (turns into Queen Street) close to the Shaw Festival Theatre
  • Amenities: Free parking, friendly staff, shuttle to sister properties to use spa amenities (Prince of Wales Hotel, for example).

>> Check Out Moffat Inn Here

Riverbend Inn & Vineyard – Check Now

The elegant looking estate house stands out from the road. We literally turned our heads and went “wow, what is THAT place?!”

  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: To the east of the Main Street, near Fort George and the bus depot for free shuttles into “downtown”
  • Amenities: Free parking, private vineyard grounds, dining/bar onsite, good breakfast!

>> Check Out Riverbend Inn & Vineyard Here

Niagara on the Lake Bed and Breakfasts

Then we have bed and breakfasts. If you are looking for a cozy stay in a smaller home with a host and a nice meal in the morning, a B&B is likely for you. Niagara on the Lake is covered in bed and breakfasts of all shapes and sizes – some in the town itself and others scattered among the vineyards and fields for maximum tranquility.

We’ve stayed at a few bed and breakfasts in our time travelling across Ontario and we honestly love the homey and cozy aspect. If you don’t need some of the extra amenities like spas and onsite bars, then go with a B&B! If you know you are looking for a bed and breakfast, you can check here for bed and breakfasts in Niagara on the Lake

Below, we’ve included a few B&Bs to give you an overview of some amazing bed and breakfasts in the region!

Old Ivy Walk – Check Now

Step back in time at the Old Ivy Wall Bed and Breakfast – this historic home fits the bill for a “classic Niagara on the Lake” property.

  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right downtown nestled between Queen’s Royal Park (lakefront) and downtown Queen Street!
  • Amenities: Friendly hosts, amazing breakfast, private bath in each room, free parking onsite.

>> Check Out Old Ivy Walk Here

Grand Victorian – Check Now

This charming country home – the Grand Victorian – allows for a little more quiet with the Niagara River and the vineyard fields so close by!

  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: A short drive from downtown Niagara on the Lake, right next door to Reif Estate Winery and the Niagara River!
  • Amenities: Uniquely decorated rooms, walking access to wineries, great buffet-style breakfast, free parking.

>> Check Out The Grand Victorian Here

Cedar Gables Bed & Breakfast – Check Now

Cedar Gables is a tranquil country home nestled between downtown Niagara on the Lake and the green fields of the region.

  • Price Range: Budget (for Niagara on the Lake)
  • Location: In a lovely residential area – just a short walk (or drive) to “downtown” Niagara on the Lake.
  • Amenities: Nice gardens, friendly hosts, freshly made breakfasts.

>> Check Out Cedar Gables Bed & Breakfast Here

Niagara on the Lake Cottage Rentals

Often referred to as “Vacation Homes” these accommodations are generally smaller, whole-house rentals that you can rent for longer periods at a time. Some of the top properties are very close to the water in Niagara on the Lake. Some of them are even on Airbnb.

We walked along Delater Street towards Queen’s Royal Park and passed no less than 7 rental properties in quiet, tranquil locations near the water yet still close to the main street in town. In any case, all of these are in a great location so it’ll come down to the smaller details.

If you know you are looking for a cottage or vacation home, you can check here for vacation rentals in Niagara on the Lake and check here for cottages in Niagara on the Lake. You might also want to check Airbnb for available properties.

Below, we’ve included a few vacation homes to give you a sample of some great options in the region! 

The Swayze Cottage – Check Now

The Swayze Cottage is designed to take you back in time to 1812! Sleeps up to six people making it perfect for a family or small group.

  • Price Range: Upper/Mid-Range (but the cost is split between guests)
  • Location: Just off of the main street Queen Street in Niagara on the Lake but still a quick walk to the lakefront!
  • Amenities: Full kitchen, lovely covered veranda, wifi, free private parking.

>> Check Out The Swayze Cottage Here

Simcoe Estate – Check Now

This private and spacious vacation home allows up to two guests to have a whole apartment to themselves with bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and more!

  • Price Range: Mid-Range/High-End (but you get a whole suite with nice hosts)
  • Location: Quiet and private – yet still just off of Queen Street in downtown Niagara on the Lake!
  • Amenities: Nice gardens, patio/balcony views, separate entrance, friendly hosts, wifi, free parking.

>> Check Out Simcoe Estate Here

And there you have it – a rundown of some of the best Niagara on the Lake accommodations across the region. Whatever your style and budget, we’re sure that you will find a great place to stay. That said, be sure to book early (especially for the summer season) since the popular places can book up MONTHS in advance!

As always, Happy Niagara on the Lake Inn Waddlin’,

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