7 Spots in Europe to Catch Incredible Sunsets

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The Most Beautiful Sunsets and Where to Find Them.

Photographs have a funny way of sparking your memory. Sometimes, we look at a photograph and are immediately transported back to the time and place we snapped it. We can remember who we were with, the smell of the air, the sounds around us, everything.

When it comes to sunsets, there’s something even more special about these moments.

Sunsets have the power to make everyone watching stop and stare. The cameras fall silent, the selfies stop, and the wind just does its thing while the sun dives deeper and deeper into the horizon.

You remember those nights. You remember those trips you were on. In honour of how beautiful travel can be, here are some of the best sunsets we’ve captured over the course of our adventures in Europe.

Herstmonceux Castle, England, United Kingdom

orange sunset over green rolling hills

Secret Travel Tip: There’s a really old red brick castle standing in the middle of southeast England. It’s one of the most significant structures to be build of the clay bricks in England to remain standing to this day.

Herstmonceux Castle is a hidden gem with huge grounds for hiking and exploring. You can visit it – and you can even go inside! 

Luckily for Eric, his home university in Canada owns it and uses it as an international campus for students from Canada and around the world. The castle remains a place very close to Eric’s heart. Lisa has even visited as well!

This sunset is a special one. It was snapped on one of Eric’s final nights teaching at the castle. There’s an open field near the end of the property that overlooks the green rolling countryside of rural England.

It’s there that you can snap this photo. All you hear are cows in the distance and the light wind making its way towards the English Channel nearby.

National Monument at Vitkov – Prague, Czech Republic

czech flag flying with sunset behind in prague

Looking back on this photograph, it’s crazy to think how early in our first ever travel together this was. Prague was only the second city we’d ever visited together. It felt like we should have been doing it all along.

This night was a chilly one. Everyone knows about Prague Castle and the incredible views of Prague 1 that you can get if you hike up there. Rarely do you hear about the views from the top of Vitkov Hill.

Located basically on the opposite side of downtown Prague (Prague 1 neighbourhood), the hill is home to the National Monument.

It was built in the mid-1900s to reflect the Czechoslovak struggle for statehood. There we stood – with the cold wind freezing our faces as we watched the sun head for bed.

We’re glad we captured the man below. It was so natural of an occurrence – just a man and his dog in Prague.

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Windecki Park – Tallinn, Estonia

orange sky over downtown tallinn estonia

This one comes with a bit of a story. Eric was visiting Tallinn to see a friend from his time studying in Edinburgh. That evening, they went to the Tallinn TV Tower to check out the views.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and grey while they were up there! Somewhat disappointing but still thankful for the cool experience, they hopped back on the bus towards Tallinn.

As they rounded the corner through the small town of Pirita outside of Tallinn, the sky began to get brighter and brighter directly over the city centre.

Realizing that there would only be a few minutes of light – but running late for dinner plans – they jumped off the bus mid-route and ran down towards the water’s edge. This is one of the shots Eric snapped with Nicky, his Nikon.

If you’re travelling the Baltics, a stop in Tallinn is definitely recommended!

Bratislava Castle – Bratislava, Slovakia

gir with pom pom hat looking at sunset over river

We’ve heard on more than one occasion that it’s kind of obscure to go to Bratislava, Slovakia. “What’s there to do?” people often ask.

Well, you can visit the beautiful castle on the Danube River and snap incredible photos of the old town? That’s just a start! (It’s also fun to note that we’re typing this from Brasov, Romania, so like – what place is obscure anymore, really).

Lisa remembers this evening – because it was absolutely freezing! The wind was so cold but the views were beautiful and the castle really is a sight to wander around and explore.

As we headed back down to get a warm coffee, we stumbled upon a set of stairs that lead down a rocky path along the edge that faces the Danube River. It’s there that you can capture this photo. Pom-pom and all.

Christiansborg Palace Tower – Copenhagen, Denmark

sunset with plane trails in the sky and buildings below

If you’ve been following along with Penguin and Pia, you’d know how special a place Copenhagen is for us. Lisa lived there during her time in school and Eric visited for the first time in 2016.

Needless to say, we’re hooked on the city. One of our favourite attractions in Copenhagen (and it’s free) is going up the tower at Christansborg Palace.

One evening, we went up there and got very lucky with the sunset. The views are always spectacular but that evening was exceptional.

There were quite a few people up there but everyone was courteous and shared the view. You can see the towers of Tivoli to the left of the photo.

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Wawel Castle – Krakow, Poland

orange sun over blue buildings and river

Krakow, Poland was a city we visited in the middle of our first trip together. Visiting Eastern Europe in the winter was a great idea. Sure, it was a little chilly – but the summer crowds were non-existent anywhere we went.

On our first night there after checking into our Krakow accommodation, we headed out for dinner. Eric wanted pierogies, obviously (It’s Poland).

Before dinner, we determined that of all the things to do in Krakow, we had enough time to head up to the famously beautiful Wawel Castle. So up the stairs we went to see the grounds. As the sun set over the river, the people who were outside in the cold started to gather.

With precision, the sun set directly on the spire of the building opposite to us. This is the shot that we snapped. Like a “basketball spinning on a finger,” we wrote on Instagram. It was a great welcome from Poland.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

sunset with clouds and buildings

Calton Hill. If Eric had a nickel for every time he went up there to photograph the sunsets, he’d be a millionaire. Our Instagram audience knows how important Calton is to us during the time we lived in Edinburgh.

There was nothing like heading up the hill on a nightly basis with a sippy cup of whisky and a new camera – just to see what the sky would do.

Eric has dozens of shots from dozens of nights atop Calton Hill – but this evening was one of the absolute best. This was the evening a couple had set up a GoPro on time lapse.

As the sun dipped, the tourists scattered one by one. Eventually, it was only Eric and the couple left on the entire hill. It was like the sun was just meant for us.

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And there you have it – seven of our most favourite sunsets from around Europe. Which one is your favourite? Do you have any “go-to” spots that guarantee you a great photo and an even better experience?

Let us know about it in the comments. We’d love to hear about them and even see your photos!

As always, Happy Sunset Waddling’,
– L&E

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    7 Spots in Europe for Incredible Sunsets