Travel Cord Organizer: The Ultimate Travel Accessory

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Buying a Travel Cord Organizer Can Be a Travel Saviour.

It’s time to get excited about travelling a little more organized! It seems like we all have a similar problem these days: travel cords and electronics are everywhere – and they are always messy.

Here at Penguin and Pia, we face this, too. Even though we travel very light – there simply is no way around travelling with charging cords, camera accessories, and memory cards! We’ve even written a whole post on the best gadgets for backpackers!

Admittedly, Eric doesn’t have a really good electronics accessories travel organizer. Now that he’s done some research on them written this post he really really wants one!

Like you, he’s got quite a few cords for electronics plus their accessories and something like a travel case for cords and chargers below would be the answer to an age-old travel question on the best way to pack cords! If you want to jump ahead, here’s the travel cord organizer Eric plans on buying.

So, whether you’re looking for a small travel cord organizer or a double-layer travel cord organizer, this post should help you with buying that perfect travel cord organizer for you. 

You won’t have to go looking for a travel cord organizer at Best Buy when there are lots of great options online to manage your travel cable management needs!  Here are some of the best travel cases for cords and chargers!

How to Choose Your Travel Cord Organzier

Before you choose which kind of travel cord organizer you’ll buy, there are a few buying factors that you’ll need to consider. We chat about the most important ones below!


Of course, how you travel, where you are going, and what kinds of bags you travel with will dictate which cord organizer you buy.

For the most part, travel cord organizers are zippered to open with many slots, mesh pockets, and elastic loops for securing and organizing cords and smaller items.

The different materials of organizers are going to offer different levels of padded protection for your gear. Thing about whether you will need more protection, e.g. for external hard drives, or whether this is not an important factor for you.

Furthermore, an organizer is going to fit differently into a backpack versus a carry-on versus a duffel bag. So knowing which luggage you are travelling with will help you decide on the size of your travel cord organizer.

Size of Travel Cord Organizer

The size of the organizer is an important characteristic to consider before you buy. Think about how much gear you actually have to bring along. Is it a lot or just a few things? 

Do you have a memory stick and lots of electronics that need storage PLUS the storage for their cords? If the answer is the latter, then you’ll probably opt for a deeper organizer.

As you’ll see below, there are smaller, flatter organizers that are good for many cords and flatter pieces of gear. These ones are not overly bulky.

One of the featured organizers below actually has two levels/layers for storing larger items. This kind of storage room is great for a portable laptop mouse, a small camera or GoPro, and bulkier charging cords.

Since we usually only pack smaller backpacks and don’t have a TON of camera gear and accessiries, a flatter cord organizer would work better for us.

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Water Resistance

This one is related to functionality but deserves its own section because you’ll want to get this one right. If you don’t consider this you can potentially damage your gear.

That could result in a  REAL hassle whether you’re on the road or using your organizer at home.

Some of the organizers below are made from polyester with a thin PVC layer. This means that it’ll repel water until it’s saturated. The PVC layer is a very thin plastic layer which will also help repel water but again, this cannot guarantee waterproof.

The same goes for the organizer made from nylon. It’ll repel water well – but up to a point. You can’t toss the thing into a puddle (not that you’d do that).

So, other precautions should be taken if you’re travelling and you know there’s a chance your organizer might be exposed to heavy rain or amounts of water.

Generally, if your organizer is packed away in your bag it’ll be pretty safe. If you want to know more about how we pack for trips, check out the post on our exact packing list for Europe, and beyond!

Style/Design of Your Travel Cord Organzier

Probably one of the least important (but still potentially important) factors to consider is what your travel cord organizer looks like.

Of course, if you want to stay stylish you can always find one with a material that matches your backpack or travel luggage.

If you’re not too picky, however, there are lots of neutral colours to choose from. Lots of them are just plain black – which for a cord organizer is probably a good call because it won’t show dirt that easily!

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Travel Cord Organziers

Now that we’ve had a chat about the things you might want to consider when buying a travel cord organzier, let’s dive into a few of the best organizers on the market and see if one of them works for you!

Hynes Eagle Travel Universal Cable Organizer 

The Haynes Travel Organizer is a go-to organizer for someone that just needs an organizer to get the job done.

The interior is full of mesh-lined pockets, elastic loops, and sections for larger gear (like a smaller Kindle, for example).

The Hynes is made with polyester and a PVC coating. This means that the material is lined with very thin plastic – and this makes the cord organizer water-resistant.

The sides aren’t very padded to offer your gear extra protection (like the organizer at the bottom). It offers a double-zipper design, is made for lightweight travel, and comes in a ton of colours.

This makes the Hynes one of the more personalized cord organizers you can buy! Check out the Hynes Eagle here for all the colours.

BAGSMART Small Travel Electronics Cable Organizer Bag

The Bagsmart is a nice looking organizer that has a slimmer profile compared to the organizer above. Since Eric doesn’t have a ton of bulky gear and a bunch of cords this would be the organizer for him.

The two-way zipper makes accessing parts of the bag without disrupting everything else inside easy.

The BagSmart is made from nylon material which will repel water more than polyester would (like the one above). However, the material is thinner so it provides less padding to protect gear from physical damage.

That said, Eric knows that this organizer packed away inside his backpack would be totally safe. This one also comes in lots of colours which makes choosing your style a fun add-on.

It’s always nice to have gear you can love. Check out the BagSmart on Amazon here for the latest price.

BUBM Electronics Organizer Travel Bag

This organizer from BUBM is the “two-level” one we were talking about at the beginning of the article. It’s kind of like a “2-in-1” organizer. In the top, you have the cord organizer part and enough space to store bulkier items in the bottom half.

Overall, the BUBM makes for a ton of storage – but remember that you’ll then sacrifice overall size. While it’s not THAT much bigger in terms of length and width, the overall height/fatness is double the two organizers above. Definitely something to consider.

This one has a strong zipper that allows for flat opening like the others and is made from two layers of waterproof fabric. Yes, this one is advertised as WATERPROOF and shockproof.

That means that even exposed water or drops/bangs your gear will be protected. Since we don’t own this one we cannot guarantee this but based on the information provided it sound pretty solid. Also, lots of colours to choose from. Check out the BUBM here to see how indestructible it can be for you!

And here we have it, three travel cord organizers that will help you travel more sanely! Honestly, Eric doesn’t know how he’s gone this long without something like the products above.

It looks like his small zippered pouch for headphones will need to get an upgrade. However, it’s nice to know that there are great products out there for doing just that.

Do you own any of these? Let us know what you think – or if you suggest another one!

As always, Happy Cord Organizin’,
– L&E

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