Where To Stay In Munich (2024): Accommodation & Neighbourhood Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Munich, Germany? Here Are Our Tips!

Whether you’re visiting Munich on a city trip or for Oktoberfest, the German city is full of great sights, attractions, and Bavarian culture to immerse yourself in.

That said, it can be tough choosing places to stay in Munich if you don’t know the city well.

We always enjoy visiting Munich. Lisa is from Bavaria so we’ve both been to Munich many times over the years – and stayed in several hotels (three) in different areas of Munich.

We liked H2 Hotel München Olympiapark (very popular) up by Olympiapark but we’d also recommend the Platzl Hotel Superior – steps from the city centre at Marienplatz – and the Citadines Arnulfpark Munich!

But if those aren’t for you, don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll tell you about accommodation in Munich by type – such as hotels in Munich – and then cover the top Munich neighbourhoods to stay in with accommodation options in each.

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodation we stayed at ourselves and were not told to include it in this article.

Accommodations By Type

hotel buildings with church clock tower behind and small fountain in front.
There are top hotels in Munich almost everywhere you look – even at Marienplatz!

Munich is the third-largest city in all of Germany. Generally, it’s a very international, safe, and welcoming city.

Known to be the epicentre of “Bavarian culture”, Munich hosts the yearly Oktoberfest festival – the world’s largest beer festival, in case you didn’t already know.

Beyond the beer jokes, Munich is also a historic city with many interesting attractions.

Because the city is so large and sprawling, the nice thing is that many different areas have their unique vibe and attract different kinds of people.

It would be easy to just say “stay in the Old Town” but you might miss some great areas that suit your needs and budget better. Also, staying right in the middle of the touristy centre (Marienplatz) isn’t always for everyone!

So, to help you navigate, this guide is divided into two parts: lodging in Munich by type – hotels, apartments, etc. – and then the best areas to stay in Munich.

This way, if you know the type of accommodation you want, you can get looking right away. If you want to read about specific areas/neighbourhoods, you can do that further down in the post!

Hotels in Munich

Since it is a busy international city for travellers and business, there are a ton of Munich hotels to choose from.

There are hotels all over the city – and there are hotels for budget travellers and luxury travellers alike. Interestingly, you’ll find that the hotels in Munich are generally located in “clusters”.

Get started searching for hotels in Munich here

This is because the hotels are most of the time located close to something – like the big conference centre (Munich Messe), the Central Station, the fairgrounds for Oktoberfest (Theresienwiese), up at Olympiapark, etc.

Of course, there are also hotels not located in these little pockets, but don’t be surprised if you find hotels lumped together around the city.

These clusters also generally have good transit connections to/around the city making them a great choice. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you where these hotels are in the neighbourhood section below.

Tip: If you want a hotel in Munich, you should book ahead if you know your travel dates because the good ones do fill up during the busy season and popular events (for Oktoberfest, for example).

We’ve divided up the hotels in Munich by type so you can check out ones that line up with your style/needs and budget.

If you know you want a Munich hotel, below are some of the popular options by location, value, and amenities.

Popular Munich Hotels

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Munich

Because Munich is a massive city, there are hotels to suit all budgets – and this includes cheaper/budget hotels.

The nice thing about Munich is that because there is such a demand, you can find a nice/cozy hotel right in the city centre for a good price or even a deal.

As for “cheap” hotels, there is generally nothing wrong with well-rated hotels that cost less. They typically offer fewer amenities like breakfast or spa access.

If you don’t care about the “extra frills”, you’ll have lots of cheap places to stay in Munich to choose from. Consider these hotels in great areas:

*Again, please note that we paid for our stay at H2 ourselves. We don’t accept free stays in exchange for blog posts.

Boutique Hotels in Munich

Since Munich attracts people from all walks of life, there are quite a few quirky, cool, and lavish Munich boutique hotels dotted across the city.

Next time we visit Munich, we’d consider staying at one for sure. Here are three great boutique hotels in Munich below:

Luxury Hotels in Munich

Of course, being a large city with loads of history and charm, there is no shortage of luxury hotels in Munich.

While many are located in the heart of the city centre, other 5-star hotels in Munich are located in quieter areas with green spaces and restaurants around.

Travellers looking for extra amenities like saunas, steam rooms, buffet breakfasts, or amazing views will get to choose from many hotels rated high for their services and amenities:

Bed and Breakfasts/Guesthouses in Munich

You might be looking for a cozier stay while in Munich. Luckily, while they aren’t too common in the city, there are a handful of B&Bs or guesthouses – often called “Pension” in German.

Generally speaking, these accommodations are spread out across the city – but you actually can find some in the city centre.

This means that you don’t have to give up on a more central location for a cozy stay! You can check here for bed and breakfasts/guesthouses in Munich.

Below are a handful of guesthouses or bed and breakfasts in Munich. You can find some of them below in the neighbourhood section, too:

  • Pension Margit – A simple guesthouse with breakfast right in the city centre near the Oktoberfest area (Our Pick)
  • Hotel Pension Haydn – A cozy but colourful guesthouse with great breakfast also in Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt
  • Pension Prinz – A cozy and quiet guesthouse with a friendly host and great breakfast outside the city centre

Apartments/Aparthotels in Munich

While traditional hotels dominate the accommodation options, you can also find apartments around Munich.

However, you should know that Munich is an expensive city to live in with affordable housing begin a real issue.

So, apartment rentals are rarer – and to be honest, we do not recommend Airbnbs since the housing crisis is already bad enough. That said, you can find “aparthotels” – or hotels that offer only apartment-style suites.

You still get your own space (and the ability to cook) but there’s also a reception, sometimes a bar, and often breakfast available.

Aparthotels also make a great base to call your home while you explore Munich with family or with a larger group. You can check here for aparthotels in Munich.

Below are a few great ones in nice locations:

Hostels in Munich

Being a big and popular city, you can bet that Munich has several hostels across the city.

Backpackers make up some of the travellers to Munich (Eric was one once). So, we know a thing or two about where to stay in Munich for backpacking.

Overall, you’ll find the big names in hostels you’d expect as well as a few unique ones. These hostels are located all over – from just south of the train station to further away, but still walkable to the Old Town.

Check here to search for hostels in Munich

Below are some of the top hostels in Munich from names you’d most likely recognize:

Accommodations By Neighbourhood/Area

red building with clock through green trees in garden in munich.
Exploring the Alter Botanischer Garten near the Main Station!

Alright, so now that we have covered accommodations in Munich by type/style, it’s time to talk about the best places to stay in Munich by area.

Keep in mind that these aren’t ALL the areas of Munich – we focus on the ones that we believe are well-suited for travellers (especially first-time visitors).

In each section, we start with a brief description of the neighbourhood, what attractions are there, and why it might be a great fit for you.

After that, we highlight a handful of top accommodation choices you can consider booking. We’ll start with the most central locations in Munich and work our way outward.

If you know you’re heading for Munich and just want to start looking, we’ve put together a “top pick” for each area listed below. These are places we have stayed in or would stay in next time we visit Munich!

Top Munich Accommodations By Neighbourhood/Area

To be as helpful as we can, we also included a small section on staying around – or right at – Munich Airport (MUC).

The airport is quite a way outside the city centre to the north but it’s easy to get to by S-train (40 minutes) or driving/taxi (30 minutes).

If you have an early flight or want peace of mind, you could stay closer to the airport so you don’t have to scramble!

Safety in Munich: Munich is a very safe city. It’s considered one of the safest large German cities. However, as with other popular cities, take precautions in touristy areas against pick-pocketing and have a general sense of awareness. Also, don’t hang around the train station unnecessarily.

Altstadt + Lehel – For Sights & Attractions

old town hall tower with clock and flags hanging off in marienplatz.
The centre of the city – the Rathaus at Marienplatz!

Of course, if you want to stay in the most central location, you should have a look at the Altstadt (Old Town) and its connected area called Lehel. As you might imagine, this central area is known for its history, architecture, and sightseeing.

The area is loosely defined by a “ring road” that circles the whole centre. Beginning with the epicentre of Munich – the open square known as Marienplatz -, you’ll see sights like the historic Rathaus, Hofbräuhaus München, the Munich Residenz, Frauenkirche, and much, much more.

Of course, some might think that the area is too busy for them and that would be fair.

However, if you are short on time, have limited mobility, or just want to be within walking distance to top sights, there are lots of great places to stay in Munich’s Old Town that isn’t completely touristy.

Check Here For Hotels In the Altstadt (Old Town)

You’ll also find an incredible mix of shopping, restaurants, bars, cafes – you name it – in the city centre.

We had dinner in the Old Town twice and it was excellent both times. The Old Town is also just a short walk through Karlsplatz to the Central Station.

Featured Accommodations in Munich’s Old Town

Below you’ll find a variety of top accommodations in Munich’s Old Town. Since there are so many to choose from, we wanted to highlight a variety of different options – from luxury hotels near Marienplatz to more affordable hotels a few streets away!

In all seriousness, if you are looking for Munich hotels downtown, you cannot beat the location if you are looking to be closest to all the best sights and attractions.

Just be mindful of the potential noise/crowds and you’ll find tons of great places to stay in Munich’s Old Town! Have look at these awesome options below:

Platzl Hotel – Superior – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Cozy Hotel (a popular Munich Old Town Hotel)
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Heart of the Old Town, around the corner from Marienplatz and Hofbräuhaus
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, gym/steam room, bar onsite

Hotel Schlicker – Check Now

  • Style: A Traditional Yet Charming Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Cannot beat it – right in the heart of the Old Town steps from Marienplatz
  • Featured Amenities: Really nice breakfast, parking available

Hôtel du Train – Check Now

  • Style: A Quirky and Cozy “Train” Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: In the Old Town, between Marienplatz and the central station
  • Featured Amenities: Fun, simple rooms, friendly staff

BEYOND by Geisel – Check Now

  • Style: A Cozy and Elegant Boutique Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Heart of the Old Town, across from the Rathaus on Marienplatz
  • Featured Amenities: Food and drinks all-inclusive with price, amazing breakfast, bar, perfect views of Munich
hotel buildings behind people standing in market square with golden statue in front.
There’s BEYOND Hotel in this photo overlooking Marienplatz!

Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt – For Nightlife

large museum building with green domes sitting behind bridge with river flowing under.
The Deutsches Museum is the east border of lively Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt.

If you don’t want to stay right in the heart of the centre, why not try just south of it in Ludwigsvorstadt–Isarvorstadt?

This sprawling area stretches from the Isar river in the east (including the famous Deutsches Museum), a sweeping south area, and then heads east to include Theresienwiese – the fairgrounds where Oktoberfest is held!

Ludwigsvorstadt–Isarvorstadt is well connected to the rest of the city (and itself) by trams above ground and U-Bahn stops like Fraunhoferstraße where four subway lines go through!

Known to be one of the best areas in Munich for nightlife, the area also technically includes the few blocks just south of the Central Train station which are loaded with accommodations.

This makes it sought after for those wondering where to stay in Munich to be near the train station.

Check Here For Hotels In Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt

Overall, we liked this area because you’ll find many great bars and cafes here (many of which made our cafes in Munich post).

You can find a mix of beauty and culture here as well with areas like Gärtnerplatz and the river close by.

Featured Accommodations in Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt

Below you can find a variety of accommodation options in the Ludwigsvorstadt area.

There are many, many hotels closer to the train station, but we’ve also included a few places in different locations of Ludwigsvorstadt – Isarvorstadt.

BOLD Hotel München Zentrum – Check Now

  • Style: A Cool and Cozy Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: U-Bahn right outside, right beside Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest grounds)
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite garage parking, rooms or apartments available, bar, and nice breakfast

Pension Margit – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple, Cozy Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Close but not directy south of the central station
  • Featured Amenities: Outdoor courtyard, nice breakfast

Arthotel Munich – Check Now

  • Style: A very Popular and Fun Art Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Just steps from Munich Central Station, close to Theresienwiese
  • Featured Amenities: Great buffet breakfast included, lovely staff, small onsite parking

ARABEST Aparthotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy But Cozy Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Also just steps from Munich Central Station
  • Featured Amenities: Full apartments with kitchens, some with balconies

Maxvorstadt – For Culture

large tan gate buildings in open square in konigsplatz with black van parked in front.
There are LOADS of museums around Königsplatz in Maxvorstadt!

If you are looking to dive into culture and arts, or it’s raining and you want to check out museums and galleries, then head for Maxvorstadt.

This large area just north of the Old Town area is home to a large collection of top art galleries, eateries, and small green spaces.

The area is unique because it’s quite wide from west to east.

This means that you can technically stay in the area but be as west as the central train station (and be within walking distance to the Oktoberfest Fairgrounds) or as far east as the English Gardens – with the museums and Königsplatz in between.

Check Here For Hotels In Maxvorstadt

The area is also home to the universities so there’s a distinct younger vibe mixed with art and culture here.

We liked wandering through the Alter Botanischer Garten (Old Botanical Gardens), the Pinakothek museums, and having coffee near the uni at “Lost Weekend” cafe.

Featured Accommodations in Maxvorstadt

Below you’ll find a variety of accommodations in the Maxvorstadt district. There are a lot of great hotels available in this wide area above the city centre – so be sure to check the exact location before you book!

Citadines Arnulfpark Munich – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern and Stylish Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Lower Mid-Range
  • Location: West of the Central Station, trams outside – good location for Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest grounds) 20-minute walk
  • Featured Amenities: Full kitchens, nice breakfast optional!

Hotel Europa – Check Now

  • Style: A Cool and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Close to U-Bahn and Museums at Königsplatz
  • Featured Amenities: Nice buffet breakfast, quiet inner garden/terrace, parking onsite available

Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Elegant and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Just beside the Old Botanical Gardens, a quick walk to the train station and Old Town centre (yet still quiet)
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite elegant bar/restaurant, spa/indoor pool, outdoor terrace

Schwabing-West – For Youthful Vibes

green lawn with trees and white circular dome building on top of hill in english gardens in munich.
The famous English Garden is very close to Schwabing-West.

If you want a youthful vibe in Munich, you should also check out Schwabing-West.

Technically speaking, the area of Schwabing is divided into Schwabing-West and Schwabing-Freimann. That said, Schwabing-West is a little more north of the city centre and thus a little quieter.

However, this is a great area for a mix of everything. There are many bars, restaurants, cafes, and other places to be social in this area because of its proximity to the universities in Munich. Plus, it’s only a short U-Bahn journey or walk to the city centre.

Check Here For Hotels In Schwabing-West

The main roads through the area – Leopoldstraße and Belgradstraße – are where you’ll find great places for food and drink.

Top sights in the area include English Garden, Luitpold Park, and the Siegestor – which is what separates the area from Maxvorstadt!

Featured Accommodations in Schwabing-West

Below are a handful of accommodation options in the Schwabing-West area. You can find many hotels up there – and there are some great ones to choose from.

As mentioned, this area has lots going on but isn’t busy like the touristy centre of Munich!

Schwabinger Wahrheit by Geisel – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright and Modern Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In the heart of the area, close to two U-Bahn stops and the English Gardens
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, bar onsite, sauna

Das Nikolai Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Stylish Boutque Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Also close to two U-Bahn stops and even closer to the English Gardens
  • Featured Amenities: Excellent breakfast, welcoming staff, homely feel

Hotel La Maison – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Sophisticated Design Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Very close to the English Garden, restaurants, and Münchner Freiheit U-Bahn station
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast onsite, good wifi

Au – Haidhausen – For Residential/Family Vibes

green trees lining brown river in munich with buildings behind.
Crossing the river into green and residential Au – Haidhausen on the right.

If you are travelling to Munich with family and looking for a quiet place to stay, Au – Haidhausen might be for you.

Hugging the Isar River, this long and somewhat thin area offers a healthy mix of residential and pockets of restaurants and shops.

We got the chance to explore the area when we headed for Cafe Bla. The area is super walkable from the centre (just cross the river/head to the Deutsches Museum) and you’re there.

It’s become a trendy area in recent years and a gathering place for locals at beer gardens and “Wirtshaus” restaurants.

Check Here For Hotels In Au-Haidhausen

The area is well connected to the city centre via U-Bahn (and S-Bahn), features a massive green space (Maximiliansanlagen), and even has its own major train station – München Ost.

Featured Accommodations in Au – Haidhausen

Below are some great accommodations in the neighbourhood. Admittedly, there are a lot of great hotels that make for a nice stay because they benefit from being located in a quieter area.

Motel One München – Deutsches Museum – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Very close to the S-Train, Cafe Bla, and the Deutsches Museum
  • Featured Amenities: Good breakfast, underground parking, bar, great staff

Holiday Inn Munich City Centre – Check Now

  • Style: A Nice and Dependable Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Just across the river (walkable) to city centre, close to the Deutsches Museum
  • Featured Amenities: Large parking garage, great breakfast, onsite bar/cafe/restaurant

Hotel München Palace – Check Now

  • Style: An Upscale and Elegant Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Close to the river and English Garden, close to U-Bahn and streetcar stops
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, onsite parking, sauna/steam room

Milbertshofen-Am Hart – For Olympic Park

tv tower with blue sky and setting sun in behind in olympic park munich.
We liked it up by Olympiapark – there’s the Tower and the Stadium!

If you are travelling to Munich with the intention of not staying right in the heart of the city and want to explore the Olympiapark, then you should stay close to it in Milbertshofen-Am Hart!

Located to the north of the city – but easily accessible by U-Bahn – this quieter area is also great if you are arriving in Munich by car. This is because most hotels have parking and it’s easy to get on and off the highway.

Check Here For Hotels In Milbertshofen-Am Hart

The city centre is only a short subway ride away – and the top attraction Olympic Park with the famous stadium, Tower, and massive green space is close by for you to enjoy.

We stayed up here once and really liked it!

Featured Accommodations in Milbertshofen-Am Hart

Below are just a few of the hotels up near/around Olympiapark. There are a number to choose from. With U-Bahn access you’re generally in the city centre in 10-15 minutes.

It’s really easy to get back and forth – and we liked returning to a quieter area for sleeping. It felt like we could leave the busy city behind after a long day of exploring!

H2 Hotel München Olympiapark – Check Now

  • Style: A Beautiful and Trendy, Newer Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Up near Olympiapark, the underground subway stop is physically right outside the lobby doors
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, modern rooms, fast elevators!

Arthotel Ana im Olympiapark – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright and Trendy Art Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Close to U-Bahn station, BMW World, and Olympic Park
  • Featured Amenities: Good breakfast, lobby bar, easy parking

Leonardo Royal Hotel Munich – Check Now

  • Style: A Colourful and Modern Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Basically beside H2 Hotel, steps from the U-Bahn station (Oberwiesenfeld) to get to city centre and Olympiapark
  • Featured Amenities: Sauna, great breakfast, large outdoor terrace, parking onsite

Trudering-Riem – For Budget

Last, but certainly not least, we have Trudering-Riem. It’s a large area that is defined by its proximity to the Munich Messe (convention centre).

You’ll find a blend of residential and commercial out here – but generally, places in the area are well connected via transit to the city centre.

There are also lots of green spaces around the Messe which makes the area quite welcoming and normal feeling for visitors.

Check Here For Hotels In Trudering-Riem

Trudering-Riem is a great area if you have a car because you don’t have to worry as much about finding parking as in the heart of the city. And you have easy access to the roadways to get on your way!

Featured Accommodations in Trudering-Riem

Below are several great accommodations in the Trudering-Riem area. If you don’t mind the short train ride each day, you can find some absolute deals for Munich accommodation here!

Hotel Kreis Residenz München – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Cool Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Walkable to U-Bahn (Moosfeld) to easily get into city centre or Messe
  • Featured Amenities: Kitchenettes, some with full kitchens, parking onsite (for cheap), breakfast included

B&B Hotel München-Trudering – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple, Clean, and Bright Budget Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: A quick walk to München-Trudering Station (S and U) for transit to city centre, Munich West Station, Messe, and more
  • Featured Amenities: Coffee/Tea in room, friendly staff, parking

Hotel Prinzregent München – Check Now

  • Style: An Authentic and Upscale Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Walkable to S-Train (Riem) to head into city centre, close to Messe Munich
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, onsite Bavarian restaurant, quiet area, parking onsite

Munich Airport – For Flying

As we discussed briefly above, we also wanted to include hotels near Munich Airport (MUC). It’s the second busiest airport in Germany (after Frankfurt), making it a hub of activity that is no stranger to international travellers.

Check Here For Hotels At/Near Munich Airport

There are a handful of hotels in/near the terminals and then a few accommodations in pockets surrounding the airport. You’ll have no trouble finding a place to stay at Munich Airport.

Featured Hotels Near/At Munich Airport

Below are two great examples of places to stay near Munich Airport. One is located at the airport grounds while the other is in a small town very close by – with easy access to the airport.

Novotel Munich Airport – Check Now

  • Style: A Very Popular & Cool, Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Within the airport complex/grounds
  • Featured Amenities: Frequent bus to terminals, onsite restaurant/bar

Bayerischer Hof – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright and Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In the town of Freising, 15-minute drive from the airport
  • Featured Amenities: Great location, excellent breakfast


For those still trying to figure out where to stay in Munich, here are answers to some very frequently asked questions about Munich accommodations!

Where to stay in Munich for Oktoberfest?

If you are heading to Munich for Oktoberfest, book in advance. Now that we’ve said that, there are many accommodations very close to the grounds (Theresienwiese).

You could stay at Schwan Locke, Arthotel Munich, or ARABEST Aparthotel which are just south of the train station in Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt (and still very close to the grounds and the Old Town). A guesthouse option might have you look at Pension Margit for a cozy stay.

You might also wish to stay just to the west of the grounds in Schwanthalerhöhe. Check out Hotel Augustin or Bavaria Boutique Hotel which are close by and in this area.

Of course, Munich is very well-connected via transit or by walking. An accommodation anywhere in the areas listed in this post will have you celebrating during the day and home each night with no problems (assuming you haven’t been indulging too much…)!

Where to stay in Munich for nightlife?

For a Munich accommodation where you can reap all the benefits of the nightlife scene, you’d look to Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt or Maxvorstadt-Schwabing for a place to stay.

Check out Hotel Olympic or Hotel Deutsche Eiche – both located in Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt which is just south of the Old Town.

This area has a high concentration of bars, pubs, and clubs – especially near/around Gärtnerplatz or Müllerstraße.

Hotel Antares and Das Nikolai Hotel are located north of the city centre in Maxvorstadt and Schwabing, respectively. These hotels would also have you close to the action.

Of course, there are many bars, pubs, clubs, and beer gardens scattered around different areas of the city. The areas above simply have a higher concentration of what a nightlife seeker might be looking for!

Where to stay in Munich’s city centre?

Many areas would be considered within the city centre. The Old Town and Lehel are the most central.

The areas around this central district are also generally walkable to the train station and/or well connected via U-Bahn, S-Bahn, or tram.

Any of the below options would be considered accommodations or hotels in central Munich. For a stay right in Munich’s Old Town (Altstadt), consider Hotel Schlicker as your accommodation.

To stay in the north end of the city centre check out Hotel Europa in Maxvorstadt near many of the museums.

If you want to know where to stay in Munich to be near the train station, there are plenty of accommodations around this area (technically located in Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt). Check out Arthotel Munich or ARABEST Aparthotel as two good examples.

One last area walkable to the heart of the city centre would be Au – Haidhausen. Check out Motel One München – Deutsches Museum which is located here just across the Isar River from the Old Town.

Where to stay in Munich’s Old Town/Altstadt?

If you know for a fact that you want to stay right around Munich’s Old Town (very much city centre), then the area around Marienplatz – either right on the square or a few streets over from it – is a good option.

If you are wondering where to stay near Marienplatz specifically, check out Platzl Hotel – Superior or Hotel Torbräu. These are two great examples of Munich hotels near Marienplatz in the Old Town.

To overlook Marienplatz, BEYOND by Geisel is one great option (it’s a 5-star option!).

Where to stay in Munich for the Christmas markets?

Before we answer, you have to ask: Which Munich Christmas market are you referring to? Munich has over 10 separate Christmas markets to enjoy – with the most popular being located at Marienplatz.

Once again, if you want to stay close to the Marienplatz for the Christmas Market (Christkindlmarkt), check out Mercure Hotel München Altstadt or Haus im Tal as hotel options close by.

These accommodations are also close to Viktualienmarkt which showcases a festive side during the holidays.

To discover the Christmas Market at Wittelsbacherplatz, you might stay at Hotel Antares in Maxvorstadt.

To check out the Pink Christmas, the LQBTQ+ Market, consider staying close by at Hotel Olympic in Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt.

Finally, there’s the Haidhausen Christmas Market at Weissenburger Platz (in Au-Haidhausen) and you could stay at Motel One München – Deutsches Museum or Hotel Christl München Innenstadt for a cozy, cheaper option.

Where to stay in Munich for families?

If you are travelling to Munich as a family, an aparthotel in a good location (central or connected well via transit) might be a good option.

Check out Citadines Arnulfpark Munich which is an aparthotel with full kitchens in Maxvorstadt (close to the city centre and museums).

Alternatively, ARABEST Aparthotel is another aparthotel option closer to the central station and the Old Town.

The H2 Hotel München Olympiapark also has bunk bed-style rooms for families and a massive breakfast selection that is sure to please even picky eaters. It’s also an easy (and short) U-Bahn into and out of the centre.

Where to stay in Munich for one night?

If you are searching for a place to stay in Munich for one night, there’s a good assumption you’re commuting through or on a one-night Munich layover.

In this case, there are two lines of thought here: stay at the airport to make things easy or search for Munich hotels near the city centre (but closer to the train station) to take in the sights with just a train ride back to your flight.

Stay at the Novotel Munich Airport which is right at Munich Airport or Platzl Hotel – Superior for a solid choice right in the Old Town a short walk back to the station.

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And there you have it – a rundown of where to stay in Munich! Of course, there are a handful of other areas you could stay in.

However, the places/areas above should give you a good selection of the best areas to stay in Munich. Munich is a big city so we’re confident you’ll find accommodation that suits your style and needs!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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