Where to Stay in Oslo (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Oslo, Norway? Here Are Our Tips!

Exploring Oslo – the capital of Norway – is a great idea. Choosing the best place to stay in Oslo for you, however, can be tough since there are lots of lovely Oslo accommodation options in great areas!

We’ve been to Oslo several times now (Lisa used to live in Copenhagen which made it easy). We always have an amazing time exploring the Norwegian city and can’t wait to go back.

On our last visit, we stayed in the area known as Grünerløkka, which we really enjoyed. It was a pleasant walk to and from our accommodation to the city centre each day.

That said, there are many other accommodations in Oslo (including lots of city centre Oslo hotels like the Karl Johan Hotel or Citybox Oslo) to choose from.

Our detailed guide dives into Oslo accommodations by type and budget and then covers the best Oslo neighbourhoods to stay in with accommodation examples in each. Let’s find the best area to stay in Oslo for you!

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodations we stayed at ourselves and were not asked to include them in this article.

Accommodations By Type

Oslo, like many other cities, attracts a unique mix of travellers: outdoor enthusiasts heading out into nature, cruise ship visitors, international travellers coming to explore, business travellers, and more.

To cater to the many different types of travellers and their distinct needs, there are a handful of different types of accommodations scattered throughout the city.

While hotels are popular in Oslo, there are other accommodation types, such as aparthotels, to consider!

Like other Nordic capitals, Oslo can be a little on the expensive side – but you can find reasonably priced accommodations even in the city centre.

This article is divided into two sections: the first part at the top goes over Oslo accommodations by type, while the second half walks you through some of the top areas/neighbourhoods to stay in.

This means that if you know what type of accommodation you want (e.g. hotel, apartment, etc.) you can find it below quickly.

If you want to know more about the neighbourhoods in Oslo (such as Sentrum) and what each has to offers visitors, you can find all that information further down.

Hotels in Oslo

One of the most – if not the most – popular accommodation option in Oslo is hotels. Choosing a hotel in Oslo can be a little difficult because there are so many – each at seemingly different price points and catering to different types of travellers.

You’ll find classic brands, budget hotels, some luxury hotels, and even aparthotels which offer something a little different for a longer stay.

In terms of location, the majority of hotels are located in the city centre (Sentrum). Choosing a hotel here – or in the adjacent areas nearby – means you’re never be too far from attractions, restaurants, the harbour, and more.

Get started searching for hotels in Oslo here.

Of course, the more central the hotel, the higher the cost (generally). You can find exceptions, which we will mention later.

For now, here are some of the most popular Oslo hotels in great areas. They balance location, value, and amenities well.

Popular Oslo Hotels

  • Citybox Oslo – A popular stylish budget hotel in the heart of the city centre (Sentrum)
  • Hotell Bondeheimen – A simple yet stylish simple hotel with excellent breakfast around the corner from Karl Johans Gate in the city centre
  • Anker Hotel – A cool, simple hotel with breakfast located in Grünerløkka close to the city centre
  • Clarion Hotel Oslo – A modern, trendy hotel with great breakfast right by the harbour in Gamle Oslo
  • Saga Hotel Oslo – A bright, trendy hotel with breakfast in the heart of Majorstuen

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Oslo

Because Oslo is a city that’s a little more on the expensive side (and it’s not a huge city with hundreds of hotels), hotels can be a little pricey.

Luckily, there is an entire subset of budget hotels in Oslo that have filled this “affordability void”.

Keep in mind that the word “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”. Often, the cheaper hotels are just simple, offer fewer amenities, or have smaller rooms.

In fact, a common theme among some of the Oslo budget hotels is that they have smaller rooms. It’s one of their selling points and it makes sense.

If you’re happy with a smaller, modern room, a cozy bed, and a bathroom all to yourself, it’s really all you need for a few nights. Some of these hotels (especially the first three) are among the most popular in the city!

Check out some of the cheap hotels in Oslo that would make for a nice stay below. Unlike in some other European capitals, these budget hotels are actually located in good areas – like the city centre (Sentrum):

  • Citybox OsloA popular, stylish budget hotel in the heart of the city centre (Sentrum) (Our Pick)
  • Anker HotelA cool, simple hotel with breakfast located in Grünerløkka close to the city centre
  • Smarthotel Oslo – A compact budget hotel with breakfast in Majorstuen, but very close to the city centre
  • Cochs PensjonatA simple, functional hotel very close to the Royal Palace (and Sentrum) but still in Majorstuen
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget – A trendy, simple hotel with a cafe/bar located just south of Grünerløkka close to the centre
  • Thon Hotel Munch – A simple, colourful hotel with breakfast in St. Hanshaugen

Boutique Hotels in Oslo

Given how cool, modern, and trendy the city can be, there is no shortage of boutique hotels in Oslo, scattered throughout the most central areas of the city.

Whether you’re drawn to a hotel with a unique take on Scandinavian design or you want to stay in a trendy place where there is a lot going on, there’s an Oslo boutique hotel for you.

Many of these hotels are located in and around the centre so you definitely do not need to sacrifice location for style:

  • Karl Johan Hotel – A bright boutique hotel with breakfast located right on the famous Karl Johans Gate in the city centre (Our Pick)
  • Thon Hotel Opera – A colourful boutique hotel conveniently located between the Opera House and Central train station in Gamle Oslo
  • Hotell Bondeheimen – A simple yet stylish boutique hotel with excellent breakfast around the corner from Karl Johans Gate
  • Radisson RED Oslo Okern – A stylish boutique hotel with lots of amenities (rooftop bar/lounge) a bit further out in Grünerløkka (metro stop close)
  • Amerikalinjen – An incredibly-designed boutique hotel overlooking the Central train station square

Luxury Hotels in Oslo

people walking down long wide street with trees on either side in Oslo.
Looking down Karl Johans Gate – many of the top hotels are located on it!

If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Oslo, then you are in luck. From beautiful views of the city or water to spa amenities, cool drink lounges and restaurants, these Oslo luxury hotels know how to pamper their guests.

Many of the top hotels are located right on (or very close to) Karl Johans Gate, meaning you can get an upscale stay and step outside to be in the heart of the downtown core.

Not a bad way to spend a night or two in Oslo! Here are a few upscale hotels to consider:

  • Hotel BristolA lavish, luxury hotel with amenities (onsite restaurant) just steps from the heart of the city centre (Our Pick)
  • The Thief A stylish, luxury hotel with spa and breakfast right at the water in Aker Brygge
  • Camillas Hus – An elegant, smaller guesthouse-hotel with lovely breakfast close to the Royal Palace in Majorstuen
  • Hotel Continental – A trendy luxury hotel with amenities in the city centre by the National Theatre
  • Grand HotelA luxury hotel with old-world charm right on Karl Johans Gate in Sentrum

Apartments in Oslo

The other very popular accommodation option in Oslo is apartments. There are both apartments that you can rent as well as aparthotels – which have apartment-style rooms but are managed by a reception and staff.

The fact that there are so many apartments or aparthotels also makes sense. In a more expensive city, self-catered apartments with kitchens or kitchenettes can help to reduce costs by making your own food for some meals, etc. This is what we did during our last stay.

Check here for apartments/aparthotels in Oslo.

In any case, you will have many Oslo aparthotels and apartments to choose from. Some aparthotels even have onsite bars and/or restaurants and offer breakfast.

Additionally, apartments are generally popular with larger groups, those staying in the city for longer, or those travelling with kids.

Below are a few nice apartments/aparthotels in great locations around the city:

Hostels in Oslo

There aren’t too many hostels in Oslo, but the ones that do exist can be a great option for a night’s sleep or two.

In some ways, Oslo hostels are on par with – or just cheaper than – the cheaper hotels in the city.

However, hostels usually have a different vibe that attracts more social travellers, so they still serve their purpose.

You can check here for hostels in Oslo. Some of the top-rated once are below:

  • AnkerA popular, simple hostel close to/in Grünerløkka (Our Pick)
  • K7 Hotel OsloA simple, updated hotel (with dorms) right in Sentrum

Accommodations By Neighbourhoods

Now that we have covered the different types of accommodation, we can jump into the best areas to stay in Oslo.

We’ll introduce each area, describe what you can find there, and then show you a few well-rated accommodations in each area.

When you arrive in Oslo and get a chance to walk around, the first thing that you’ll likely notice is that the city isn’t all that huge.

We walked around Sentrum, Gamle Oslo, through Aker Brygge into Frogner and beyond. Public transit is definitely available, but we simply didn’t need it.

Many of the top attractions – with the exception of Holmenkollbakken (famous ski jump) – are rather centralized.

This means that choosing to stay in any of the Oslo neighbourhoods mentioned below, would have you in a great location to explore the city.

Oslo is made up of 15 Districts with smaller areas/neighbourhoods within them. It’s a small but sprawling city. Our guide focuses on the most central areas that would we great for visitors.

That’s not to say that the other neighbourhoods/districts are bad – it’s just that a handful of areas (Sentrum or in proximity to the centre) offer the best amenities and places to stay for Oslo for visitors.

To get an overview of the recommended Oslo areas we list below and a great accommodation option in each, have a look at the following box. Next time we visit Oslo, we’d stay in any of them!

Top Oslo Accommodations By Neighbourhood

A note on safety: Oslo is a pretty safe city to visit. Statistically, it has very low crime rates – and we certainly felt safe as we walked about in the day and evening.

That said, taking the usual precautions when you visit a new city (like watching your belongings) is always wise.

Sentrum (Sights & Location)

colourful buildings seen in downtown oslo from distance with sky above.
The downtown core of Oslo is colourful and alive with things to do!

It almost goes without saying that the centre of downtown Oslo is a popular place to stay.

Known as the “Sentrum”, this area by the Oslo waterfront is home to many of the top attractions, shops, restaurants, theatres, Oslo Central Station, and hotels.

Some of the top attractions we loved were the Royal Palace, walking down the main shopping pedestrian street Karl Johans Gate, and climbing (yes, climbing) the outside of the Opera House at the waterfront.

Check Here For Accommodations in the Oslo Sentrum.

The centre is very walkable and divided into smaller areas – like Aker Brygge – which we actually mention in the Frogner section further down in this post.

In terms of getting around, Oslo’s public transport – buses, trams, and the metro – are easily accessible from many stops in this area, making it easy to explore the outer parts of Oslo.

Featured Accommodations in Sentrum

Below are some of the featured accommodations in the Sentrum. There are plenty of hotels and apartments here – some right on lively streets and others tucked away near the train station.

  • Karl Johan Hotel – A bright boutique hotel with breakfast located right on the famous Karl Johans Gate (popular)
  • Att Revier – A cool, hip aparthotel with breakfast and bar onsite steps from the heart of the city centre
  • Citybox OsloA stylish budget hotel in the heart the city centre (popular)
  • Hotell Bondeheimen – A simple yet stylish boutique hotel (also popular) with excellent breakfast around the corner from Karl Johans Gate
  • Hotel Bristol – A lavish luxury hotel with amenities (onsite restaurant) just steps from the heart of the city centre

Frogner (Residential & Upscale Vibes)

metal and concrete bridge over water connecting areas with modern buildings.
Frogner is located close to the Aker Brygge area (shown above) at the harbour.

Located to the west of the city centre (Sentrum), Frogner is an upscale, mostly residential area that is also a nice place to stay in.

Apart from being generally quieter than the centre, Frogner has its own area for restaurants and shopping on Bygdøy allé.

Frogner is also very close to the centre via Aker Brygge, an upscale harbourside complex with restaurants, cafes, a few offices, and some accommodations. We had lunch in Aker Brygge and it’s lovely to just hang out there.

Check Here For Accommodations in Frogner.

Just so you know, Aker Brygge is technically located in Sentrum but it’s so far west in the city centre and backs on Frogner that we’ve included accommodations in Aker Brygge and Frogner proper here.

At the northern end of the area, you’ll cross into Majorstuen and be close to Frogner Park.

At the south end of the area, Frogner is closer to where you can catch the ferries to other islands in Oslo Harbour and further out.

Featured Accommodations in Frogner

Below are some accommodation options in Frogner (and one in Aker Brygge). It’s all very walkable, but there are a number of tram routes snaking through the area as well.

  • Hotel Filip – A chic boutique aparthotel with a sauna close to Aker Brygge
  • Frogner House Apartments – Skovveien 8 – A stylish, upscale aparthotel steps from the popular streets in Frogner
  • Hotel Oslo Guldsmeden – An eco-friendly boutique hotel with breakfast between Aker Brygge and the popular streets like Bygdøy allé
  • The Thief – A stylishluxury hotel with spa and breakfast right at the water in Aker Brygge

Grünerløkka (Trendy & Hip)

girl in coat from behind taking photo of wooden bridge.
The Aamodt Bru bridge is walkable from the shops and cafes in Grünerløkka.

Located north (and slightly east) of Sentrum, Grünerløkka was once a run-down neighbourhood of Oslo.

These days, the area has been transformed into a super trendy neighbourhood with tons of restaurants, cafes, bars, and stores that have popped up selling everything from thrift items to outdoor adventure gear. 

Check Here For Accommodations in Grünerløkka.

There are also lots of green spaces in the area, which are great for walks or hanging out in the nice weather (e.g. Sofienberg Park).

You can also walk along the Akerselva River and cross one of its many bridges (Aamodt Bru, shown above, was our favourite).

This is where we stayed when we visited Oslo. We really liked a café called Liebling.

From here, it’s only about a 20-minute walk (or 15-minute tram) back to the heart of the centre along Karl Johans Gate.

Featured Accommodations in Grünerløkka

Below are some top accommodations either in or close to Grünerløkka. There aren’t too many hotels right in the main part where the shops and restaurants are – but a few accommodations surround this area.

Anker – mentioned below – is actually conveniently located between Sentrum and Grünerløkka!

  • Anker Hotel – A cool, simple budget hotel with breakfast located between the heart of Grünerløkka and the city centre
  • Comfort Hotel Xpress Youngstorget – A trendy, simple budget hotel with café/bar located just south of Grünerløkka close to the centre
  • Nordic Host – Deichmans Gate 10 – A bright, homey apartment near the river a short walk to the centre
  • Radisson RED Oslo Okern – A boutique brand hotel with lots of amenities (rooftop bar/lounge) a bit further out in Grünerløkka (close to metro stop)

Gamle Oslo (Harbour & Culture)

large glass opera house with entrance doors and cloudy sky above in oslo.
The east end is steps from the Opera House – and Thon Hotel Opera is very close by.

Basically comprising the entire east end of central Oslo, Gamle Oslo is the district that extends quite a bit east and north up to meet Grünerløkka. In English, it means “Old Oslo”.

It’s basically everything east of the Central Train Station, to give you a rough idea of the area. The area is home to the famous Oslo Opera House, which you can visit and walk up the outside of.

Check Here For Accommodations in Gamle Oslo.

Gamle Oslo is also where you’ll find the Barcode Project – a famous set of buildings on the waterfront designed to resemble a barcode.

A smaller area – Grønland – is also sort of tucked away in Gamle Oslo. This multicultural area is a great place for different eats.

There are a few attractions located here such as the new Munch Museum (home to the famous painting “The Scream”) and the pier at Sørenga.

Sørenga has a number of places to eat and great sea views, so it’s certainly worth exploring. It even has a public pool – Sørenga Sjøbad – which you can enjoy.

Featured Accommodations in Gamle Oslo

Below are some featured accommodations in the area. While Gamle Oslo is quite large, we focus on the areas closer to the centre or near the water – namely accommodations in or around Sørenga.

As a visitor, this is a great place to stay – and you’d be a doable walk back to Sentrum (or a brief tram ride).

Majorstuen (Quiet & Shopping)

yellow house in quiet neighbourhood with trees around in oslo.
A typical building in the Majorstua area – the area is full of beautiful architecture.

Majorstua, also spelled Majorstuen, is a neighbourhood in the west end of central Oslo. The area is known as an affluent residential neighbourhood.

Sandwiched between the Royal Palace and the entrance to Frogner Park – both top attractions in Oslo – Majorstuen can be a little quieter than the heart of the city centre.

That said, the main street in the area (Bogstadveien) is lined with high-end shops, restaurants, and places to go for drinks. So you will still find something to do in the evenings if you stay here.

Check Here for Accommodations in Majorstuen.

As for getting around, you can easily walk to Sentrum from here or choose to take public transit (the tram) which runs along Bogstadveien.

Depending on where you stay in this area, there’s also a metro stop – Majorstuen – at the northern end. This will get you back to the Central Train Station in minutes.

Featured Accommodations in Majorstuen

Below are some featured accommodations in this area. There’s a good mix of hotels, apartments, and other accommodation options tucked into this larger area.

Some are right along the busy shopping streets – making access to public transit easy – while others are in quieter areas.

  • Saga Hotel Oslo – A bright, trendy hotel with breakfast in the heart of Majorstuen
  • Saga Apartments Oslo – A modern yet cozy apartments just steps from the shopping street (Bogstadveien)
  • Camillas Hus – An elegant, luxurious guesthouse-hotel with lovely breakfast close to the Royal Palace
  • Cochs Pensjonat – A simple, functional hotel also close to the Royal Palace (and Sentrum) but still in Majorstuen


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about staying in Oslo:

Where to stay near Oslo Airport?

Oslo Airport is located about a 40-minute drive or 50-minute train ride from the city centre in Gardermoen. We took the train to and from the airport, which was convenient.

That said, if you want to stay close to the airport to catch an early flight (we get it!), then here’s what you need to know.

There are two hotels located right at/in the Terminal (only one terminal): Radisson Blu Airport Hotel and the Radisson RED Oslo Airport.

As with other airports, there are a few hotels clustered together in pockets along the roads and highways heading toward the airport.

The Park Inn by Radisson Oslo Airport Hotel West or the Comfort Hotel RunWay are two better examples of these hotels within a short drive (5 minutes) from the terminal.

Where to stay in Oslo for one night?

If you’re staying in Oslo for one night – perhaps to catch a flight, or a ferry, or you’re just short on time – a stay right in the city centre (Sentrum) would be your best bet.

We’d consider something on or near Karl Johan Gate but down near the park. This way you’d be close to shops and restaurants, but you’d also get some nice green views and a little less noise.

Karl Johan Hotel or even Hotell Bondeheimen would be good options.

Alternatively, staying closer to the harbour in Gamle Oslo would also work well since you’d be close to the train station and city centre without being right in the heart of the action.

The Clarion Hotel Oslo would be a good choice – you’d also potentially have some nice water views.

Where to stay in Oslo near the train station?

There are a number of Oslo hotels near the train station (Oslo Sentralstasjon). Some hotels are located surrounding the large square – Jernbanetorget – outside the main station entrance.

Clarion Hotel The Hub and the Scandic Byporten are two such examples. The Amerikalinjen is a boutique option that is also located here – right near the station overlooking the square.

To stay close by – but not right at the main entrance of the station – the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Oslo is located just to the north and the Thon Hotel Opera is located just around the corner from the main entrance.

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And there you have it – a detailed overview of where to stay in Oslo.

As we’ve mentioned before, Oslo can be a slightly more expensive city. But with quite a few different areas to stay in and plenty of different accommodation types, we’re optimistic that you’ll find something that works for you.

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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