Where to Stay in Oslo: Your Oslo Neighbourhood and Accommodation Guide

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Deciding Where to Stay in Oslo Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult!

Looking for the best area to stay in Oslo? There is more than just the Oslo city centre!

It’s true that there are plenty of places to stay near Oslo central station, but you should also consider the other Oslo neighbourhoods when it comes to finding suitable Oslo accommodation.

We had an amazing time exploring the city for the few days that we were there. If you are looking for some tips, you can read our things to do in Oslo post right here.

We travelled to Oslo to see the city only, but you might be heading up to see the northern lights or take the train to Bergen. Whatever your reasons to be in Oslo, this Nordic capital city is definitely worth your time!

So, whether you are looking for the cool places to stay in Oslo or where to stay in Oslo for one night, we have you covered! 

For this guide, we dive into the top areas around Oslo and then give suggestions for Oslo hotels and other accommodations – from apartments and Oslo hostels to luxury and boutique Oslo hotels.

Where to Stay in Oslo – Best Neighbourhoods of Oslo

When you arrive in Oslo and get a chance to walk around, the first thing that you’ll likely notice is that the city isn’t all that huge.

This makes choosing where to stay in Oslo pretty simple as long as you know about the few areas that there are!

When we visited Oslo, we stayed in an Airbnb in Grünerløkka. We really liked the area (which we’ll get into down below) and would recommend a stay there.

That said, there are areas that are closer to the centre where most of the main attractions are. If you only have a night or two in Oslo, we’d suggest staying closer to Oslo sentrum. Here’s a brief breakdown of the neighbourhoods!


colourful buildings downtown oslo where to stay in oslo
The downtown core of Oslo is colourful and alive with things to do!

It almost goes without saying that the centre of downtown Oslo is a popular place to stay. Known as the “sentrum”, this region by the Oslo waterfront includes many of the top attractions, shops, restaurants, theatres, Oslo central station, and hotels.

Some of the top attractions we loved were the Royal Palace, walking down the main shopping pedestrian street Karl Johans Gate, and climbing (yes, climbing) the outside of the Opera House at the waterfront.

The centre is very walkable and divided into smaller areas – like Aker Brygge – which we won’t get into in depth. All you need to know, as with the central area of any city, is that the sentrum is generally more expensive but certainly worth it for the convenience and experience.

If you are sure you want to stay in Oslo Sentrum, you can check for central Oslo accommodations here. There are plenty of hotels near the central station that are perfect for a night or two if you are stopping through the city.

Check out the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel just north of the central train station or the Scandic Oslo City – which is basically across the square from the station – as two examples.


yellow house in neighbourhood where to stay in oslo majorstua
A typical house in the Majorstua area – the area is full of beautiful architecture.

Majorstua, also spelled Majorstuen, is a neighbourhood in the west end of central Oslo. The area is known as an affluent residential neighbourhood.

That said, the main street in the area (Bogstadveien) is lined with high-end shops, restaurants, and accommodations. The area also has a few top Oslo attractions like Frogner Park – which features many of Vigeland’s famous sculptures.

You can walk to the centre from here or choose to take public transit – like the streetcar. If you know that you want to stay in Majorstua, check out accommodations in Majorstua here.

For a few examples of accommodations in the area, check out the Saga Hotel Oslo for a great hotel or The Forenom Serviced Apartments Oslo Majorstuen for a great apartment.


girl taking photo of wooden bridge where to stay in oslo
The Aamodt Bru bridge is walkable from the shops and cafes in Grünerløkka.

Located north of the Sentrum, Grünerløkka was once a run-down neighbourhood of Oslo.

These days, the area has been transformed into a super trendy neighbourhood with tons of restaurants, cafes, bars, and store that have popped up selling everything from thrift items to outdoor adventure gear. There is also lots of green space throughout the area that is great for walks.

This is where we stayed when we visited Oslo. We really liked a coffee shop called Cafe Liebling. That said, we loved Grünerløkka but we would try to stay a bit closer to the centre next time just so we can compare areas. If you want to stay in Grünerløkka, check out Grünerløkka accommodation here.

For specific examples of places to stay in Grünerløkka, check out the Scandic Vulkan for a hotel or Frogner House Apartments- Helgesens gate 1 for an apartment rental!

Gamle Oslo

glass opera house entrance where to stay in oslo
The east end is steps from the Opera House – and Thon Hotel Opera is very close by.

Basically comprising the east end of central Oslo, Gamle Oslo is literally known as the Old Town/Old Oslo. The district itself extends quite a bit east and north up to meet Grünerløkka.

It’s basically everything east of the Central Train Station, to give you a rough idea of the area. The area is where you find the famous Oslo Opera House which you can visit and walk up the outside of.

This is where you also find the Barcode Project – a famous set of buildings on the waterfront meant to resemble a barcode. A few attractions are located here such as the Munch Museum (kind of more in  Grünerløkka but close enough), and the pier at Sørenga.

If you know you want to stay in Gamle Oslo, you can check for accommodations here. For a few specific examples, check out the Norwegian Hotel in the heart of the area or the Thon Hotel Opera – across the street from the Opera House!


metal and concrete walkway through buildings aker brygge where to stay in oslo
Frogner is located close to Aker Brygge area (shown above), which is technically in the Sentrum.

We’ve decided to split up Majorstua and Frogner into two distinct areas. This is because Majorstua has its own shopping area (Bogstadveien) and vibe in the north of the west end, while Frogner is located in the south of the west end, closer to the water.

Frogner has its own area for restaurants and shopping on Bygdøy allé. Frogner is also very close to the centre via Aker Brygge, an upscale harbourside complex of restaurants and cafes. We had lunch in Aker Brygge and it’s lovely to just hang out there.

Frogner is also closer to where you can catch the ferries to other islands in Oslo Harbour and further out. For a place to stay, you can check here for accommodation in Frogner.

If you know that Frogner is for you, have a look at the Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus as one of the nicest in the area.

Where to Stay in Oslo – Accommodation by Styles

Now that we have walked through a few of the main areas in Oslo, we’re going to divide the post into Oslo accommodation types. We’ll also offer up a few recommended places for you to look at!

This way, if you know you want a certain style of accommodation, you can easily find and book what you are looking for.

Remember, stay open-minded about the areas these hotels and apartments are located in. Even if it’s not the Sentrum, it’s still a great area to stay in Oslo.

Apartments in Oslo

If you are looking for a place to stay in Oslo, consider renting an apartment. There are LOTS of apartments for rent in the city.

We think this is because the city is so expensive that self-catered apartments became a really good/cheaper option if travellers didn’t want a traditional hotel stay.

Also, eating out can be VERY expensive in Norway so having your own kitchen to cook some meals yourself is a very good way to keep costs down. That’s what we did, essentially.

In any case, you will certainly have many apartments to choose from. Apartments are a surprisingly good way to keep costs down and not have to sacrifice quality of location.

Some even serve breakfast so these would be considered more of an “aparthotel”. If you want to stay in a lovely apartment to have your own space, you can find a great apartment in Oslo here.

Saga Apartments – Check Now

Located more north of Frogner in the in Majorstua area, Saga Apartments are beautiful, modern, and each has their own kitchen area and private balcony.

Breakfast is served close by at Saga Hotel – the sister hotel to the apartments which we mentioned above in the Majorstua section.

Frogner House Apartments – Skovveien 8 – Check Now

Frogner House is an aparthotel style accommodation that offers guests studio apartments that are self-catered with a kitchen. That said, you can get a continental breakfast served downstairs so its the best of both worlds!

These apartments are located in the shops/restaurants area of Frogner in the west end, very close to the Royal Palace and downtown.

Cheap Hotels in Oslo

“Cheap” hotels like you might find in other cities are hard to find in Oslo because the city is just so expensive. The rate for cheap hotels in Oslo is what is considered the luxury hotel price in parts of Eastern Europe – and that is not an exaggeration.

That said, it’s not impossible to find a deal, but it can definitely be tough to do. Just know that your money will get you a quality stay in Oslo even at the “budget” range.

If set on this style of accommodation, check here for some of the best cheap hotels in Oslo. We’ve also highlighted a few below:

Anker Hotel – Check Now

Anker Hotel is located in the south end of the main Grünerløkka district area with all the shops and cafes. This makes it a 10-minute walk to the Sentrum.

With clean, comfy rooms and a really good breakfast, the Anker Hotel is a popular hotel in Oslo for a reason.

PS:hotell  – Check Now

If you want a trendy hotel stay in a trendy area, PS:hotell is for you. Located up in the Grünerløkka area, PS:hotel is close to the best cafes and shops and walkable to downtown.

They also do a great breakfast and coffee onsite. When we go back to Oslo, we want to stay in PS:hotell instead of an Airbnb because it honestly looks awesome and is affordable for Oslo prices.

Boutique Hotels in Oslo

Given how trendy the city can be in places, there is no shortage of boutique-style hotels scattered around all areas of the city.

If you are set on finding a unique hotel to stay at in Oslo, then check below for some of the best boutique hotels in Oslo:

Thon Hotel Gyldenløve – Check Now

The Thon Hotel Gyldenløve is a beautifully decorated hotel in the west end of Majorstua. If you are looking for boutique style, The Thon definitely fits this description! This design hotel is right on the main shopping street (Bogstadveien) and has a great breakfast.

Hotel Guldsmeden – Check Now

If you are looking for a more cozy and trendy B&B Boutique Hotel, this is for you. With an organic breakfast and gorgeous rooms, Hotel Guldsmeden is located right between Frogner and Aker Brygge.

This makes it a quick walk to the Sentrum. Oh, and there’s a Turkish steam bath and sauna onsite!

Luxury Hotels in Oslo

people walking down busy street with trees and shops where to stay in oslo
Looking down Karl Johans Gate – many of the top hotels are along it.

It should come as no surprise that Oslo is full of absolutely gorgeous luxury hotels for you to choose from.

Many of the top hotels (like the Grand Hotel below) are located right on Karl Johans Gate, meaning you get an upscale stay and walk outside to be in the heart of the downtown core. Not a bad way to spend a night or two in Oslo.

If you are looking for an amazing stay in Oslo, find the perfect luxury hotel in Oslo four you. Below are a few properties considered among the top luxury hotels in Oslo.

Camillas Hus  – Check Now

Located in the west end right behind the Royal Palace, Camillas Hus is a hidden gem in Oslo.

This upscale hotel offers guests beautifully decorated rooms, fresh breakfasts and fruit, and an attentive staff that will go the extra mile to make your stay in Oslo amazing.

Grand Hotel Oslo – Check Now

If you want to stay right on Karl Johans Gate, a stay at the Grand Hotel Oslo is for you. Built in 1874, this upscale hotel has a lavish pool and spa, among many, many other perks. It’s now operated by Scandic – a hotel brand you can trust.

Hotel Bristol – Check Now

Located right in the city centre but not right on the main street of Karl Johans Gate, Hotel Bristol is another upscale hotel in Oslo.

With an elegant setting, comfortable rooms, and live piano music in the onsite bar, you should check out Hotel Bristol if it sounds like that’s for you!

Bed and Breakfast in Oslo

There are not very many of the traditional “bed and breakfasts” that you may be thinking of in Oslo. What you’ll find more often in Oslo is “aparthotels” which are rented apartments that are self-contained with a kitchen but also serve breakfast in the morning.

Not a bad set up overall, though! As for that true B&B feeling, here are two in great locations:

Villa Frogner Bed and Breakfast – Check Now

Located right in Majorstua by the Frogner park, Villa Frogner is a vintage decor bed and breakfast with breakfast served daily.

A nice perk is that the property has a sauna which is for guests to use. Perfect for these cold winter stays in Oslo.

Ellingsens Pensjonat – Check Now

Located in the west end behind the Royal Palace, Ellingsens Pensjonat is a stylish, boutique Bed and Breakfast that has a buffet breakfast at an affordable range for Oslo.

The accommodation is located in a quiet residential house-style building. It looks beautiful!

Hostels in Oslo

There aren’t too many hostels in Oslo but the ones that are there can be a great option for a night’s sleep or two. The hostels in Oslo have adopted a slightly different style compared to hostels in other cities.

What we mean is that since accommodation in the city is so expensive — and the cheap hotel options are still expensive — hostels have basically become the “cheap” option.

Common people actually book a private room and have a lovely stay. If you want to have a look at the hostels in Oslo, you can check them out here.

Saga Oslo Poshtel – Check Now

As one of the most popular hostels in Oslo, Oslo Poshtel is definitely worthy of a night’s stay.

Located in a great location right in the sentrum, Poshtel offers guests a great night sleep on private rooms or dorm-style rooms with a really, really great breakfast.

Anker Hostel – Check Now

If you are looking for a classic hostel experience at arguably the most popular hostel, Anker is for you.

With private rooms and dorm-style available, the hostel is a good choice for those looking for a budget stay in Oslo. Located right outside of Grünerløkka, the hostel is just a 10-minute walk to the centre.

And there you have it – a detailed rundown of where to stay in Oslo as well as a few accommodation options by style!

As we’ve mentioned before, Oslo is an expensive city but as long as you know your budget and what you are looking for, you will find something that works for you.

We had a great time in the city and we hope to get back there to explore it some more very soon! What do you think? Where have you stayed in Oslo? Get in touch and let us know!

As always, Happy Oslo Accommodation Waddlin’,

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