Where To Stay In Zürich (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Zürich, Switzerland? Here Are Our Tips!

Heading for Zürich? Great idea! The largest city in Switzerland is packed with things to see and do! However, figuring out the best place to stay in Zürich can be tricky.

The city is full of accommodations to suit different styles and budgets – from solo travellers or couples to travellers with family! We’re here to help you make sense of it all.

We love Zürich. We recently explored the city together – Eric has visited before but it was Lisa’s first time. We stayed in Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück and really liked it.

That said, we walked around parts of the city multiple times to see the sights and get a sense of it. In short, although it’s a bit expensive it’s a great place to visit!

So, whether you’re looking for where to stay in Zürich for one night or you’re looking for the best hotels in Zürich’s city centre (Old town), we’ll tell you about great accommodations and what neighbourhoods or areas are the most-suited for different budgets and interests!

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodation we stayed at ourselves and were not told to include it in this article.

Accommodations By Type

Even though it’s not the capital, Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland. Zürich is divided up into districts and these districts have neighbourhoods.

Interesting Fact: Zürich is made up of 12 districts and 34 neighbourhoods – but you only need to worry about a fraction of these in this post!

Each of the Zürich neighbourhoods have a distinct vibe – so it’s important to research this beforehand because this can dictate accommodation costs, sights, walkability, transit, green space, etc.!

That said, many of the areas have a healthy mix of Zürich lodging choices in them – with hotels by far the most popular option.

This guide is divided into two parts: First, we’ll talk about accommodations by type – hotel, apartment, etc. – and then the best areas to stay in Zürich.

This way, if you know the type of accommodation you are looking for, you can find that quickly or you can read further down about the neighbourhoods to stay in!

Hotels in Zürich

large fancy hotel with flags and river beside luxury hotel in zurich.
From budget options to the grand Baur au Lac – there are lots of hotels in Zürich!

As the largest city in Switzerland, Zürich is a popular hub for business and leisure travellers. There are naturally a lot of hotels in the city that dominate the accommodation options.

Despite being an expensive city overall you can find a variety of hotels in different areas to suit all styles and budgets.

That said, you will certainly find a high concentration of hotels in Zürich’s downtown (the city centre area in/around the Old Town).

Get started searching for hotels in Zürich here

Below, you can find different hotels divided up by style and/or price range. Keep in mind, most of these Zürich hotels are listed again in detail down below in their respective neighbourhood section.

If you know you are looking for a hotel, get started here with these popular hotels in Zürich that balance location, amenities, and value.

Popular Zürich Hotels

  • Hotel Bristol – A “no-frills” hotel close to the Central Station with breakfast included
  • Hotel Adler – An authentic yet trendy hotel in Old Town steps from the Limmat river
  • Central Plaza Hotel – A beautiful, reliable hotel across the bridge from Central Station (steps from the Old Town)
  • 25hours Hotel Langstrasse – A popular, trendy hotel minutes walking to the Central Station
  • Hotel City Zürich – A simple boutique hotel in the Old Town steps from Bahnhofstrasse

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Zürich

For a pricey city, you’ll be happy to know that there are several affordable options when it comes to hotels.

Equally nice to know is the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice location for cheapness. This means that you can find a budget hotel in a really good area in Zürich.

So, if you’re searching for a place that won’t break the bank when you visit Zürich, check out these budget hotels in Zürich below:

  • Hotel St. Georges – A simple hotel in a nice quiet neighbourhood (Our Pick)
  • Hotel Bristol – A “no-frills” hotel close to the Central Station with breakfast included!
  • Hotel Alexander Zürich – A surprisingly trendy hotel for a good price in the heart of the city centre

Boutique Hotels in Zürich

With so many different travellers (and different style preferences) exploring the city, there are many great boutique hotels to match all over Zürich.

If you are looking for unique and colourful décor in a hotel that is not a chain brand, then check out these boutique hotels in Zürich:

Luxury Hotels in Zürich

Of course, you can’t think about a city in Switzerland without thinking about luxury. Zürich is no exception! There are several luxury hotels in Zürich – some more lavish than others.

These top luxury hotels in Zürich are often located in amazing locations, e.g. right along the river or at the lakefront:

Guesthouses in Zürich

small cafe on street corner inside guesthouse with cars parked on street.
This is where we stayed – and it was lovely inside!

Even though it’s true that Zürich accommodations consist mainly of hotels, there are also some cozy bed and breakfasts (usually called “Gasthaus” or “Pension” in German). We stayed in Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück and really liked it.  

The rooms were simple but stylish, the bed was great, the staff was lovely, and there’s a café/bar/brunch place downstairs!

It was a minimalist hotel room except that a few rooms shared a modern toilet, sink, and shower. We’d recommend it! Once again, please note that we paid for our stay ourselves.

That said, if you’re keen on finding a B&B/guesthouse, you can check here for guesthouses in Zürich.

There are a few more to choose from so we’ve included a handful of other guesthouses in Zürich to get you started:

Apartments/Aparthotels in Zürich

You’ll find that there aren’t a ton of apartment rentals available in Zürich. However, there are some “aparthotels” which are catered apartments that exist in hotel-style buildings (it’s similar in Munich).

For travellers, this can be the best of all worlds – you get your own space and even a kitchen area to cook your meals while often also having a reception and breakfast included.

You can check here for apartments/aparthotels in Zürich – or have a look at these:

Hostels in Zürich

To be honest, there are not too many hostels in Zürich.

This makes sense – generally, backpackers stick to affordable destinations and Zürich is not considered “affordable” to the average traveller. However, you will find a small handful of hostels in the city centre.

Check here for Hostels in Zürich

That said, below are many of the top hostels for you to check out:

Accommodations By Area/Neighbourhood

Alright, so now that we have gone over types of accommodations in Zürich, it’s time to cover the best Zürich neighbourhoods!

Remember: These areas to stay in aren’t all the areas of the city – instead, we focus on the ones that we believe would make for a great stay for different kinds of visitors.

Again, Zürich is divided up into 12 districts and 34 neighbourhoods. We’ll focus on individual neighbourhoods for this post but will mention which district they’re located in to help you plan.

Below, we cover seven great neighbourhoods in Zürich – and the area close to Zürich Airport.

We’ll start with a description of the neighbourhood and what you can expect to find there. Then we will dive into a few accommodation choices for you to look at.

The best area to stay in Zürich will differ for each traveller depending on their budget and interests so keep this in mind when reading.

In case you’re set on an area to stay in, you can quickly check below for our top accommodation pick for each listed neighbourhood. This is also helpful if you are in a hurry or want to get a quick overview.

Top Zürich Accommodations By Neighbourhood

It’s also a good time to note that despite Zürich being a large city, the city is generally very safe. Switzerland is a seriously safe country – and the reputation of Zürich as a global hub means that it’s trusted by visitors from all over.

Of course, take regular precautions in touristy areas against pickpocketing and mind yourself if you’re out enjoying the wild nightlife!

City (in Altstadt) – For Shopping

hotel building overlooking city square with tram wires and tram parked in city street.
Paradeplatz is located in City – and it’s a great location!

If you’re heading to Zürich, a very popular area to stay in is the district of Altstadt. The Altstadt (Old Town) is most of the city centre – where you’ll find the top attractions and the Limmat River. It’s what most would consider Zurich’s downtown.

This river sort of splits the city centre – running through from Zürich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) to the top of the lake (Lake Zürich).

The area is great for sightseeing, shopping, and nightlife (depending on where you stay).

It’s important to know that the Altstadt (Old Town) is divided into three distinct neighbourhoods called City, Lindenhof, and Rathaus (from west to east, respectively). If you want to know where to stay in Zürich’s old town, this is the section for you!

For this post, we are going to break down accommodation options in each one of these areas since they are all a little different.

Check Here For Hotels In the Zürich Altstadt (Old Town)

The westernmost side of the Old Town is called City. It’s generally newer and known for upscale shopping along the popular Bahnhofstrasse.

It’s defined by the Sihl River (that empties into the Limmat). It’s a bit more of a business area but it’s very lovely with restaurants and shops everywhere.

You can easily walk to anywhere in the Old Town from City. The trams in Zürich are really good, though, so you can also hop on one of those if you prefer.

Below are some of the top accommodations that we found in City. It’s mostly hotels in this area but there are different ones to choose from for various budgets.

Hotel City Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right on Löwenstrasse, a popular street beside the best shopping just minutes walking from the train station
  • Features: Hotel restaurant onsite, coffee/tea in rooms, great staff
green hotel exterior from zurich street front with sidewalk in front.
We passed Hotel City numerous times – great location!

Hotel Glockenhof Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple Yet Upscale Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: In City surrounded by great restaurants, cafes, and shopping – the centre of Old Town is 3 minutes walking
  • Features: Onsite restaurants, air conditioning, parking available, breakfast included!

Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Charming and Stylish Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Literally right across the street from the Central Station – at the base of Bahnhofstrasse (shopping)
  • Features: Cafe/bar/restaurants onsite, spa/gym access with stay, breakfast included
white hotel exterior on corner of busy corner of shopping street in zurich.
Schweizerhof is right across from the train station!

Lindenhof (in Altstadt) – For Sights

pink hotel at waterfront with two church towers behind beside river.
The views, the location – it’s hard to beat hotels in Lindenhof!

The middle area – and arguably the most popular/touristy area in Zürich – is called Lindenhof. If you’ve explored other European cities, you’ll know that many have a “classic” old town area.

This area would be the most like Zürich’s “classic” Old Town with cobblestone alleyways that criss-cross in all directions, colourful buildings, and boutique shops.

Add in a few attractions to like Lindenhof Hill, Church of St. Peter, Fraumünster Church, and a part of the best shopping on Bahnhofstrasse and you’ve got reasons to stay here.

It’s certainly one of the best areas to stay in Zürich for a tourist! This area is very walkable when you are in it – but you’ll also be close to trams to anywhere in just a few minutes.

That said, there aren’t a ton of hotels in this area – it’s mainly for shopping, eating, and walking the waterfront. However, the hotels that are here are excellent for their location and appeal. So, have a look at these great places below:

Hotel Kindli – Check Now

  • Style: An Elegant Boutique-Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: In the heart of the Old Town, just steps from the green park and views at Lindenhof Hill.
  • Features: Onsite Swiss restaurant, minibar included in room rate, breakfast included!
yellow hotel with green door along cobblestone road in old town zurich.
Looks simple – but the interior is beautiful!

Hotel Storchen – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright and Elegant Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Facing the Limmat River in the heart of the Old Town
  • Features: Restaurant/bar/cafe onsite, air conditioning, stunning views, buffet breakfast included!
pink hotel on waterfront with clocktower behind and blue sky above.
Honestly, we would love to stay at the Storchen one day…

Widder Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy Luxury Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Right in the heart of the Old Town, steps from shopping on Bahnhofstrasse
  • Features: Gourmet restaurant/bar onsite, parking available, some rooms with stunning terraces, breakfast included!

Rathaus (in Altstadt) – For Nightlife + Sights

old town buildings and rathaus along river with cloudy sky above.
The actual Rathaus is on the left – and the cobblestone streets are behind!

The last neighbourhood of the Altstadt district that we wanted to mention is the one most east – Rathaus.

This area runs along the east side of the Limmat River (across from Lindenhof Hill) and is named Rathaus because the Old Town Hall (Rathaus) is located on this side of the river.

The area is also very charming – with cobblestone streets, shops, restaurants, and houses that make for great photos. That said, the area is also known for its nightlife.

The Zürich nightlife can be quite lively – and the north end of this area (known as Niederdorf) is where you’ll find a high concentration of the city’s clubs, bars, and street food places.

We loved Grande Café & Bar (located in this area) with views of the Limmat!

The south end of this area (near the Lake) is certainly quieter. This is where you’ll find top attractions like the Grossmünster (Cathedral), the Wasserkirche, and many more.

Rathaus is also well connected via the trams especially along the street Limmatquai which hugs the river promenade.

That makes it easy to get from this area to others – or from one end of Rathaus to the other, since it runs north-south and is long in shape.

Check Here For Accommodations In the Rathaus Area

Below are a handful of top accommodations in Rathaus. There are quite a few over here – and many of them are super popular for their healthy mix of location, attractions, food, and more:

Hotel Adler – Check Now

  • Style: An Authentic Upscale Hotel (Very Popular)
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Literally right in the middle of the Old Town just steps from the Limmat River!
  • Features: Swiss restaurant onsite, super staff, great breakfast included!
orange corner hotel building in busy old town in zurich.
There are many hotels around this area – it’s a nice area of the Old Town!

Hotel Alexander Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Upscale Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In the heart of Niederdorf, steps to the Limmat River and a short walk to the Train Station
  • Features: Breakfast included, air conditioning

Marktgasse Hotel Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Beautiful Boutique-Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Steps from the Limmat River in the heart of the cobblestoned Old Town
  • Features: Restaurant onsite, wellness centre access, friendly staff
red hotel exterior with wooden bench and cobblestone street outside.
Marktgasse Hotel was located in a quieter area close to the water

Unterstrass – For Convenience

views of buildings lining river with tram on bridge in distance.
Unterstrass extends along the Limmat River and up the hill slightly.

Another great neighbourhood to look at staying in is Unterstrass. Technically located in District 6 (Oberstrass), this neighbourhood is located just north of the Old Town.

This area is a tad more residential – and you still have the Limmat river running through the south end of the area. It makes for a lovely, peaceful vibe.

The area is also nice because you are just a quick walk or tram from the Central Train Station and the Old Town. This makes Unterstrass great for convenience and business travellers who are on the move.

That said, you should know that the farther away from the river you go, the steeper/more hilly the area becomes.

So, book accommodation in this area knowing that you might have to walk uphill/downhill during the day! The area doesn’t have a ton of attractions but the Swiss National Museum is behind the train station and is worth a visit.

Below are a handful of the accommodation options in Unterstrass.

Eric stayed at the Central Plaza a few years ago and it was a great hotel which we would recommend. Very good choice if you’re searching for hotels near the Old Town – but not right in it.

Central Plaza Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Beautiful and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right across the bridge from Central Station (steps to the Old Town and transit)
  • Features: Spacious rooms, bars/restaurants onsite, pets very welcomed, parking garage onsite (reserve in advance)
hotel on river bank with bridge in front and city behind.
Eric has stayed here once – and the location was perfect!

Hotel Bristol Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple and Clean Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget (for Zürich)
  • Location: A short walk from the Central Train Station, close to the Limmat River
  • Features: Large rooms, good breakfast, parking at/nearby
small hotel with cars parked on street in front seen through green trees.
The great location for a simple stay makes Bristol a popular choice!

Zürich Marriott Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Classic and Modern Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Along the Limmat River, just a short walk to Central Station and the Old Town
  • Features: Bar/restaurants onsite, 24-hour gym, lovely staff, great breakfast

Langstrasse (in Aussersihl) – Trendy

busy street with shops and tram with church clock tower behind in zurich.
There are many areas within Langstrasse that we loved

As with the district of Altstadt being divided into three neighbourhoods, the district of Aussersihl is also divided into three neighbourhoods – but we focus on two: Langstrasse and Werd.

Just so you know, this whole district is just west of the city centre (and still very much in central Zürich).

Our Take: Aussersihl was the area where we stayed/played and we loved it. It was easy to walk to the Old Town and train station, get on transit, get to the lake, find great restaurants, etc. It’s certainly a district where locals live.

Let’s talk about Langstrasse first. Meaning “long street” in English, Langstrasse is the name of a neighbourhood – named after a long street that runs from the Central Station in the north through to Werd in the south.

Langstrasse (along the actual street) used to be Zürich’s “not-so-great” area. In recent years, however, the whole area has transformed for the better to be more residential and include many shops, cafes, bars, and places to eat.

So, when we suggest staying in Langstrasse, we’re not just talking about the street but the neighbourhood – there’s much more to this area than just that one street.

We explored the whole area and liked it. We had our Fondue dinner there (Fribourger Fonduestübli), browsed shops, and even strolled the whole length of the actual Langstrasse.

The area is quite large and includes trendy areas, affluent areas, areas along the Sihl River, and even an area with business offices.

There aren’t many attractions in this part of the city, but you are only a quick walk to most parts of the Old Town (or you can take the tram). It’s a very well-connected area.

Check Here For Accommodations In Langstrasse

Below you’ll find some great accommodations in the Langstrasse neighbourhood.

25hours Hotel Langstrasse – Check Now

  • Style: A Stylish and Popular Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Close to the train tracks – minutes walking to Central Station but also the Old Town
  • Features: Onsite restaurant, buffet breakfast, parking available, friendly staff
black square hotel building on street corner with tram wires above street.
With the train station close, 25hours is a top choice.

Pension fürDich – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean and Renovated Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Budget (for Zürich)
  • Location: On a corner across from a park, minutes walking to Langstrasse and transit
  • Features: Large rooms, cafe/bar onsite, some rooms have balconies, cheaper parking for the general city prices
red guesthouse on street corner in zurich with car parked out front.
Conveniently located with a cafe downstairs!

The Yard Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Cool and Stylish Hotel (has a Studio Apartment, too)
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In the heart of Langstrasse, close to transit and restaurants
  • Features: Restaurant/bar/terrace onsite, great coffee!

Werd (in Aussersihl) – Peaceful

The other neighbourhood to check out in Aussersihl is Werd. This small neighbourhood is located just to the south of Langstrasse and has access to the Sihl River as it snakes through this part of the city.

As such, it’s kind of rolled into the vibe of the whole area – very residential with green spaces, lots of nice office buildings, and waterways to walk along to take you to the lake. You can also head into the Old Town super easily from Werd – just cross the Sihl River.

We stayed one street over from Werd and explored the area quite a bit walking through multiple times a day – it was great.

Below you’ll find some great places to stay in Werd. Since the area is quiet but still very close to the Old Town, these places would make for a nice base to head back to after a day exploring Zürich!

Hotel St. Georges – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright and Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget (for Zürich)
  • Location: In Werd, close to the Sihl river and the shopping street (Bahnhofstrasse)
  • Features: Friendly staff, breakfast onsite
orange and stone hotel on street corner with tree-lined street behind.
St. Georges is another great budget option close by!

Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple and Modern Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Budget (actually budget for Zürich)
  • Location: Quiet neighbourhood walkable to transit and the city centre (just outside Werd neighbourhood by one street)
  • Features: Large rooms, cafe/bar downstairs, easy check-in, self-serve features (fans, water jugs, city maps, etc.)

Boutique Hotel Helvetia – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Charming Hotel (has Apartments, too)
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right on the Sihl River, very close to transit and a very short walk to the Old Town
  • Features: Air conditioning in all rooms, lovely restaurant and bar onsite, gym pass included
beige hotel with fancy windows on street through tree branches.
We loved the look of the Helvetia…. really nice!

Seefeld – For Lakefront

open lake with opera house and trees behind on shore and birds in front.
You’re looking at the Opera House, waterfront paths, and more.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful lake, look no further than a stay in Seefeld. This green neighbourhood is technically located in District 8 which is called Riesbach.

The area is defined by its proximity to the lakefront gardens and parks, the famous Opera House, and a variety of museums and restaurants.

We walked through Seefeld and loved it. The views over the lake are lovely – and it’s well connected with a tram running through the heart of the area towards the Old Town.

It’s more quiet and upscale – we even found a bunch of consulates for other countries there.

Check Here for Accommodations in Seefeld

Below are a handful of accommodation options in Seefeld. It’s a bit farther from Central Station but you can still easily get there using transit.

It’s one of the good areas if you are looking for Lake Zürich hotels with lovely views!

You can also walk there – we did because central Zürich just isn’t that large. Check out these top hotels or apartments in Seefeld:

Opera Hotel Zürich – Check Now

  • Style: A Colourful and Chic Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right behind the Opera House, steps from the Lake and public transit
  • Features: Buffet breakfast, pet-friendly hotel, charming staff
grey modern hotel exterior through green leaves with cars parked on street.
It’s right behind the famous Opera House!

Sorell Hotel Seefeld – Check Now

  • Style: A Colourful and Trendy Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Right in Seefeld, minutes walking to the lake with a tram stop outside
  • Features: Parking available, some rooms with air conditioning, bar onsite, breakfast included!
white hotel with balconies on street corner with street sign in front.
The Sorel Seefeld was like 3 minutes walking to the lakefront!

City Stay Furnished Apartments – Kieselgasse – Check Now

  • Style: Modern and Comfortable Apartments
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Right on a street with tram access, close to large park and beautiful lakefront
  • Features: Apartments with kitchens, some with terraces, pet-friendly, parking available

Zürich Airport – For Flying

Lastly, we always like to include hotels by the airport for those who need them. Just so you know, Zürich Airport is located to the north of the city – about 15 minutes driving and 10 minutes by (very frequent) train connections.

The airport is easy to get to by train from Central Station with frequent connections throughout the day. That said, if you want to book an airport hotel to be sure you make your flight, you’ve got hotel options.  

Check Here For Accommodations At/Near Zürich Airport

Below are two of the better hotel options for staying close to Zürich Airport:

Radisson Blu Hotel Zürich Airport – Check Now

  • Style: A Classy and Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Steps from the Airport Terminals
  • Features: Pathway to walk to terminals, bars/restaurants onsite, a garden terrace and fitness centre, too.

Mövenpick Hotel Zürich Airport – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern and Colourful Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In Glattbrugg – a town ten minutes from the airport.
  • Features: Restaurants and fitness centre onsite, free shuttle to the airport!


If you want to know more about where to stay in Zürich, here are some frequently asked questions with detailed answers:

Where to stay in Zürich for one night/layover?

If you only have one night in Zürich – maybe because of a layover – finding accommodation closer to the train station is a good option.

This means you can still explore the city on foot or by tram while still being a very short train ride (about 10 minutes by frequent connection) to get back to Zürich Airport.

Check out Central Plaza Hotel which is very close to the station but not right beside. You could also stay at Hotel Adler on the Rathaus side of the Altstadt which is an 8-10 minute walk or quick tram back to the train station.

Of course, you can stay anywhere in the city centre and choose to grab a taxi to the airport. It takes about 15-20 minutes to drive to the airport from the city centre.

Where to stay in Zürich on a budget?

For those travelling to Zürich on a budget, there are several cheaper hotels, guesthouses, or even hostels that will suit this need.

Budget hotels like Hotel Bristol or Hotel St. Georges are both in great areas. Gasthaus Zum Guten Glück is a cool guesthouse within a doable walk from lots of city highlights.

Oldtown Hostel Otter is located in the Rathaus side of the Old Town (Altstadt) and will certainly make for a social stay in a lively area!

Where to stay in Zürich near train station?

If you want to stay near the train station in Zürich, you have plenty of options. 25hours Hotel Langstrasse is literally beside the tracks a short walk from the station building.

Hotel Schweizerhof Zürich is right across from the main station at the beginning of Bahnhofstrasse (the beautiful, famous shopping street).

A little further away, Hotel City Zürich is a great option that will have you back to the train station in minutes by tram or walking.

Where to stay in Zürich with family?

Those looking for family accommodations in Zürich might opt for an aparthotel. This allows you to have your own space and even cook a few meals in a more expensive city.

City Stay Furnished Apartments – Kieselgasse is located close to the lake in Seefeld, while INSIDE FIVE City Apartments is steps from the train station in Escher Wyss.

Acasa Suites is another top-rated aparthotel a bit further from the center in Oerlikon (but with grocery stores like Aldi around).

Where to stay in Zürich near restaurants and bars?

There are some great areas around Zürich loaded with restaurants and bars. Marktgasse Hotel or Hotel Alexander are both in the Altstadt (Rathaus side) and are among the best places to stay in Zürich that will have you right in the middle of the action.

Hotel Helvetia is right on the Sihl River and has you smack dab in between the numerous eateries and bars in both Aussersihl and the Old Town.

Alternatively, The Yard over on Langstrasse is another great option if you’re looking to indulge in food and drink while in Zürich!

Where to stay in Zürich on a honeymoon?

For a romantic getaway in Zürich, there is no shortage of beautiful accommodations in the perfect location.

Located right in the heart of the city, Hotel Storchen Zürich is a boutique, 5-star hotel with stunning water views.

Tucked away amongst the cobblestone streets, Widder Hotel is a unique luxury hotel with city views just a few steps from Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.

Lastly, the Baur au Lac is Zürich’s lakefront hotel experience where you’ll feel like absolute royalty.

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And there you have it – a rundown of where to stay in Zürich! Of course, this guide doesn’t include all the neighbourhoods – simply the ones that we feel offer travellers of all styles and budgets significant value.

We’re hopeful you can find something that fits your accommodation needs in Zürich!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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