About Us

Man and Woman posing for photo in front of lake and trees

It’s funny how life works sometimes. One minute you’re posting your travel photos on Instagram – the next minute you’ve met the love of your life. Well, we’re Lisa and Eric – and that’s essentially how our journey has unfolded.

Who We Are

Eric is a Canadian & Hungarian content writer with over 45 countries under his belt. From volunteering in Australia to studying his Master’s degree abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland, his travel experiences have taken him across the globe. Next to writing on Penguin and Pia, he has also contributed to companies in the travel space such as Matador, GoOverseas and Spot.

Lisa is a German content writer and marketer who studied Business and Languages/Cultures at university. She spent a year in the United States during high school, went to university in Copenhagen, Denmark, did an internship in Edinburgh, Scotland and studied abroad in Bilbao, Spain. Next to travelling around over 20 countries in Europe, she has also lived in Toronto, Canada on a Working Holiday Visa.

We don’t seem to fit any of the travel “molds”. We backpack, but we’re not quite backpackers. We often travel cheaply, but we’re not quite budget travellers. We don’t mind investing in a good experience, but we’re not luxury chasers.

We’re just us. We’re normal people – probably no different from you. Like you, we have huge goals and a desire to see more of the world. We’ll share those experiences with you – and we’ll do it in two languages! If you want to learn about Eric’s home province of Ontario, feel free to visit our second website OntarioAway.com.

About Penguin and Pia

On this dual-language travel blog, we focus on exploring Europe and North America since these are the two regions of the world that we come from and know best. You’ll find everything from detailed city guides and day trip recommendations to country itineraries and transportation experiences.

As our website has grown, we have been lucky enough to share our knowledge with reputable websites and publications such as BBC Travel, Travel Channel, Business Insider, USA Today, Mashable and Matador Network.

Why the name “Penguin and Pia”, you ask?

That’s a good question. As the story goes, we have a love for animals – penguins, in particular. Falling in love long distance can be quite tough, and so Eric sent Lisa a stuffed penguin named “Penguin”, from Canada for her birthday.

Months later while travelling together in Krakow, Poland, we stumbled upon a plush animal shop where we found another penguin. It was love at first sight. We bought her, Lisa later named her “Pia” – and the legend was born.

So, welcome to our site – we’re glad you’re here. If you’d like to leave us a message, feel free to get in touch! Otherwise, happy reading!