Welcome to our Destination Page! This is where we share our travel knowledge divided up by country. We’ve been lucky enough to have covered a vast chunk of the world – but we specialize in the continents that we are originally from: North America and Europe. That said, we’ve also been to countries in Oceania and have a few posts covering this region, too.

Below, you can find some information about all the countries we have travel posts for. Just click through on a country to be brought to the country page to see everything we have written about that place. From detailed city guides on things to do and see to day trip ideas and practical transportation posts, here’s our knowledge for Canada, Germany, Scotland, and beyond!


Ah, Europe. There's no question that Europe is our most covered destination on Penguin and Pia - but for good reason: we call it home half the time!

This culturally diverse continent is made up of snowy mountains in Switzerland, sunny beaches in Croatia, charming old towns in Germany, historical centres the United Kingdom, stunning architecture in in Italy, and so much more!

Whichever part of Europe you end up exploring and whatever your travel style and budget, there are so many things to do and see! We've even gone "off the beaten path" to explore places like Romania, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina - all of which are beautiful countries that we'd honestly recommend checking out.

North America

From stunning mountain ranges and pristine forests to seaside escapes and booming cities, North America is a diverse continent both geographically and culturally.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico are popular destinations - and there are a number of fascinating island nations nearby in the Caribbean and vibrant countries in Central America for you to explore also.


Sure, many people associate Oceania with sunshine and water - but there is so much more to this diverse region of the world in the Southern Hemisphere.

With populous countries like Australia and New Zealand receiving many of the visitors to the area, don't forget about the tiny island nations like Tonga, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, and Vanuatu!