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How It Works
In order to make it easy to understand, we want to explain how affiliate links work in slightly more detail. A link that is an affiliate link usually contains some form of identifier that will make it possible to track link clicks. If you click on an affiliate link, this click will be recognized by the affiliate program.

If you end up buying something from that website, we might receive a small commission through the affiliate program for sending you to their website. The retail price for you does not change whether you visit the product directly or via a link click from our website. During this process, we have no way of identifying that it was you who bought something. We only know that it was someone who initially visited our website.

We use affiliate links in most of our blog posts and always let you know at the very top of our blog posts that our website contains compensated (i.e. affiliate) links.

Please note that you are not obligated to click on any link or purchase anything that we recommend or link to. Also note that the companies selling the products are third party. We do not sell our own products on this website. We provide the affiliate links for general information purposes. While we generally recommend products we love, we have not used all of the products, participated in all of the tours or stayed at all of the accommodations that we link to on this website.