Where to Stay in Québec City (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Québec City? Here Are Our Tips!

Exploring Québec City – the historic capital of Québec – is always a great choice. However, deciding on the best place to stay in Québec City for you can be tough because there are tons of Québec City accommodation options in great areas!

This is where we come in. Living in Canada (and being Canadian) allows us to explore the country frequently. During our last trip – driving to and from Québec City from Ontario – we stayed at Hôtel le Saint-Paul.

With a quieter location easily walkable to Upper Town (Old Québec) and very easy to get to by car, we would recommend it. That said, there are many other hotels in Québec City – and other types of accommodation for that matter.

So, our detailed guide first covers accommodations in Québec City by type, style, and budget and then walks you through the best areas to stay in Québec City with examples of accommodations in each!

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodation we stayed at ourselves and were not asked to include it in this article.

Accommodations By Type

man and woman posing with famous hotel behind on cliff and gardens in back.
Here’s us posing in Québec City with Le Château Frontenac in the background!

With one of the only remaining historic town walls in North America, Québec City is certainly a special city to visit. It’s popular with couples, business travellers, cruisers, families, and more.

To cater to different types of travellers and needs, there are many types of accommodations around the city. While hotels in Québec City are popular, there are other accommodation types to consider!

“Auberge” means “inn or small hotel” in Québec City. Often, accommodations with Auberge in their name are smaller, more quaint, and often more traditional places to stay – but not always!

Hotels in Québec City

fancy chateau frontenac hotel with towers and windows seen from far away in quebec.
Yes, you can stay at Le Château Frontenac in Upper Town!

By volume, hotels are the most popular accommodation option in Québec City. There are many options, with lots of them located in good areas of the city.

For example, you can stay at a popular hotel like Le Château Frontenac in the heart of Old Québec. Of course, you’ll also find some budget hotels, boutique hotels, and chain hotels (if you’re looking for one).

Choosing a hotel in Upper or Lower Town means you’re never too far from the best sights, restaurants, and more.

Get started searching for hotels in Québec City.

To get you started, here are some popular hotels in Québec, Canada that offer a nice balance of location, price, and amenities:

Popular Québec City Hotels

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Québec City

group of colourful buildings with walkway in front and green park beside.
There’s Hotel Terrasse Dufferin overlooking the Terrace and river!

If you are travelling to Québec City on a budget, you’ll be happy to know that there are several budget-friendly hotels available.

Often, popular cities have affordability issues when it comes to accommodation. That, or the cheap hotels are in not-so-great areas for a visitor to stay in. Not so much in Québec City.

Here, you’ll certainly find higher-end hotels… but you can also find some simple hotels in good areas.

Some of the cheaper hotels in Québec City are in areas further away from the historic centre, but they are still decent areas to stay.

Other hotels attribute their affordability to being more basic, with fewer frills and amenities compared to other places.

So, if you are considering where to stay in Québec City for cheap, check out some of these good options below:

  • Hotel Terrasse DufferinA classic, cozy hotel overlooking the Dufferin Terrace in Upper Town (Old Québec). (Our Pick)
  • Gîte le 812A simple guesthouse/hotel with a shared kitchen in Saint Sacrement (quick bus to the centre).
  • Auberge St-LouisA simple, “no frills” hotel right in the heart of Upper Town on Rue Saint-Louis.

Boutique Hotels in Québec City

hotel entrance seen from street with lots of plants in front.
Hotel le Priori looking lovely in Lower Town!

If you’re looking to book a boutique hotel in Québec City, you’re in luck! Unlike other Canadian cities like Victoria or Halifax (sorry friends), Québec City has several great boutique hotels – each with its own unique style.

Because the city has such a rich history, you’ll often find old architectural elements incorporated into the hotels (especially in Old Québec).

Featuring exposed stone walls and wooden beams, trendy designs, cool bars/restaurants, and minimalist furniture choices, the options for Québec City boutique hotels are solid.

So, if you are looking for a cool and/or unique place to stay in Québec City, here are some great options in different areas of the city.

  • Hôtel Sainte-Anne A trendy, cool hotel right in the heart of Upper Town (restaurants beside). (Our Pick)
  • Hotel Manoir Morgan – A bright, spacious hotel located in the heart of Upper Town (across from Le Château Frontenac).
  • Hotel le Priori – An upscale, chic hotel with breakfast on a beautiful street in Lower Town.
  • Hotel Royal William – A colourful, trendy hotel in the heart of the action in Saint-Roch.
  • Hotel Le BlocA fashionable, minimal hotel just outside Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Montcalm.

Luxury Hotels in Québec City

large round red brick hotel with terrace restaurant in front.
Le Capitole Hotel shouldn’t be overlooked for location and luxury!

Another type of hotel/accommodation in Québec City is luxury hotels. Again, the old elements of the city lend themselves to Old-World elegance, design, and pampering that only feels right when visiting a historic place like Québec City!

From sweeping views of the Saint Lawrence River to spa amenities, hip bars, city view terraces, and more, these luxury hotels in Québec City know how to take care of their guests.

The Québec City luxury hotels mentioned below are all 4 and 5-star accommodations. They are all located either in a part of Old Québec or in an area of the city just outside the historic walls.

One, in particular, might stand out… a stay at the Le Château – the most photographed hotel in the world – would certainly be special! You can find it below:

  • Fairmont Le Château FrontenacA timeless, luxurious hotel with great views located in Old Quebec’s Upper Town. (Our Pick)
  • Le Capitole HotelA stunning luxury hotel with incredible Italian restaurant (we ate there) just steps from the old walls in Saint-Jean-Baptiste.
  • Hotel ClarendonA trendy, historic hotel with restaurant in the heart of Upper Town.
  • Hôtel Le Germain Québec – An upscale, comfortable hotel with amenities in Lower Town.

Guesthouses/Bed and Breakfasts in Québec City

historic stone houses with trees in front on street.
Historic houses overlooking Governors’ Garden- some are now B&Bs!

Moving on from hotels, there are also lots of bed and breakfasts in Québec City, as well as a number of guesthouse-type accommodations you can choose from.

This is in part due – again – to the city’s history, layout, and architecture. Quebec still has a lot of smaller houses or more historic residential areas.

Many of these more quaint, traditional places to stay either used to be an accommodation in the past or have been converted into one.

Check Here for Guesthouses and B&Bs in Québec City.

It’s true that you’ll find more B&Bs and guesthouses (smaller, home-style hotels, often without breakfast) in the quieter, residential areas just surrounding the Old Centre.

These neighbourhoods, perfectly nestled between green park spaces and busier roads offer more relaxed, cozy, and often traditional accommodations settings.

Plus, many of the B&Bs are true “bed and breakfasts”, meaning you get breakfast in the morning!

Here are a few to get you started looking:

  • Auberge J.A MoisanAn opulent, traditional B&B on popular Rue Saint-Jean in Saint-Jean-Baptiste. (Our Pick)
  • B&B La Marquise de BassanoA colourful, traditional B&B with breakfast close to Governors’ Garden in Upper Town.
  • Au Petit Hôtel A small, simple guesthouse/hotel tucked away in historic Upper Town.
  • B&B Au Petit Roi – A cozy, eclectic bed and breakfast with nice breakfast in the heart of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Apartments & Aparthotels in Québec City

historic buildings in quebec city seen front street with shopfronts.
The entrance to Les Lofts du Trésor can be seen in this photo!

If you are staying in Québec City for a longer period of time, or if you need your own space – whether you are travelling with kids, on business or want to cook your own meals to save money – you may be interested in an apartment in Québec City.

Right now, many parts of Canada are facing an affordable/available housing crisis. So, we’d recommend booking an apartment with an established local provider (like Les Lofts) or opting for an aparthotel/suite-style hotel.

Check Here for Great Apartments in Québec City.

Many of the available apartments that would work well for a visitor are located across the city – in Old Québec (Upper and Lower Town), and in the nice areas immediately surrounding it.

Whether you need a full kitchen, just a kitchenette, multiple bedrooms, a balcony, etc. there is an apartment in the city that will suit your needs for your stay.

Les Lofts have made it a point of renovating and maintaining heritage buildings across the city so that’s another reason to book local.

Here are a few good examples of apartments in good locations around the city:

Hostels in Québec City

white brick building with green trim for hostel in quebec city with street in front.
We walked by Auberge de la Paix numerous times in Upper Town!

Last, but certainly not least, we have hostels in Québec City. Similar to how it is in Montreal, there are actually a few Québec City hostels to choose from – many with excellent reputations.

Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or want to meet other travellers while on the road, the hostels have everything you’d expect – from kitchen facilities to loads of great information, patio/common areas, etc.

Check out these top-rated hostels in Québec City. We walked by Auberge de la Paix every time we wanted to get into the Upper Town from our hotel and it always had a nice, lively atmosphere!

  • Auberge de la PaixA stylish, social hostel on a nice street tucked away in Upper Town (around the corner from bars, restaurants, and more). (Our Pick)
  • HI Québec – Auberge Internationale de QuébecA classic hostel just inside the old walls in Upper Town.
  • QBEDS HostelA bright, cool hostel with bar/restaurant right on Grande Allée Ouest in Saint-Jean-Baptiste (just outside the old walls).

Accommodations By Areas

Now that we’ve covered accommodations by type, let’s dive into some of the best areas to stay in Québec City.

Below, we’ll tell you about each area/neighbourhood, describe our experience and what you’ll find there, and provide a few accommodation options in each.

Québec City is divided into 6 larger boroughs with 36 quartiers or “neighbourhoods” within them. The central borough, La Cité-Limoilou, is where most of the quartiers in this post are located!

When you think about neighbourhoods in Québec City from a visitor’s perspective, the most central ones (Old Québec, Saint Roch, and Saint-Jean-Baptiste) make the most sense. This is because of their central location and proximity to attractions, restaurants, etc.

This is not to say that other areas of the city are “bad” – this is to say that, as a visitor, you’d probably have more fun choosing one of the more central areas (listed below).

We walked around each of the areas listed below and got to know each one. It was fascinating to see different sides of the city: from historic and architectural, to trendy and alternative, to wonderfully green and residential.

To get you started in the recommended areas of Québec City listed below, use the quick guide to check out our accommodation picks in each area. When we visit the city again, we’d stay in any of these areas in a heartbeat!

Top Québec City Accommodations By Area

Note About Safety: In general, Québec City is a safe city to visit. If you are a visitor and stay primarily in the central areas listed here, you’ll likely have no issues.

We walked around at night quite often – in Old Québec and in Saint-Roch – with no issues. Of course, in any city you visit, use your own judgement and ask your accommodation if you have any concerns.

Upper Town (Old Québec) – For History & Top Sights

red luxury quebec hotel seen from wooden terrace with blue sky above.
Le Château Frontenac as seen from the Dufferin Terrace – both top sights!

Old Québec – known as Vieux-Québec – is made up of both Upper Town (up on the cliff in the old walls) and Lower Town (explained below).

So, for those wondering about where to stay in old Québec City, a stay in Upper Town would be perfect.

With sweeping views of the St. Lawrence River, other nice neighbourhoods to the southwest, and the equally historic Lower Town below, Upper Town is one of the best places to stay.

Check Here For Accommodations in Québec’s Upper Town.

This centrally located area has historic architecture around every corner. Historic plaques with dates older than Canada are plentiful here.

You’ll also find lots of bars, breweries, restaurants, cafes, and shopping on streets like Rue Saint-Jean.

yellow hotel in quebec city centre with people walking by outside.
Hotel Manoir Morgan is very centrally located for those walking!

A highlight of Upper Town is all the things to do and see. You can find the Centre Infotouriste de Québec (in the same building as the Hotel Manoir Morgan, seen above) across from the Le Château Frontenac and the famous Dufferin Terrace.

Other points of interest include the fortifications (historic walls, gates, Citadel, and towers), many green spaces, the top of the historic funicular to Lower Town, Notre-Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral, and much more.

We really liked both Bistro Hortus and Maison Livernois for our dinners in Upper Town – both located right on lively Rue Saint-Jean.

Overall, Upper Town is generally very walkable with a few hills here and there. It’s much less hilly here compared to the overall elevation change between Upper and Lower Town.

Featured Accommodations in Upper Town

historic stone buildings with flag hanging over sidewalk and plants in front in old quebec.
You could stay here at Hôtel Sainte-Anne in beautiful Upper Town!

Below are a number of featured accommodations in Upper Town. Being as popular as it is, it’s not surprising that there are lots of great hotels here.

There are also apartments and a few B&B-style accommodations, but it is heavy on the hotels. And since many attractions and restaurants are within walking distance (with some hills here and there), it’s probably the best place to stay in Québec City without a car.

These Québec City Upper Town accommodations are worth checking out:

Lower Town (Old Québec) – For History & Port

colourful old town street with people walking down it in quebec city.
A look down the beautiful Rue Petit du Champlain in Lower Town.

Another top area to stay for tourists in Québec City is Lower Town. Also old, historic, and beautiful, Lower Town is located – unsurprisingly – lower than Upper Town.

If Upper Town is on top of the cliff, Lower Town is characterized by being wrapped around the rocky outcrop at river level.

Its location makes it historically significant – Samuel de Champlain founded the city in Place Royale, which is located here.

Lower Town is home to some of the other top sights and places to visit in the city like Place Royale, Rue du Petit Champlain, the Museum of Civilization, the historic Funicular, and more.

Check Here For Accommodations in Quebec’s Lower Town.

If you’ve ever seen photos of Québec City in winter and/or during Christmas, many of the iconic shots are taken here in Lower Town – often on Rue du Petit Champlain.

Functionally, the cruise ship port is located close by, as are some riverside park areas (Place des Canotiers) where you can walk along and get nice views.

shopfronts in old historic buildings facing street with people walking by.
Parts of Lower Town have many great restaurants to try.

The area is also known for its many small shops and a range of restaurants, pubs and other places to visit – including lots of art galleries featuring local artists.

Overall, it’s much flatter than Upper Town, but you’d have to walk up the many stairs/roads to get to Upper Town. You can also take the funicular from Lower Town to Upper Town.

Featured Accommodations in Lower Town

large yellow hotel with windows and tower in the middle with street in front.
Our hotel was in a pretty good Lower Town location!

Below are some of the featured accommodations in Lower Town. There are many hotels and apartments located here – but not as many B&Bs.

We stayed at Hôtel le Saint-Paul in Lower Town and liked it. We were a short uphill walk to Upper Town and also a short walk to the heart of Lower Town (Place Royale).

If you are wondering where to stay in Québec City with a car, we’d recommend Lower Town. The roads are flat and easy to navigate (if you’re coming from the highways) to get to many of the hotels here (with parking available or nearby).

  • Hotel Port-Royal A pleasant, popular hotel with onsite restaurant/bar close to the cruise port.
  • Hôtel le Saint-Paul A simple, reliable hotel with onsite bar/restaurant close to parking and the Upper Town.
  • Hotel le Priori An upscale, chic hotel with breakfast on a beautiful street with art galleries around.
  • Les Lofts St-Pierre Cool, trendy apartments right in Lower Town near the Port and the Museum of Civilization.

Saint-Roch – Social & Trendy

busy city street with cars parked and shop fronts along sidewalk in saint-roch.
Rue Saint-Joseph E, with the entrance to Les Lofts St-Joseph in the distance!

Actually larger than it seems, Saint-Roch is another good area to stay in in Québec City.

Stretching north to the Saint Charles River and south to the cliff edge to enter the oldest parts of the city, it’s a lively and somewhat off-the-beaten-path neighbourhood (for tourists anyway).

The heart of the area is situated around Rue Saint-Joseph Est. Here you will lots of restaurants, bars, boutique shops, and more.

It’s definitely got an artsy vibe with a number of music venues, bookshops, antique places, and art stores. The beautiful graffiti under the highway is a bit of a giveaway!

Check Here For Accommodations in Saint-Roch.

When we visited, this entire street was closed for a festival with food tents, musical acts, and drink vendors right on the street.

It was awesome to see how pedestrian-friendly and community-oriented this area of the city was.

At the same time, the busy Boulevard Charest Est runs through the area with more of a “downtown” feel.

You’ll find Jean-Paul-L’Allier Gardens located off this street, like a sanctuary between the street and the upper parts of the city.

Saint-Roch is on the same elevation as Lower Town, so you can easily walk there. To get “up” the cliff, you can use the Saint-Roch Garden Stairs which offer nice views after a bit of a climb (we liked it).

Our favourite microbrewery – La Barberie – and cafe with great donuts – Café Saint-Henri – are both located in this area!

Featured Accommodations in Saint-Roch

Below are some of the featured accommodations in this area. It’s a little more residential, so there’s a mix of a few hotels and some apartments available for visitors.

It would be easily accessible by car, but it’s also close to the Via Rail Station and would be an easy walk or quick taxi ride to accommodation in this area.

  • Hotel Royal William A colourful, trendy hotel in the heart of the action between popular streets (Boulevard Charest Est and Rue Saint-Joseph Est).
  • Les Lofts Dorchester Colourful boutique apartments also located between popular streets (Boulevard Charest Est and Rue Saint-Joseph Est).
  • Les Lofts St-Joseph Clean, stylish apartments directly on Rue Saint-Joseph E (popular area).
  • Hôtel Québec Best Western PLUS Centre-Ville A classic, large hotel with pool and restaurant steps from Saint-Joseph Est.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste – Social yet Tranquil

tall modern hotel with blue sky behind seen front street corner.
One side of the area: the modern Hilton just outside the old walls.

Situated just west of the Upper Town, north of the green Plains of Abraham, and cascading down the hill north towards Saint-Roch, Saint-Jean-Baptiste is a neighbourhood with lots going on and something for everyone.

Roads like Bd René-Lévesque Est have tall buildings – including hotels – to make it feel like a “downtown” area.

However, just a few blocks away you’ll find yourself in a quieter, more residential area… so it’s an area with an interesting mix.

Check Here For Accommodations in Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Its main characteristic is that it’s not within the old city walls. From most places in the area, it’s a short walk to either Upper or Lower Town.

That said, there are still plenty of pockets of interesting places to check out in this area. The modern buildings give way to shopping areas like Rue Saint-Jean which have an alternative, artistic feel and lots of bars and restaurants.

As for points of interest, the beautiful Parliament building is located very close by, as is the Observatory building with restaurant and nice views.

The Grand Théâtre de Québec is in this neighbourhood if you’d like to see a show.

It’s on the way to another neighbourhood – Montcalm – which features Ave. Cartier (a street locals frequent, packed with cafes, bars, shops, and “lantern sculptures” hanging over the street).

Featured Accommodations in Saint-Jean-Baptiste

people walking down  busy street with colourful shop fronts on each side.
Another side of the area: a look down “cool” Rue Saint Jean!

Below are some featured accommodations in this area. Overall, it’s a bit of a hybrid area.

You will find many of the city’s B&Bs tucked away in the more historic, residential areas of this neighbourhood.

You can also find larger chain hotels right on a busy street that leads you back to Old Québec.

It’s a good location for those on foot who don’t want to commit to the touristy areas, and it would also be easier to drive to than something located in Upper Town.

  • Auberge J.A Moisan An opulent, traditional B&B right on popular Rue St. Jean in Saint-Jean-Baptiste.
  • Hilton Québec – A lovely, reliable hotel with amenities (outdoor pool) and views just outside the old walls in Saint-Jean-Baptiste,
  • L’Adresse sur Grande-Allée Lofts Nice apartments in a grand old building steps from the Plains of Abraham and Ave Cartier (cool area).
  • Hotel Le Bloc A fashionable, minimal hotel just outside Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Montcalm (near Ave Cartier).

Saint-Louis – For Convenience & Car

Last, but not least, there is Saint-Louis. This neighbourhood is actually located in the much larger borough of Sainte-Foy-Sillery.

This is a borough that extends to the Saint Lawrence River in the south and up to the Québec City airport in the northwest.

There is a reason why we mention these smaller areas of Saint-Louis (and the Cité-Universitaire right beside).

Centred around the convergence of a few larger highways and Laval University (Canada’s oldest), these two areas have much to offer travellers passing through the city by car.

Check Here For Accommodation in Sainte-Foy-Sillery.

Eric was here years ago when he visited the university for a football game. It’s more sprawling and commercial – but with lots of shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and hotels with parking.

Crucially, if you are heading to Atlantic Canada, this is where you cross the Saint Lawrence River using the Pierre Laporte Bridge to Lévis.

It’s the last bridge across the river so it’s an important/good place to stop if you’re breaking up the drive.

Overall, it would be an option if you’re driving to/through the city and are interested in seeing Old Québec, but don’t want to stay right in the heart of the action.

Featured Accommodations in Saint-Louis

Below are a number of accommodations in the area around Saint-Louis. It’s mostly chain hotels, but they serve a purpose and might be what you are looking for.

Their proximity to the touristy centre means prices are generally a little lower – but this isn’t a hard rule.

The last hotel is located in another area, up by the Airport, where there is another pocket of accommodations. Hôtel Cofortel is extremely popular (for not being in Old Québec).

  • Hôtel Alt Québec A colourful, trendy hotel with parking and amenities (shopping centres) nearby.
  • Hotel Quartier, Ascend Hotel Collection A standard, well-equipped hotel with pool just off a main street through the area (amenities close).
  • L’Hôtel Québec A quirky hotel with pool and activities for kids also just off the main street through the area (amenities close).
  • Hotel Sepia A trendier, upscale hotel with restaurant and parking just off the highway near the river.
  • Hôtel Cofortel – A comfortable, convenient hotel close to the Airport about 20 minutes drive from Old Québec.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about where to stay in Québec City.

Having experienced different areas first-hand, these answers may help you plan your trip.

Where to stay in Québec City at Christmas?

red brick hotel entrance with restaurant patio in front.
Hôtel du Vieux-Québec is in a good location for enjoying the holiday decorations!

As we mentioned above, all of Old Québec is magical during the Christmas season. A stay in Lower Town would be our first pick. The magical photos you often see are usually of Rue du Petit Champlain, which is located here.

Check out Hotel le Priori or Hotel Port-Royal as two solid options to stay in this area. Hôtel Le Germain Québec would be more of an upscale stay.

If you are looking for a longer stay, the Les Lofts St-Pierre is just down the street from the heart of Lower Town (Place Royale).

Of course, a stay in Upper Town would also make for a lovely stay. The streets and shops around Hôtel du Vieux-Québec look especially pretty around the holidays. Le Château Frontenac also leans into the holiday spirit pretty hard!

From up here, it’s a short walk or a funicular ride to Lower Town.

Where to stay in Quebec City with family?

If you are travelling to Quebec City with family, there are plenty of good options. L’Hôtel Québec is known for being kid-friendly with an indoor pool, play place, and live music.

Otherwise, an apartment to spread out and have your own space might be a good idea. Check out Les Lofts St-Joseph or Les Lofts St-François, both of which are close to a grocery store (Metro) in Saint-Roch.

Where to stay in Québec City without a car?

If you are travelling to Québec City without a car, any accommodation in Upper Town, Lower Town, or Saint-Roch would be a good idea.

Upper Town might have the slight edge because once you’re there and settled, you’re in one of the best spots for sightseeing (and for getting around on foot).

Check out Hotel Manoir Morgan or Hôtel Sainte-Anne for two very centrally located hotels that you’ll be able to reach on foot.

It might also be the case that if you’re not travelling by car, you are taking the train instead. The central Via Rail Station (Gare du Palais) is located between Saint-Roch and Lower Town (you could walk to both, we did).

So where we stayed at Hôtel le Saint-Paul in Lower Town would be within walking distance, as would Hotel Royal William and Hotel PUR, both in Saint-Roch.

Where to stay in Québec City with a car?

If you come to Québec City by car (as we did), it is a good idea to stick to the larger, easier streets.

Hôtel le Saint-Paul in Lower Town (just outside the old city walls) has a paid parking lot and gas station (Esso) right across the street from the hotel. It’s where we stayed and parked.

It’s easy to get to from the highway, so easy to park and pay (via app or machine onsite).

Each day we’d leave the hotel, have a quick look at the car, and continue our adventure. It also made packing up and leaving the city very easy.

That said, Hotel Port-Royal is also easy to drive to in Lower Town, closer to the cruise port, and has paid parking available.

Of course, staying at an accommodation outside the city centre usually means easier parking and using the car to get into/out of the centre if you want to explore. For this, Hotel Sepia would do the trick.

Where to stay in Québec City for Winter Carnival?

The famous Winter Carnival in February each year draws visitors from all over the world.

If you want to attend, book your accommodation early. Events happen all over the city so there really isn’t a best place to stay for this.

That said, anything centrally located will do you just fine. Hôtel du Vieux-Québec is right in the heart of Upper Town between where a few events happen (near the National Assembly) and the Dufferin Terrace (where winter tobogganing takes place).

It also has one of our favourite restaurants – Bistro Hortus – on the ground floor!

If you are looking for an upscale stay during the festival, Le Capitole Hotel is located just outside St. John Gate.

This means you’re a short walk to the events in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste area (near Parliament), but you can also pop into Old Québec for all the wintery fun and ambiance!

Where to stay in Québec City near the airport?

There are many hotels and accommodations clustered together near the Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport.

The Clarion Pointe Québec Airport is one such good option. Hôtel Cofortel, one of the most popular hotels in the whole city, is also located nearby and is a 20-minute walk from Old Québec.

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And there you have it – our guide on where to stay in Québec City, Canada!

It’s a beautiful city that is definitely worth your time, so keep your budget, fitness level, and preferences in mind and you should find a place that works well for your stay!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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