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Europe is our most-covered destination on Penguin and Pia – but for good reason: we call it home half the time!

This culturally and geographically diverse continent always amazes visitors. There are snowy mountains in Switzerland, sunny beaches in Croatia, charming old towns in Germany, historical spots in the United Kingdom, beautiful architecture in Italy, and so much more!

We’ve also explored lesser-known countries like Romania, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – all of which are beautiful and worth seeing.

red flag with large opera house behind in tirana albania


Once an up-and-coming destination that was foreign to visitors, Albania has transformed into a welcoming country open to exploring. The busy capital city – Tirana – is a hot spot for great food, history, and cafe culture while the sunny coast around Durrës makes for a getaway on the Adriatic Sea.

green trees with lake and mountains behind in austria


Known for stunning landscapes comprised of lakes and mountains, Austria has no lack of natural beauty for you to experience. Cultural hubs like Salzburg, Graz, and the capital city – Vienna – make for a great city trip while Innsbruck is a hot spot for outdoor sports (especially skiing in the winter)!

stone bridge over blue river in old town mostar bosnia

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Located in the heart of the Balkan Region, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that should be explored. The beautiful, diverse capital city of Sarajevo offers diversity and a glimpse into a troubled but resilient history. Smaller places like Mostar feature natural beauty and the “Stari Most” stone bridge.

orange rooftops of seaside village from above in hvar croatia


It is no secret that Croatia offers sun chaser a place to relax. However, there is more to this country than gorgeous islands like Hvar and a vast shoreline that hugs the Adriatic. Krka National Park features waterfalls while Split, Dubrovnik, and the capital city – Zadar – have their share of history, culture and food.

colourful old town with towers and churches in prague


While it’s true that the country is known for its cheap beer, Czechia is more than just a cheap weekend getaway. The colourful capital Prague is loaded with attractions and history while cities like Pilsen offer up a different side of the country. Český Krumlov makes a great side trip with a castle to check out.

colourful houses in harbour with boats in water in copenhagen denmark


As one of the jewels of the region known as Scandinavia, Denmark is a country with something for everyone. The capital city Copenhagen is known for its colourful Nyhavn Harbour and Little Mermaid, while other cities like Aarhus and the numerous islands throughout the country make for a well-rounded visit.

tall yellow clock tower with ferris wheel behind in london england


A popular tourist destination and a cultural powerhouse, England requires little introduction. The sprawling capital city of London is loaded with top attractions while Oxford, Cambridge, and Bath offer rich history. Don’t forget about the southern coast at Brighton where you can find a sunny seaside getaway!

tall church spire among orange roof top of old town in tallinn


Small but beautiful, Estonia is a Baltic country with a proud people and a fascinating culture. There’s no shortage of green space around the country and the capital city of Tallinn features a UNESCO medieval old town to explore. Coastal centres like Pärnu allow for a beach getaway on the Baltic Sea.

green domes of cathedral with colourful buildings below in helsinki finland


From the snowy Lapland region famous for the northern lights and reindeer to the busy capital city Helsinki with its iconic cathedral and island fortress Suomenlinna, Finland is a beautiful country with deep Nordic roots and natural beauty that is prime to explore.

orange rooftops and blue sky of medieval old town in germany


Since Germany is Lisa’s home country, we know and love exploring Germany. From gorgeous old towns in Bamberg and Heidelberg to the big cities of Hamburg, Munich, and the capital Berlin, there is history to learn about and natural beauty spread from the sea to the mountains!

large palace building with dome on hill in distance in budapest hungary


While most people know Hungary for its popular capital city of Budapest, there is more to see in the country! Other cities like Pécs and Győr are worth checking out while a cruise of the mighty Danube River allows visitors to see more of the country’s natural side.

blue waterfall with snowy rocks around in iceland


Need a destination that mixes stunning outdoor landscapes with Nordic culture? Iceland is for you. The capital city – Reykjavik – is a charming city full of sights like Hallgrimskirkja while the northern lights and Gullfoss waterfall are things to see on the famed Golden Circle.

sunset over cliffs with blue coastal water below in ireland


Showcasing a rich history of tradition, art, and music, Ireland is an island that is just asking to be visited. The capital city Dublin is known for many different attractions while cities like Cork and Galway – and natural wonders like the Cliffs of Moher – should also be explored!

old town buildings on hillside with blue sky behind in italy


Italy is another country that needs little introduction. From the ancient capital of Rome which is loaded with attractions to the beautiful coastal walks of Cinque Terre, Italy also boasts natural beauty through lakes, the wine region of Tuscany, and the floating city of Venice.

red town hall building with church spire behind in latvia


Small but mighty, Latvia is a fascinating country sandwiched in the Baltic Region. The capital city of Riga is known for its churches and towers while the countryside around Sigulda offers visitors green landscapes to enjoy. You can also check out the beaches at the popular Jūrmala!

old town building with colourful flag on top in lithuania


Tucked in between Latvia and Poland, Lithuania is a country not usually on the radar of travellers. The capital city Vilnius is loaded with rich history and hilltop views. The town of Trakai features a castle, and Klaipėda makes for a great beach getaway on the Baltic Sea!

large church dome in old town in distance across blue water in malta


It might be a tiny country, but Malta is one of our favourites. With a neolithic history, quaint fishing villages, and seaside cliffs, Malta is packed with things to do and see. The capital city of Valletta is a colourful maze to explore while other islands like Gozo and Comino offer beach spots on sunny days.

old stone tower on hillside with old town and blue bay below in kotor montenegro


Often overlooked for nearby Croatia, Montenegro is a country that can offer travellers a lot. While the capital city of Podgorica may be small, you can discover great hiking in the north of the country. Of course, the country is known for the sun at stunning seaside towns like Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi, and Ulcinj!

tall brick houses with windows along canal bank in amsterdam

The Netherlands

There is more to the Netherlands than just windmills, wooden shoes, and tulips! The small country in Western Europe is a culture-packed destination with the capital of Amsterdam serving up a canal-infused wonderland. Of course, the coastal areas at The Hague and cities like Rotterdam should also be explored!

colourful old town buildings with spire and blue sky behind in oslo norway


Known for its incredible landscapes and beautiful culture, Norway is a traveller’s destination in all seasons. The Capital city Oslo is home to attractions like the Operahuset and Royal Palace while the western city of Bergen is known for its mountains and fjords. Don’t forget about hiking to viewpoints like Trolltunga!

two towers of old red brick church on public square in krakow poland


Poland is a country that should be explored if you are interested in history. The capital – Warsaw – is a modern city with a colourful old town and Royal Castle. The popular city of Krakow also has a stunning Royal Castle and medieval Town Square. The seaside city of Gdańsk offers visitors a different side of the country.

colourful street with shops and people in old town romania


We fell in love with Romania and definitely think it’s worth visiting. The capital city of Bucharest features the mammoth-sized Palace of Parliament – while the famed region of Transylvania offers visitors cities like Brasov, Sighisoara, and gorgeous castles like Bran and Peles!

stone castle with bridge and water surrounding in scotland


Known for the rolling natural beauty of the Highlands with many castles and lochs, Scotland is a country we have a soft spot for. We both lived in the capital – Edinburgh – with its famed Castle, Royal Mile, and Arthur’s Seat that you can climb. Other cities like Glasgow and Aberdeen offer a well-rounded sense of Scottish culture!

large fortress with towers on hillside wit blue sky and houses beside in spain


Spain is another one of those countries that need little introduction. You’ll find a vibrant culture that celebrates food and music in stunning cities like Barcelona, Bilbao in the north, and the capital, Madrid. Spain also offers visitors rich history through fortresses and seaside escapes in cities like Valencia and Málaga.

large clock tower with old town buildings and river in front in zurich switzerland


For a destination that is a great “Swiss Army Knife”, Switzerland fits the bill well. Some visitors might like the capital city of Bern and the economic centre of Zurich for great city stops. Switzerland also has a natural beauty enjoyed in the Swiss Alps, the Rhine River in Basel, and the French-speaking southern hub of Geneva.

North America

From stunning mountain ranges and pristine forests to seaside escapes and booming cities, North America is a diverse continent both geographically and culturally.

The United States, Canada, and Mexico are popular destinations. A number of fascinating island nations in the Caribbean are also waiting to be explored.

blue lake with trees and mountains in distance in canada


Eric’s home country is loaded with amazing landscapes to discover. Hike the trails near the Rocky Mountains, explore bustling Toronto, wander historic Montreal, visit mighty Niagara Falls, or grab a seafood meal in Halifax – a hub of Atlantic Canada!

red bridge with suspension cables and trees in front in san Francisco

United States

It is no wonder the United States of America is so popular – there is just so much to see and do. From exploring historic Boston to hiking the National Parks in California and catching the sun in Florida, the United States truly has something for every travel interest!