Travel Itineraries

Already know the region, country, or countries you want to explore? A detailed travel itinerary can be a great way to start planning out your exact route.

Luckily, this is what we love to do! So, we have a number of detailed itineraries that can serve as a great template for your trip planning. Our guides will give you realistic ideas of how you could discover and hop between cities within a country or region.

We also generally include travel distances and directions between places, suggest places to stay, activities and attractions to check out while visiting, and more!

Europe Travel Itineraries

If you’ve read a few articles on Penguin an Pia, you might have realized that we know quite a bit about Europe. Of course we have more to explore, but generally speaking we’ve travelled Europe pretty thoroughly.

More importantly, when it comes to how we travel, you’ll find that we travel longer routes via detailed itineraries and usually travel via train or bus. This means we see more compared to flying and it opens up so many more possibilities for experiencing a region in-depth!

Below you will find a number of detailed itineraries to help you plan trips in specific European countries like Germany, Croatia, or Spain, or through popular regions like Eastern Europe!