Europe Trip Itinerary: A Tested Europe Backpacking Trip

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Here’s a Europe Trip Itinerary To Help You Plan Your Trip!

Hey there, Waddlers – it’s Eric writing this one. Not to say that Lisa hasn’t seen lots of Europe (as a German), it’s just that I’ve travelled around the continent more!

Aside from living in the UK for a year, I’ve done 4 separate routes of varying lengths (2 weeks to 4 months) through different parts of Europe.

Eventually, I’ll write them all down as separate posts: UK and Ireland, Western/Central Europe, Winter Europe (with Lisa on our first trip together), and the Balkans.

As I type this, we’re literally travelling around Europe on what I consider my fourth itinerary. I’m typing this from Budapest – and it’s funny because it was almost 3 years ago that I visited for the first time on the trip this post is about!

That said, I like to consider myself a decent Europe route planner AND I’m humbled that a lot of my friends ask me for travel advice around the continent.

So, if your perfect Europe trip (whether it’s your first or fourth) includes classic cities like Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, and more – this is the post for you. Let’s go!

How to Plan and Book a Trip to Europe

Planning an entire trip can seem overwhelming – especially considering that trip lengths vary and travellers are always in interested in seeing different things.

I’m used to planning trips that are usually longer than 4 weeks. The current trip we’re on is indefinite – and we’ve been on the road for 10 weeks at the time of posting this.

I know there’s a need for a shorter timeline to visit Europe based on summer vacations and the time people can take off. Planning a trip to Europe for 2 weeks is pretty short but it can be done.

We’re planning on writing a second post on sample Europe itineraries that will be helpful if you’re considering a two-week trip!

Overall, whatever the Europe trip length, taking the planning process step by step makes it easier and less scary.

If you’re looking for a Europe trip planner app, then you could check out something like Personally, I plan a Europe trip using none other than a sheet of lined paper and a pencil.

Write all your trip dates on the left margin, then use a pencil to write in the cities and the days you’ll transition between them (whatever the means of transportation).

As you book the accommodations, buses, planes, etc. write them in pen. Simple – and all laid out on one sheet. But hey, I’m old school I guess. In terms of actually booking things online, here are the exact tools I use:

Booking Flights

Booking flights is easy using Google FlightsMomondo or Skyscanner. Remember, if you’re looking for cheap flights – here are a few more of our tips for finding the best deals.

Booking Hostels

Use Hostelworld. I’ve used Hostelworld for booking all my hostels over the past 5 years and couldn’t live without their streamlined checkout, protected deposits, and, most importantly, honest reviews from other backpackers that know what’s going on. Begin and end your search for hostels here.

Booking Hotels

If you need a hotel (which can occasionally be cheaper than some hostels in some countries) then use

We use for all of our hotel bookings because the deals are usually the best and the cancellation policies make potential trip changes less of a nightmare. Get started with hotels here.

Booking Transportation

Getting around by bus, ferry, tram, or train can be difficult to book but not with Rome2rio. It’s not always perfect – but for a lot of the major cities and routes you’ll be travelling it’ll know the options pretty well.

They’ll give you all the options and then forward you to the official booking website. Get started on your journey with Rome2Rio.

If you’re looking for a Europe road trip planner, then Rome2rio and/or Google Maps will be able to give you the best directions. Admittedly, I haven’t driven much in Europe so I can’t be that helpful with regard to the best routes and what driving is like.

Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling – things can go wrong. It’s better to be prepared than to have to cover a very expensive medical bill out of the country and out of your own currency.

Travel insurance, or any travel medical coverage, is something which you absolutely should have – and you’ll know why when you read about what happened in Rotterdam.

Europe Trip Itinerary – Western/Central Europe

You might be wondering how I ended up on this Euro Trip. Okay, here’s the backstory:

I have a buddy named Will from back home in Toronto. One day, in late 2014 he asks me “Hey, I’m planning on going on a Europe trip next year cause you can fly through Iceland for cheap. Do you want to go?”

So, we sat down and looked at where we wanted to go and began to piece together the itinerary. 1 city became 2, 2 became 13.

Will booked all of the transportation between cities while I was in charge of booking the hostels. We ran the decision by one another before booking but, having been friends for a few years, we knew generally what the other person would be fine with.

I’d been to Europe just once or twice before – and it was this trip that opened my eyes to the world and let me know there were people like me travelling the world as well.

Even though I was already “the traveller” in my circles, the trip took me out of my comfort zone at times.

It truly was the “quintessential Europe trip”. That’s what an adventure through 13 cities in 8 countries in 5 weeks using 4 different currencies will do to you. It changes you.

Will and I remain friends to this day, and every so often we rehash that first trip together. There are a ton of memories.

Before I dive into each city and what we saw and did, it’s important to outline what isn’t included in this Europe trip itinerary.

Just in case you know there’s a place you want to see that we didn’t. Here’s what we did not explore on this trip:

  • It did not include anything overly hot and/or close to the Mediterranean – but we love Spain, Malta, Croatia, and Italy – and write about them frequently.
  • We did not do anything in Scandinavia – this includes Denmark, Sweden, and Norway – but you can read up on the Nordic Countries and their capitals.
  • We didn’t include the United Kingdom – but I lived in Edinburgh later on that year so we know a thing or two about travelling in the UK.

This is a fairly simple run of continental Europe done relatively cheaply (except for Iceland) because we stayed in hostels almost the entire way. The exception was in Lille, where a friend gave up his bed for three nights. Incredible hospitality!

You’ll actually see a theme emerge in this post. We knew a friend in almost every single city we visited. That made getting to know the places that much cooler with a local guide!

It’s also important to note that this trip was fast-pacedWe spent 2-4 days max in each city which gave us just enough time to sample the place before leaving again.

Over 5 weeks that can get tiring. There’s absolutely no doubt about that – and one of the top tips I can give to new travellers is to slow the pace. I recognize, however, that that might not be doable on a short trip.

For Will and I, the cities themselves had different vibes – some faster and slower than others. Some cities like Vienna, Antwerp, and Rotterdam were slow going.  Cities like Prague, Budapest, and Berlin were more “go go go” with things to see and getting rowdy.

It’s all about balance. It’s important to pace yourself for whatever trip style you want to have. Your trip is your trip and everyone travels differently. Just do you and see what you want to see – and you’ll be fine.

Ready for our first stop? Here we go!

Reykjavik, Iceland

icelandic waterfall with blue sky europe trip itinerary

Iceland was an easy first stop because Icelandair had just begun flying between Canada and Europe for super cheap AND you could add on an “Iceland Stopover”.

Now, it seems everyone is going to Iceland. Nevertheless, you can read more about how to see more of Europe by booking a stopover flight through Lisbon, Reykjavik, London, and more.

If you’re planning on visiting Reykjavik, know that it’s really expensive. One of the best tips that we got was to buy your alcohol at Duty-Free before you leave the airport. This will save you some money compared to buying drinks out in Reykjavik.

This came in handy when a friend from back home invited us to her and her Icelandic boyfriend’s house party. The “Canadians” drank well that night – and I remain friends with these two to this day!

In fact, we had Ari write about his thoughts on tourism in Iceland and tips you can use for travelling to Iceland for the first time!

Things We Did in Reykjavik

We did the Golden Circle Tour which is a great way to see some of the wonders surrounding Reykjavik like geysers and waterfalls.

This is the exact Golden Circle tour we did. We’ve since written a whole guide on booking the right Golden Circle Tour for you since there are a few to choose from!

We also did a free walking tour – it’s the most famous walking tour called CityWalk. You can’t miss the signs and the ads for it!

Another famous activity we did was visit the Blue Lagoon. Honestly, it’s absolutely worth the price and the experience. The entire experience – from the wristbands to the lockers – is well laid out and enjoyable.

We booked a tour that included the transfer to the Lagoon but we didn’t get a free drink unlike with this tour I found! Check here to book your Blue Lagoon tour.

Our Hostel in Reykjavik

We stayed at KEX Hostel – a place known for its live music and as a venue where locals actually go to eat and drink. KEX had a great atmosphere and good people travelling through it.

Check now if KEX is available for your trip dates! We also wrote a whole where to stay in Reykjavik guide if that helps you!

Paris, France

eiffel tower with blue sky and green trees europe trip itinerary

Don’t get me wrong, Paris is a great city with so much to offer people looking to discover its every corner. Personally, I didn’t love Paris.

I will absolutely admit that this is partially because we had just come from pristine and quiet Iceland.

Compared to that, Paris was just a clusterf*ck of people and car horns and it really threw me off mentally. We had a friend in the city so it was great to have him around as a tour guide.

Things We Did in Paris

We visited the Catacombs which I would highly recommend. The bones of 6 million people underground is something to be experienced.

You need a ticket for it but we got a deal on some website the day of – Will booked it.

We still had to wait in the ridiculous lineup for over 40 minutes but it was worth it. If you want to skip the line – be smarter than us and book this kind of ticket for the Catacombs.

You will not regret the extra cash paid. It’s very creepy and interesting to learn about the dark past of Paris.

We visited Notre Dame and visited the Eiffel Tower – but didn’t go up. I’m always a sucker for a view so I wish we had climbed the Arc de Triomphe but we didn’t have time.

Here’s another line skip admission ticket that would have been handy at the time.

Our Hostel in Paris

As for our hostel, I really liked where we stayed. Le Village Montmartre is north and a bit outside the centre but it was a really nice place to crash for a few nights.

The patio was a nice touch to be able to get some air while in the big city. Check out the photos of Le Village Montmartre!

Lille, France

Lille is a small student city in the north of France right on the Belgian border. We only stopped through because an old friend of Will’s said to. He then gave up his bed for the whole time we stayed there. What a guy!

We also thought it might be a quieter city…. but if you know how strong Belgian beer is (and how close you are to the Belgium border but still be in France), you’ll know that we didn’t get a chance to rest staying with these boys.

Will and I did get the chance to walk about many times and take in the differences between Lille and Paris.

Hostels in Lille

You could skip Lille and not miss much – but it is kinda on the way to Belgium so it can be done. Another alternative from Paris is to hop into Belgium right away since there are places like Ghent or Bruges that people always rave about.

If you are staying in Lille, there’s one really good hostel called Gastama. You can check out the link for Hostel Gastama here.

Brussels, Belgium

brussels building with flag europe trip itinerary

Brussels. It should first be stated that we ended up in Brussels during (totally on accident but absolutely okay with it) Pride Weekend. The city was absolutely wild. Like most places, we started off with a walking tour.

You’ll find that we did a walking tour in most of the cities we visited because it is a great way to meet people in your hostel and to see the city you’ve just arrived in!

Things We Did in Brussels

Brussels was full of doing the most classic of things. Yes we saw the famous MannekenPis, yes we visited Delirium Cafe (the bar with over 3000 beers on tap), yes we then also went to the absinthe bar across from it, and no, we did not hallucinate from the absinthe.

It’s just a strong shot – but fun to do! Looking back, Belgian beer has a distinct history and I would have liked to learn more so here’s a well-ranked beer tour and tasting if you’re interested!

Our Hostel in Brussels

We stayed at 2GO4 Hostel and it was pretty nice. We actually ended up in a four-person room with two other Canadian girls so we called it the Canadian room.

Located very central, I’d recommend 2GO4 if you’re staying in Brussels.

Antwerp, Belgium

colourful flags on large old building in antwerp belgium with statue in front.

Antwerp is forever defined by the gloomy weather and a low-energy vibe from Will and myself after Brussels. The city is beautiful, but it’s another place you can skip if you’re short on time.

For those readers interested, Belgium has three official languages: French, Dutch, and German.

Antwerp is close to the Netherlands and as such, the language is Dutch, whereas Brussels was primarily French-speaking. The architecture is stunning, the river makes for great walks, and let’s not forget about Belgium being the home of French Fries.

That said, we know a lot of travellers that opted to go to Ghent or Bruges instead. Others headed right into the Netherlands.

The thing is that you kind of have to go through Antwerp to head to the Netherlands so you may as well stop to see it!

Coming from Brussels you can also head for Germany early but most travellers will want to hit up Amsterdam because it’s Amsterdam and what Europe Trip is complete without Amsterdam?

Our Hostel in Antwerp

We stayed at Antwerp Backpackers Hostel (abhostel) for a few nights and to this day I want to go back. Located in what felt like a residential area, the owner was very nice and welcomes new guests personally.

There was a hammock in the backyard and the place was very social as it was small and the kitchen and living room are tied together. Had a good jam session in there one night! Stay at abhostel, you won’t regret it.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is nice to make a pit stop in if you have the time. I’ll be honest, the only reason we stopped in Rotterdam was that one of Will and I’s favourite artist, an Icelandic woman named Soley, was playing.

We decided to make the stop to see the show – which didn’t disappoint. Rotterdam is a smaller city and we know travellers who skipped it and replaced it with a city/town in the Netherlands like Eindhoven, Leiden, Utrecht, Maastricht or just headed for Amsterdam because they got so excited.

Things We Did in Rotterdam

Besides going to the show and eating a really good burger at a place that boasted the best burger in Europe, we didn’t do a whole lot in Rotterdam.

This was because I came down with strep throat – and I got a great fever and chills to go along with it.

Because there wasn’t a doctor’s office around I actually went to the hospital for a check-up. Yup, there I was in a Dutch hospital emergency room.

In the end, everything was fine and I was better in a few days but it was good to go and get a few tests done to make sure it wasn’t something more serious.

The bill, however, was over 400 euro which I paid upfront. Remember how I said travel insurance is super important?

Well, I got all of that money back after filing the claim when I got home. Easy peasy.

Our Hostel in Rotterdam

In any case, we stayed at King Kong Hostel which was one of the top rated hostels in Europe. It’s a larger hostel and I was sick so we didn’t get a chance to really meet a ton of travellers or use the facilities to their full potential.

That said, King Kong was a great stay and centrally located – check out King Kong Hostel in Rotterdam for your next trip.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m not going to go into Amsterdam too heavily because there’s just so much to say about the city.

Considering there is so much to do for all different interests (architecture, canals, red light erotica, history, bicycling, drugs etc.) Amsterdam is a city that appeals to lots of travellers and welcomes newer travellers to try it out.

I’m not into the whole weed thing (if you are that’s totally cool, too – just be safe and take care of your friends) so Amsterdam for me wasn’t about that – but I do like beer and so having the Heineken Experience close by was a major plus!

Things We Did in Amsterdam

With such a huge traveller community there’s no shortage of things to do and hostels to stay at. As for things to do, Will and I ended up buying tickets for the Anne Frank House (we are World War II buffs) that got us a line skip. Best decision ever – just like in Paris.

The Anne Frank House line up looked absolutely terrifying. Will bought our tickets online (I believe from the website) but it’s difficult if you don’t book in advance. Buy this ticket or else you will end up in a lineup that lasts the better part of your day.

Alternatively, there’s a walking tour that’s Anne Frank themed if you can’t get into the House. To be honest, the Anne Frank House Museum was good – but there were so many people which made it difficult to really immerse ourselves in the experience.

I almost feel like a walking tour of the neighbourhood around would have been more beneficial to connect the dots to her life and her narrative. I’d check out the Anne Frank Walking Tour and make the decision for yourself.

As mentioned, Amsterdam is the home of Heineken and so you can visit the factory/museum. They do a great job of really making it an experience (kind of like the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin does). Since it’s so popular, consider booking the Heineken Experience ahead.

Our Hostel in Amsterdam

We ended up staying at the Flying Pig – Uptown location. There’s also a downtown location which lots of people stay at. Flying Pig is a decently known brand around the city.

Uptown was a bit of a further walk from the train station and the centre but still very close to things and a tad quieter of an area.

The hostel itself has a great bar to meet up in for activities and pub crawls. If you’re looking for fun people in a chilled atmosphere, I’d recommend Flying Pig Uptown to anyone passing through.

Cologne, Germany

cologne cathedral and river with bridge europe trip itinerary

If you’re including Germany on your Europe trip itinerary, then you might pass over Cologne for Berlin or Munich. We did all three, so we got a good sense of three of the largest centres in Germany!

Again, we kind of only stopped there because Will had a buddy (Pomo) DJing there while we were travelling! We went to his show and went out with him and a few others afterward. Good fun.

Without Pomo, there’s a chance we wouldn’t have stopped to see Cologne. It’s a beautiful city with a very large famous Cathedral. If you’re wanting to see more of Germany you could add on Hamburg on-route to Berlin but it’s quite a ways north.

You could even consider stopping in Münster since it’s a small university town with a beautiful old town.

Things We Did in Cologne

One of the things that define the city is the river, the Rhine, which is one of the famous rivers in Germany and in all of Europe.

Since there’s such a connection to the river, you should consider a scenic boat tour of the Rhine to see the best sides of Cologne. I sure wish we had!

Our Hostel in Cologne

As for hostel, we stayed pretty central at the bottom of the pedestrian mall – the place was called Cologne Downtown Hostel and it served our needs perfectly.

There was a big kitchen and a grocery store right below it so Will and I saved money on food by cooking a night or two. It also has a terrace which was great for enjoying a beer in the summer. Check out Cologne Downton Hostel.

Berlin, Germany

street art in berlin wall europe trip itinerary

I actually lied earlier when I said we only stayed in cities for 2-4 days. We stayed in Berlin for 5.

Will lives in Montreal and we’d heard Berlin was an “alternative city” with a similar feel. Therefore, we wanted to spend just slightly more time there to see what Berlin had to offer.

We also used the stop as a rest period that was kind of in the middle of our adventure. From pub crawls to exploring history to naps – we made use of our Berlin time! I mentioned being interested in World War II (Will is a history major) so Berlin had A LOT to offer.

Things We Did in Berlin

Before weWe began our time in Berlin with a walking tour by Sandemans. Honestly, mainly because of how good the guide was, it was one of the best walking tours I’ve ever been on.

We hopped on it from our hostel lobby (which I talk about below) and it left from near the Brandenburg Gate (most of them do).

Another really interesting thing we did was visit the Reichstag, or the German Parliament Building and check out the famous “Dome”. The beautiful glass architecture and audio guide were well worth the money and the small security check to get in wasn’t that bad either.

Since there are set times to visit I suggest booking in advance. You can do this by checking out the same ticket we booked here. We also now have a more detailed guide on the top attractions in Berlin!

Our Hostel in Berlin

We stayed at Plus Berlin – which is a HUGE hostel for travellers. It’s located very close to the East Side Gallery – a portion of the Berlin Wall that is still standing and covered in artwork.

There’s a great schnitzel place under the train tracks near the hostel called Scheers which you have to try.

Overall, the dorm room at Plus Berlin served its purpose for a few nights. This is where we met “the American Boys” and I’ll tell you the whole story about them and their antics down below.

For now, book at stay at Plus Berlin to be close to the clubs and East Side Gallery.

Prague, Czech Republic

guy standing up against graffiti wall in prague on europe trip itinerary

After Berlin, a vast majority of travellers you’ll meet on their Europe routes are heading to Prague. Understandably so. The train/bus connection is well laid-out and very simple.

The city is not to be missed – even if you only spend one day in Prague.

It’s a gorgeous city that has lots to offer travellers from beer to history to nature to beer to castles to beer. The Czech Republic is known for its beer.

Things We Did in Prague

With the Vltava River running right through, one of the first things we did after getting off the bus at Florenc was a boat cruise.

We actually went with the hostel we stayed at – The MadHouse – and I’ll talk about Hostels in Prague down below because we’ve written a whole post on the best hostels to stay at in Prague.

Back to cruises – we did a great night cruise but if you wanted to do a cruise that included a nice dinner, this Prague cruise would be the one for you.

We did all the classic things from visiting the John Lennon Wall, wandering the Old Town, hiking up to Prague Castle, and even renting a paddle boat and taking it out on the river.

We visited the beer gardens and generally did great activities organized by the hostel. Prague is a great stop because it’s another place that everyone needs to see.

You could also take a day trip to Český Krumlov, which is beautiful. We didn’t go on that trip, but we know many people who did. We’ve since written a massive guide on things to do in Prague so if you want inspiration check that out!

Our Hostel in Prague

As for places to stay in Prague, I mentioned the hostel post above for all types of travellers but we’ve also written about hotels in Prague as well.

If you are looking to meet people, and drink while doing cool activities for good prices/discounts, then I’d honestly suggest booking a stay at the MadHouse Prague.

You will not regret the free beer with check-in at the number one rated hostel in the Czech Republic. Be sure to book early because they DO fill up in the summer!

Budapest, Hungary

hungarian parliament europe trip itinerary

For many backpackers, Budapest is the furthest they will travel into Eastern Europe. Budapest is certainly a fun international city with lots to offer.

From the famous thermal baths to the ruin bars, you’re sure to find classic Budapest activities that suit your travel needs.

Here at Penguin and Pia, we’ve visited Budapest together (a few times now) since writing this post. So, if you want even more Budapest tips – check out our post on things to do in Budapest and then itinerary posts for one day in Budapest or what to do in Budapest in 3 days!

Planning More Europe Travels?- Here’s a Fully Customizable Eastern Europe Itinerary

Things We Did in Budapest

Like in Prague, Will and I did a walking tour and also almost immediately did a harbour tour which was basically a party boat.

The Danube River cuts through Budapest (and many other Eastern European capitals, for that matter) so it’s a great idea to see the city from the water. If you’re looking for a sightseeing cruise, then here’s a Danube Sightseeing cruise which should suit your needs!

Budapest is known to have an extensive cave system that runs below the city. So, Will and I actually went caving – or “spelunking” as it’s called – with a cave guide and a group of like 20 people.

We went underground in overalls with helmet lights and crawled through tunnels under the earth. It was awesome! The tour we did was WELL worth the money for the experience!

As for Hungarian food, I’m Canadian/Hungarian so I know a thing or two about what’s good and what’s not thanks to my Mama (grandma). For great traditional goulash, head to Kiadó Kocsma – you won’t be disappointed.

If you need more information about awesome food in Budapest, check out our other post on the best places to eat in Budapest. For great cafes in the city, check out our favourite cafes in Budapest!

Our Hostel in Budapest

As for hostels, there are many in Budapest. Will and I stayed at Carpe Noctem Vitae which is one of the four “Budapest Party Hostels” – a group of the most notorious party hostels in the city (and in Europe). It has since been rebranded to just Vitae Hostel.

We WERE originally staying at Retox thinking we’d be able to survive. But then, and I swear this is true, backpackers we made friends with in every city before Budapest were like “oh god, don’t do it.

It’s not for you. You party – but Retox is next level”. So, we booked Carpe Noctem Vitae instead and we’re glad we did. Vitae was such a fun stay.

We got to visit Retox at the beginning of a pub crawl and the place was great – but definitely a different vibe. As I said, there are 4 “Budapest Party Hostels” (Grandio and just Carpe Noctem being the other two) and all of them hold events and activities with the other ones.

Vitae was a fun experience but they emphasize coming home and sleeping so that you (and everyone else) can do it all again tomorrow. Fair mentality!

Book a stay at Carpe Noctem Vitae for a crazy time with good people. Alternatively, if you want to understand the best areas to stay in Budapest, you can read our guide on the Budapest neighbourhoods.

Vienna, Austria

statue in bright square vienna europe trip itinerary

I recently read that Vienna was still an “underrated” destination in Europe – I honestly can’t see why. I suppose it’s a little more expensive but overall, the city was voted the most livable by numerous rankings.

Austria as a country is great and there are many other places to visit (Salzburg and Innsbruck, for example) which can be done on your way to Italy, Switzerland, Spain, etc. We actually know a group of travellers that headed for Salzburg and had a great time.

Funny story – remember those “American Boys” from Berlin? We shared a room but didn’t really connect in Berlin. Well, we walk into the hostel in Vienna and there they were calling out to us. We by accident stayed at the same hostel again!

We officially became friends with these guys in Vienna and saw them one last time in Munich. We didn’t stay in the same hostel – but we went to theirs for drinks. Good guys – and we wish them well!

Things We Did in Vienna

Like in every other city, we did the free walking tour from the hostel to understand the area. We then went off on our own and visited the cathedral.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is absolutely gorgeous and we got to see the entire building. For a Cathedral ticket to explore the towers and the catacombs as well, choose this one!

You absolutely have to go and eat Viennese-style schnitzel at Figlmüller. There are two locations located behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral. You will leave very full and very satisfied. It’s worth the wait and the price isn’t even that crazy.

Will and I went there in 2015 and I liked it so much I took Lisa there when we visited in 2017. Oh, and for dessert you have to have the Kaiserschmarrn. Just do it.

Don’t even look up the ratings. Just trust me and go. We have also written a better guide on things to do in Vienna if you want to check that out.

Our Hostel in Vienna

As for the hostel where we saw the boys again – it was Wombats Naschmarkt. We tend to stay away from chain brands but Wombats was a nice stay.

There are actually two in Vienna and the one we stayed at was a bit of a walk from the bus/train station but a great location close to the famous market.

It was actually under renovations at the time but it was still a good stay. Book your stay at Wombat’s in Vienna!

You might also be interested in reading our full guide to accommodation and neighborhoods in Vienna!

Munich, Germany

building with red roofs in munich germany

Munich. The last stop on our trip. There’s not much to say about Munich besides the fact that we were exhausted. It had been a blast of a few weeks and it was time to get home.

That said, we still did a lot. We had friends in the city who cooked us up a traditional Bavarian breakfast which was great to experience.

Things We Did in Munich

Besides a walking tour (classic), we went and had beers with the Americans at Hofbräuhaus. It’s a world-famous beer hall that’s been around for ages.

Besides the beer, tourist flock there because, yes – Hitler did hold a meeting there but this was well before he came to power. Still interesting to learn about the history.

A lot of travellers use the opportunity in the south of Germany to visit the famous Neuschwanstein castle. Will and I didn’t go but here’s a day trip tour to Neuschwanstein Castle to make it easy on yourself getting there!

One of the things Will and I did do was visit the Dachau Concentration Camp located just outside of Munich. It was the first one and served as a model for the other camps. I’d definitely recommend the trip out there because it’s an important place in history.

We took public transit there because the route was easy and many others were travelling there, too. I’d recommend taking a tour while you’re there so that you can learn more about Dachau from the experienced guides.

Our Hostel in Munich

We stayed at Meininger Munich which was a decent brand hostel. It is located very close to a rail station just outside the absolute centre of Munich so it made getting places easy.

It’s also located across the street from Augustiner Bräustuben – a German beer hall where you can have a dinner of just bread and meat and it’s so delicious! Click here to book Meininger Munich.

And there you have it – the tale of our Europe Trip from once upon a time. Looking back years later and having travelled to WAY more of Europe now, I’m so glad I did this trip.

Experiencing the city centres was a great way to see as many places as we could and I’ve since taken that information and made trips in recent years that reflect my taste and interests.

Travel is about learning about yourself – and you can learn a lot travelling with a buddy for five weeks. I hope it’s a helpful sample itinerary for you as you set out on your next adventure.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. I’m happy to share my knowledge! After all, it’s years later and I’m literally sitting in an Airbnb typing this as I travel around Europe with Lisa. We practice what we preach!

Be sure to have a cold one for me when you’re out there. As always, Happy Euro Trip Waddlin’,
– E + L

Booking Your Trip Soon? This Is How We Do It:
  • Compare flights on Skyscanner
  • Check for Hotel Deals or Book A Hostel
  • Get A Rental Car (depending on the destination)
  • Research plug types and possibly get a travel adapter
  • Go over our packing list
  • Pin it for later!

    Europe Itinerary for first time visitors