6 of the Best Cafes in Budapest That You Must Try

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Here are Some of the Best Cafes in Budapest, Hungary!

Let’s cut right t the chase here – getting a coffee/tea/drink in Budapest is a necessary part of the day. This is because the city is packed full of things to do and see and you will inevitably need a break. That’s why it’s great that there are many Budapest coffee shops and cafes to choose from!

We’ve wandered Budapest a few times now over the years and love the city each time we go. We also love our coffee and we love a cafe so we do our best to scout out places to go! From one of the oldest cafes in Budapest to the ones with the best breakfast in Budapest, you’ll find cafes that are super central as well as ones that are a bit further – but still worth it!

So, if you’re looking for some of the best cafes in Budapest, ditch TripAdvisor and come along with us. We even made a handy cafe map to help you. P.S. If you need more help exploring Budapest, you might find these other Budapest posts helpful for trip planning:

Budapest Cafe Map

If you are a visual learner and are just getting used to the layout of Budapest, we’ve created a map of the featured cafes. This will help you get a sense of direction and a general idea of where the places are in relation to where you are staying!

Obviously, there are MANY more cafes dotted across the city. This is just a handful of our favourites/recommended ones. The burgundy coffee mugs are the cafes we like. The green coffee mug is one location we would avoid (read why below).

Before we dive in, we do want to mention one coffee chain called California Coffee Company that doesn’t count to the total in this post. There are a few locations all around the city. It’s okay for a simple tea or coffee and a sit down to rest your legs, but we wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.

Here’s the main concern: There is one location right beside St. Stephen’s Basilica (noted on the map) and we made the mistake of getting a quick snack there. We had actually visited different location the day before and had a relatively good experience. However, the bagel and cake we had at this location must have been there from the day before since they were really hard. You might know that we are humble travellers and NOT big complainers but wow was the food terrible that day.

Thinking back, it makes sense. This location gets so many tourists that frankly they probably aren’t overly concerned if the wraps, bagels, cakes, etc aren’t fresh. People will still buy them. Not a great experience overall at this location – but live and learn, right?

We’re not saying boycott CCC but just wanted to give a quick heads up for those of you heading to Budapest for the first time! Use your judgement! That said, there are many great cafes so you really have no need for a chain. These are some of our favourites or most-recommended.

Madal Cafe

coffee and glasses on wood platters best cafes in budapest
We had a fancier, flavoured coffee and it was really good. A nice change form the usual order.

One morning, we walked from our Airbnb in the North part of the city into the center and decided that we needed a coffee. So we ended up at Madal Cafe. After doing the research to provide you with the address to make it easy for you, we realized that there are actually three locations scattered around the city. We went to the one close to the Astoria metro stop.

Madal was great. It’s located in a very central part of the city, but enough out of the touristy centre that it feels a little more natural. The cafe is opposite to the University library so it was very popular among students, but there were also lots of other people catching up over good coffee.

They offer fancy filter coffees if you want to try infused coffees. It was good, but Lisa has to admit that sometimes she prefers a standard black coffee. We also had banana bread which was really tasty! The cafe itself is quite large – there is seating on two floors, but depending on the time of day it can get very busy with students. We enjoyed the vibe (lots of people studying, some just chatting with their friends) – so if you’re looking for a good place for a coffee we would definitely recommend Madal.

Address: Ferenciek tere 3 (Three locations across the city – we went to this one)

My Little Melbourne Coffee

two lattes on wooden table best cafe in budapest
The drinks were great and the presentation was as awesome!

We went here to get a drink as we were ben in the area and had heard that it was supposed to be good. We got our standard orders – which for Lisa means a Cappuccino and for Eric a Flat White. They also had really good looking cakes in the window – one of them being a chocolate cake (Lisa remembers because she really wanted a slice). But since we’ve just had lunch and were still quite full we didn’t get any – we’ll try that when we return.

We had gone out for a few hours with the intention of getting some work done if we found a coffee shop so we did have our laptops with us. Because there were other people working there as well, we figured it was fine and we actually wrote a blog post while we were there!

That said, the cafe is quite small so you might need a little bit of luck to get an open table depending on the time of day. We were there in the early afternoon and didn’t have any problems. Also, the coffee was great. You can visit their website to learn more.

Address: Madách Imre út 3

Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy is one of these shops that we had scouted out on through Google and various reviews. We found it again and again on list after list that this was one of the top cafes in Budapest. So, if you are in the area, stop by to check it out! The interior is very much our style: bright, wooden, kind of minimal, and a place where people can get some work doe if they want. If you want to check them out – head to their website!

Address: Arany János u. 15, 1051 Budapest


Located on the corner near My Little Melbourne, Konyha is actually a full on restaurant. They also have a patio area out front and this is where we sat to enjoy the summer weather.

We sat there for awhile to enjoy our coffee and latte since we had has a stressful morning (running errands in Budapest, no joke). During that time, people around us ordered lots of different food items. To be honest, the food looked REALLY good so if you go have a glance at the menu if you are looking for more than just coffee!

If you want to check out the menu for brunch or other eats beforehand you can head to their Facebook page.

Address: Madách Imre út 8, 1075 Budapest

Café Gerbeaud

coffee and striped cake on marble table best cafes in budapest
A slice of dobos and a coffee – perfect day in Budapest.

If you are feeling like a little splurge and you’re close to the main attractions, head to Café Gerbeaud for an authentic Hungarian experience. The cafe/restaurant/family name’s history is rooted in well over a century of back story. All you need to know is that it’s a great place to enjoy a dessert, drink, or a coffee!

We went for the Dobos Torte – the traditional Hungarian layered cake. Eric has Hungarian heritage so dobos is something he has had many times at home in Canada! On this day, the dobos did not disappoint.  Café Gerbeaud is definitely on the pricier side but the experience is great, the desserts and drinks were excellent and the location on the square is awesome. So overall it is worth the price once in awhile! You can check out their website to learn about the long history of the location.

Address: Vörösmarty tér 7-8

The Goat Herder – Espresso Bar

The Goat Herder is definitely more “out of the way” compared to the rest but still worth the mention! We had an Airbnb up in Elizabeth town (Erzsébetváros) and we walked by this tiny espresso bar multiple times a day. The little chalkboard outside tells you about the drinks and the food they have going on that day.

Inside, you’ll find a coffee bar that does fresh juices, good hot drinks, breakfast, and even a light, fresh lunch menu. It’s worth mentioning again that the shop itself is tiny so you might not find seating for more than two people. But, if you are in Budapest and you find yourself up near Keleti Train Station, head to the Goat Herder! Check out their website to have a closer look!

Address:  István u. 5, 1078 Hungary

And there you have it – 6 of the best cafes in all of Budapest. What do you think? Have you been to any of these? There is no doubt that the capital city is loaded with other great cafes – and more pop up each month. It’s getting hard to keep track. So, we intend on growing and changing this post as we go!

As always, Happy Budapest Cafe Waddlin’!

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