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Penguin and Pia is a travel website with a focus on Europe and North America. Since we are originally from Canada and Germany these countries get a little extra love. We’ll help you plan your trip with city guides, packing lists, itineraries, and more!

orange rooftops of medieval old town in germany with blue sky.
Clock tower with other parliament buildings with green trees in foreground in ottawa canada


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blue lake with trees and mountains in distance in canada.


old town passau germany with churches in background and bridge over danube river in foreground.


large fortress with towers on hillside with blue sky and green trees in foreground.


orange rooftops of seaside village from above in hvar croatia with blue ocean in background.


view of sandstone buildings of old town in distance from across blue water in Malta.


blue waterfall with spray and snowy rocks around in iceland.


tall yellow clock tower with ferris wheel behind and other buildings next to it in london england.


stone castle with stone bridge and water surrounding it in Scotland.


man and woman posing for photo with blue sea and blue sky in background.

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Hey, nice to meet you! We’re Eric and Lisa.

We’re a Canadian (Eric) and a German (Lisa) who accidentally met while on the road. We’ve travelled abroad, studied abroad, and lived abroad in various European countries. Let us share our knowledge with you so you can easily plan your own experiences!

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