Where to Stay in Victoria, BC (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Victoria, BC? Here Are Some Tips From A Canadian!

Exploring Victoria – the capital of British Columbia – is always a great choice. However, deciding on the best place to stay in Victoria for you can be difficult because there are lots of nice Victoria accommodation options in great areas!

This is where we come in. Living in Canada (and being Canadian) allows us to explore the West Coast with ease. And we spent our last trip exploring Victoria from top to bottom with the help of a Victoria local. What a great seaside city!

We stayed at the Oswego Hotel and really liked it. It was in a quiet area of James Bay but we could still easily walk back to downtown and the harbour!

That said, there are many other hotels in Victoria (including lots of downtown Victoria hotels) and other accommodations to choose from.

This detailed guide dives into accommodations in Victoria by type and budget, and then covers the best Victoria neighbourhoods to stay in with accommodation examples in each. Let’s find the best area to stay in Victoria BC for you!

Friendly Disclosure: We paid for the accommodation we stayed at ourselves and were not asked to include it in this article.

Accommodations By Type

front entrance to oswego hotel in victoria bc with parking garage entrance to the right.
The Oswego Hotel was a great place to stay!

Victoria is a unique city to visit: it gets those coming from the mainland in Vancouver, it gets cruise ship visitors, business travellers staying for a little longer, Americans coming up from the States, and more.

To cater to the many different types of travellers and their distinct purposes, there are different types of accommodation scattered around the city. While hotels in Victoria are popular, there are other accommodation types to consider!

“Inn” is sometimes used in the names of popular hotels and even some B&Bs. Focus on what the accommodation offers you – that’s more important than assuming something about a property based on its name!

This article is divided into two sections: the first part in the top outlines Victoria accommodations by type, while the second half takes you through some of the top areas to stay in.

This means that if you know what type of accommodation you want (e.g. hotel, B&B, etc.) you can quickly find it below.

If you want to know more about the neighbourhoods in Victoria and what each one offers you as a visitor (like Downtown Victoria), you can find all that information later in this post!

Hotels in Victoria, BC

One of the most – if not the most – popular accommodation option in Victoria is hotels. Choosing a hotel in Victoria can be a little tricky because there are so many – each with a unique flavour to suit a different type of traveller.

For example, there are some classic hotels with simple rooms in good locations. There are also some budget hotels, some luxury hotels, and many suite-style hotels where you’ll find a kitchenette or full kitchen in the room for a longer stay!

In terms of location, the vast majority of hotels are located in two areas (Downtown Victoria and James Bay). Choosing a hotel in either of these areas means you’re never too far from things to do and see, places to eat, the lovely harbour, and much more!

Get started searching for hotels in Victoria BC here.

That said, a Downtown Victoria hotel (especially one with a water view) can be more expensive than one tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood. Both are good – you just have to decide what is more important to you and your budget.

To get you started, here are some popular hotels in Victoria, BC that offer a great balance of location, price and amenities:

Popular Victoria, BC Hotels

  • Oswego Hotel – An upscale yet cozy hotel with amenities in peaceful James Bay (very close to downtown)
  • Embassy Inn – A clean, classic hotel with breakfast & parking steps from downtown in James Bay
  • James Bay Inn Hotel, Suites & Cottage – A simple, vintage hotel with a restaurant/pub in James Bay
  • Helm’s Inn – A simple, functional suite hotel located between downtown and James Bay
  • Hotel Rialto – A simple, upscale hotel in the north end of downtown Victoria
  • Hotel Grand Pacific – A classic large hotel with amenities (pool) and views overlooking Inner Harbour and downtown

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Victoria

Because many of the hotels in Victoria are located in two sought-after areas (Downtown and James Bay), they can be on the pricey side.

This is why there has been a need for cheap lodging in Victoria. Fortunately, there are some cheap hotels in Victoria, BC. Many are located downtown or just north of downtown on Douglas Street (Trans Canada Highway 1) as you head north out of town.

Keep in mind that the word “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean that the hotels are bad compared to others. Often, cheaper hotels are just simpler and/or have fewer frills and amenities than comparable hotels. Of course, the location also affects prices.

If you are wondering where to stay in Victoria for cheap, check out these options for a budget hotel:

Boutique Hotels in Victoria

If you’re heading to Victoria and hoping to find a boutique hotel with a bit of character, you’ll have just a handful of options to choose from.

Many of the hotels – similar to Halifax if we’re being honest – are a bit more traditional and dated. They are still lovely and many are nice places to stay – but to call them boutique would be a stretch.

Truthfully, there aren’t a ton of Victoria boutique hotels to choose from. However, there are some cool places to stay in Victoria that would offer a more unique experience.

So, here are a few accommodations (not your typical hotel) that are unique places to stay in Victoria, BC. One is a historic hotel, one is a colourful hotel, and one is a floating boat B&B:

Luxury Hotels in Victoria

grand red brick hotel in victoria bc with canadian flag above with two people walking on sidewalk in foreground.
The Fairmont Empress stands proudly overlooking the Inner Harbour!

One type of hotel/accommodation that Victoria has a few of are luxury hotels. If you are looking for a Victoria, BC hotel that offers a 5-star experience, then you are in luck!

From stunning views of the Inner Harbour to spa amenities, tea rooms, and pools overlooking the ocean, luxury hotels in Victoria know how to pamper their guests.

These Victoria luxury hotels below are all 5-star accommodations. You can find them scattered across some really nice areas of the city, some right downtown.

  • The Magnolia Hotel & Spa – A classy, elegant hotel with an onsite spa located right in downtown Victoria (Our Pick)
  • Fairmont Empress Hotel – A classic, historic hotel with a traditional high tea experience overlooking the Inner Harbour right downtown
  • Abigail’s HotelA luxurious, historic hotel in Fairfield very close to downtown
  • Oak Bay Beach Hotel – A stunning seaside hotel with seaside mineral pools in South Oak Bay (10-15 minutes drive from downtown)

Bed and Breakfasts in Victoria

If you don’t want a Victoria BC hotel, another very popular accommodation option would be to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in Victoria.

In fact, there are many bed and breakfasts to choose from in Victoria. Considering that the downtown area isn’t huge, the rest of the city (especially James Bay, Fairfield, and Rockland) is very nature-oriented.

These sprawling green neighbourhoods, nestled between green park spaces and the rugged coastline, are dotted with historic houses. It’s these historic houses that often make the best B&Bs due to their quieter, more relaxed, and cozy settings.

Check here for Bed and Breakfasts in Victoria, BC.

The nice thing about some of Victoria’s bed and breakfasts is that they are located within walking distance of downtown, the harbour, or other attractions. You can have a peaceful stay and still be close to the “heart of the action” in Victoria.

Whichever you choose, many of these accommodations offer breakfast in the morning to get you up and out the door to explore. We’ve included a selection of Victoria B&Bs to get you started:

Apartments/Suites in Victoria

small kitchenette area with fridge microwave and dishwasher with brown wooden cupboards.
Our kitchen amenities in the Oswego (toaster not seen) – more than enough for a longer stay.

If you are looking to stay a little longer in Victoria, are travelling with kids, or just want your own home base for a few days, you might be looking for an apartment or condo.

To be honest, affordable/available housing is a big issue in Victoria (and many other parts of Canada). So, while you might find a few rental apartments, we’d highly suggest that those looking for an apartment opt for a suite-style hotel in Victoria.

There are many, many suite-style hotels in downtown Victoria and in other parts of the city – like in James Bay (next to downtown).

With kitchenettes or full kitchens, these types of suite-style rooms allow you to cook and have more than enough space to spread out for a few days.

Another perk of booking one of these hotels is that you will benefit from having a reception area in case you have any questions and some have other amenities such as an onsite bar, parking, etc.

Below are a few nice hotels that offer suite-style rooms in great locations (we stayed at the Oswego during our last stay):

Resorts in Victoria, BC

large delta resort hotel overlooking waterfront at victoria harbour with grey sky above.
The Delta – seen from downtown – standing on the other side of Inner Harbour!

If you are looking for a resort-style stay, there are very few resorts in Victoria to choose from.

Resorts often offer a “one-stop shop” for accommodation with a room, bar and onsite restaurant(s), pool, gym, outdoor space, etc.

Victoria resorts often lean on their proximity to the water which makes for a memorable setting. Here are some resort-type accommodations in or near Victoria:

Hostels in Victoria

Once again, Victoria is a hotel-heavy city so there are not too many budget accommodations for backpackers.

However, there is one well-rated hostel in Victoria and that is the Ocean Island Inn. Located downtown, it’s got shared kitchen facilities, laundry, lots of useful information for travellers and even paid parking.

We met a guy staying there while on our whale-watching tour and he really liked it.

Accommodations By Neighbourhood

man with sunglasses walking along wooden boardwalk with harbour beside.
We really liked James Bay because of the tranquil harbour boardwalk!

Having covered the different types of accommodations Victoria has to offer, we can now dive into some of the best areas to stay in Victoria, BC.

In this section, we’ll introduce each area/neighbourhood, tell you about what a visitor might find there, and share some top accommodation options in each one.

Victoria Land Acknowledgement: Victoria is located on the unceded territory of the Songhees and Esquimalt People. Indigenous tourism can help visitors learn about Indigenous culture – past and present.

When it comes to neighbourhoods in Victoria for overnight stays, only a handful are really suitable for a visitor/tourists. You can find them below.

That’s not to say that the other neighbourhoods are bad – more so that only a handful of areas (downtown or in proximity to downtown) are packed with the best amenities and places to stay.

Also, if you’re a visitor looking to explore Victoria, the downtown area that would interest you isn’t that big.

We walked around and were able to cover a lot of ground: from Chinatown downtown to Ogden Point in James Bay, along Dallas Road to Fairfield and more. Public transit (buses) are available, but we didn’t need them!

To get started looking into the recommended Victoria areas we list below, use the box to find our top accommodation pick for each. When we visit again, we’d stay in any of them!

Top Victoria Accommodations By Area

Note About Safety: Generally, Victoria is a safe city to visit. Especially if you are a visitor and stick to very central areas, there’s little cause for concern. We walked the harbourfront in the evening and it was still alive with all sorts of people.

There are some areas of downtown that can feel a little rougher – but they aren’t necessarily dangerous. Like in any city you visit, use your judgement and ask your accommodation if you are unsure.

Downtown Victoria – For Shopping & Attractions

shot of downtown victoria bc with buildings behind and boats in harbour in front.
Looking up Government Street from across the Inner Harbour!

For the most centrally-located area of Victoria, a stay downtown would do just fine. With the beautiful Inner Harbour to one side, James Bay to the south, and some residential areas to the north and west, Downtown is one of the places to be!

The downtown core is a place where the historic architecture meets the new and trendy. You’ll find plenty of top restaurants, bars, breweries, and cafes, as well as lots of shopping – both chain and local shops – along Government Street.

Check here for Hotels in Downtown Victoria.

Of course, a highlight of downtown is walking along Inner Harbour. Here you can find the Visitor Information Centre and the docks from which some of the tour and water taxis depart. Conveniently, Victoria Harbour Airport is also located here if you are catching a flight!

We really liked Red Fish Blue Fish which is located right downtown at the waterfront. The seafood chowder and tuna hand roll were amazing!

colourful shops along busy city street with cars parked and people walking on sidewalk in victoria bc.
Looking up Johnson Street with all the shops and cafes!

Some points of interest in and around the downtown area include Market Square, Chinatown (the oldest in Canada), the Royal BC Museum and the Miniature World Museum.

When it comes to accommodations, there are lots of downtown Victoria hotels to choose from. Some are simple while others are suite-style for longer stays. Some have water views while others have spa amenities. There really is a hotel for everyone.

Featured Accommodations in Downtown Victoria

Below are a number of featured accommodations in the downtown area. It should come as no surprise that many hotels are located here.

You can find a different type of accommodation within walking distance, but you’d be on the edge of Downtown and James Bay to find the closest true bed and breakfast.

That said, these Victoria downtown hotels are certainly worth checking out:

Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites – Check Now

  • Style: A Lovely, Charming Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Tucked away between downtown & James Bay steps from lots of things to see and do
  • Featured Amenities: Top-floor restaurant with views, kitchenettes in some suites, pool/hot tub onsite, parking available

Hotel Rialto – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple, Upscale Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: North end of downtown, a quick walk to Chinatown, the harbour, and other attractions.
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite restaurant, pet-friendly (fee applies), coffee in room and lobby

Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites – Check Now

  • Style: A Functional, Traditional Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking the Harbour, steps from the heart of downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Free onsite parking, suites with kitchens & with balconies (city or water views)

Strathcona Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Nice Standard Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In the heart of downtown Victoria – couldn’t be more central
  • Featured Amenities: Attached bar/restaurant, coffee/tea station & fridge in rooms

The Magnolia Hotel & Spa – Check Now

  • Style: A Classy, Elegant Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: In the heart of downtown, steps from the waterfront, restaurants, attractions, and more
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite restaurant/bar, spa treatments onsite

James Bay – For Quiet Seaside Vibes

large building with green dome and green lawn behind colourful totem pole in foreground in victoria bc.
The Legislative Assembly Building is iconic overlooking downtown from James Bay!

The James Bay neighbourhood is located right beside downtown Victoria but has a completely different vibe. Benefitting from being more prominent, greener, and more residential, James Bay is much more relaxed.

That said, there’s still a ton to see and do that makes the area very interesting. In particular, the pathways along the shoreline (especially along Dallas Road) make for great seaside walks.

Check Here for Accommodations in James Bay.

James Bay is located just south of downtown. The northern edge is the shoreline overlooking downtown while the southern side of the area looks out into the open sea at the Ogden Point Sundial along Dallas Road.

To the east, Beacon Hill Park is one of the city’s largest parks and makes for a beautiful wander. To the west along the shoreline, you’ll find the colourful Fisherman’s Wharf with plenty of places to eat (fish and chips from Barb’s!) and a chance to see sea life.

houseboats in many colours floating in a row in blue water of victoria bc harbour with blue sky above.
Fisherman’s Wharf is a must-visit!

As James Bay is more of a quiet, green village, but close to all these attractions, it’s a very popular place to stay.

There’s quite a bit of food and history here, too. The Beacon Drive-In Restaurant or Floyd’s Diner James Bay are classic Victoria establishments!

We absolutely loved staying here because we could easily walk downtown and come back to a quiet area to sleep in no time at all. We even found a grocery store (Thrifty Foods in James Bay Village) in this area, which made cooking at our hotel easy.

Low-rise accommodations and houses make it prime for a few smaller hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. Oh, and it’s also where the cruise ship terminal is so you can take advantage of amenities like bike rentals close to the terminal.

Featured Accommodations in James Bay

Below are a number of featured accommodations located in the James Bay neighbourhood. There are plenty of places to stay at the north end of the area – closest to downtown and the Inner Harbour.

However, tucked away just a few blocks from the water you’ll find quaint houses for bed and breakfasts.

Oswego Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: An Upscale yet Cozy Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: On a quiet street in James Bay, a short walk to the waterfront
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite bar/restaurant/lounge, kitchens/kitchenettes in rooms (with French press coffee), suites with balconies, onsite underground parking available

Pendray Inn and Tea House – Check Now

  • Style: A Beautiful, Historic Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking the waterfront in James Bay, a short walk back to downtown (along said waterfront)
  • Featured Amenities: Delicious breakfast, nearby parking available (for a fee)

Embassy Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Classic Clean Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Next to the Legislative Assembly Building, a stone’s throw to the Harbour and downtown Victoria
  • Featured Amenities: Free onsite parking, great breakfast

Marketa’s Bed and Breakfast – Check Now

  • Style: A Cozy, Classic Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Tucked away on a quiet street in James Bay, a short walk to water and downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Delicious breakfast, parking available, spa tubs in some rooms

James Bay Inn Hotel, Suites & Cottage – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple Vintage Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Close to Beacon Hill Park and a short walk to downtown or ocean views to the south
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite restaurant with breakfast, free parking available

Fairfield – For Relaxed Green Spaces

tree lined street with small shops along sidewalk and cars parked on the street.
A shot of Cook Street Village – also a must-visit!

For an even quieter stay, we’d recommend Fairfield. This very residential neighbourhood is also large – larger than James Bay – but offers things to see and do and many places to stay.

Depending on where you stay in Fairfield, you’ll either be close to the southern coastline along Dallas Road, closer to downtown, overlooking Beacon Hill Park or encroaching on Rockland (the next area to the east, see below) – the area is that large.

Check Here For Accommodations in Fairfield.

A highlight of the area was visiting Cook Street Market with its many shops, cafes, places for a drink, and more.

We stopped here at The Hot and Cold Café for coffee and dessert and it was great! There’s more to see, like the Moss Street Market, which we will have to visit next time.

beach with many small rocks and driftwood with grey sky above and waves in ocean beside.
Follow the stairs to the rocky beach for great ocean views!

Another of the highlights of Fairfield is the kilometres of shoreline paths where you can breathe in the sea air.

We sat on a rocky beach just south of Beacon Hill Park (south of the World’s Tallest Free-Standing Totem Pole) and had some driftwood all to ourselves. It was lovely and very peaceful.

You can also visit the Ross Bay Cemetery (very old) and the nearby pebble beach of the same name.

Featured Accommodations in Fairfield

Below are some of the top accommodations in Fairfield. To be fair, there aren’t too many options – and many of them are bed-and-breakfast-style accommodations.

However, staying in Fairfield is a great way to get away from the city centre and still have easy access to both the city and the sea.

We walked from Fairfield back downtown across the top of Beacon Hill Park and it was very doable. If you have a car, accommodations here often have onsite parking but always double-check.

Abigail’s Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Luxurious, Historic Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: In Fairfield but walkable to downtown and Beacon Hill park
  • Featured Amenities: Really good breakfast, parking available onsite

Dashwood Manor Seaside Bed & Breakfast – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright Boutique Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking Beacon Hill Park and across the street from ocean views and seaside walking paths
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast, onsite parking, cookies available

Rockland – For Tranquil History

large stone mansion in victoria bc with red roof and many pillars with blue sky above.
Craigdarroch Castle in Rockland is a Canadian Heritage Site!

Last but certainly not least, there is Rockland. Located just east of Fairfield, this area echoes many of Fairfield’s residential vibes… but with a slight twist.

Rockland – perhaps fittingly – is slightly higher in elevation on a rocky escarpment overlooking the sea. Here you’ll find a stronger connection to the past with many historic homes and heritage sites.

Check Here For Accommodations in Rockland.

Of note is the famous Craigdarroch Castle – a large mansion – which you can visit. The historic Government House with its large gardens and greenspaces is also located here.

Other things to do and see here include the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Langham Court Theatre. You’d also only be a short walk back to the shoreline at Dallas Road to the south.

Rockland might seem far but from the Art Gallery, it’s really only a 20-25 minute walk due west back to downtown. You’d walk right by the Blue Fox Café (where we had breakfast) and we can’t recommend it enough!

Featured Accommodations in Rockland

Below are a few featured accommodations in the Rockland neighbourhood. Due to the historic, tranquil nature of the area, many of the accommodations there are historic beds and breakfasts.

These B&Bs are close to the Government House so you’d never be too far from a quick stroll through the gardens on the property. In fact, these places are all very close to one another!

Prior Castle Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Quaint, Victorian Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Steps from historic attractions in quiet Rockland, a 25-minute walk or short drive Downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Large breakfast included, free off-street parking

Fairholme Manor Inn – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Tranquil Bed and Breakfast
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Also steps from historic attractions in quiet Rockland, a 25-minute walk or short drive downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast included, lovely garden, parking available, rooms with terraces with sea views

Abbeymoore Manor – Check Now

  • Style: An Opulent, Historic B&B
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Also steps from historic attractions in quiet Rockland, a 25-minute walk or short drive downtown
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast included, onsite parking


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about where to stay in Victoria, BC.

Where to stay in Victoria BC with kids?

large hotel grand pacific standing overlooking harbourfront area in victoria bc with grey sky above.
The Hotel Grand Pacific in James Bay overlooks the water.

If you are travelling to Victoria and staying as a family with kids, you may want to choose Victoria’s downtown hotels with amenities that kids will enjoy.

Staying downtown (or close by) means staying close to interesting attractions such as the Royal BC Museum.

The Hotel Grand Pacific might work well (they have a pool). The Delta Hotels by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort also has an indoor pool (which means they are open even in the cooler months) and onsite dining.

Accommodations with cook facilities might be a good fit as well. Even just having a fridge (because kids love snacks, let’s be serious) – might work well.

So, any of the suite-style hotels like the Oswego Hotel or the Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites might do.

Where to stay in Victoria BC for a romantic getaway?

For a romantic getaway, you could choose a Victoria hotel downtown and simply take advantage of all the places to go out for a nice dinner, drinks, and a walk along the harbour. A good example of this would be The Magnolia Hotel & Spa.

However, don’t let the allure of downtown blind you – there are plenty of other romantic ideas/experiences to be had! Abigail’s Hotel in Fairfield is a luxurious 5-star experience in a large and historic manor house.

It would also be easy to discredit some hotels near Victoria BC. For example, it’s possible to stay close to the city but not right in the city centre if you’re looking for a little more nature, tranquillity or coastline.

For this, Oak Bay Beach Hotel – a short 15-minute drive from downtown – has dipping pools overlooking the gorgeous seaside!

What are some Victoria hotels with pools?

tall red brick hotel standing beside wooden boardwalk with sailboats in harbour beside in victoria bc.
The Coast Hotel in James Bay has a pool!

If you are looking for hotels with pools, there are a few to choose from. One thing to keep in mind: outdoor pools are typically closed during the winter season (December to March) so keep that in mind when booking.

Some Victoria hotels with outdoor pools are the Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina, the Days Inn by Wyndham Victoria On The Harbour, and the Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

If you are just looking for hotels that have pools in general, the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and the Hotel Grand Pacific both have indoor pools you might want to check out.

With the exception of the Oak Bay Beach Hotel, many of these hotels are located in or near the city centre.

Where to stay in Victoria BC for harbour views?

If you want views of the waterfront when you stay in Victoria, you are in luck as there are lots of places that offer water views!

The Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina overlooks the water and is where one of the top-rated companies starts their whale-watching experience (which could be very convenient for you).

The Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites is right downtown and overlooks Inner Harbour just north of where the seaplanes taxi out to take off!

The Inn at Laurel Point in James Bay is also known for having many rooms with harbour views.

What are some pet-friendly hotels in Victoria, BC?

hotel with many balconies and windows seen with blue sky above and grassy hill with bench in front in victoria bc.
The Inn at Laurel Point has lots of walking paths around.

If you are travelling with your furry friend, there are a few pet-friendly hotels in Victoria that might work for you!

The Inn at Laurel Point is pet friendly and located in James Bay which means there are nice walking paths along the shoreline.

Another one is the Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina with dog-friendly floors. It is also located in James Bay, a short walk back to downtown. The Magnolia Hotel & Spa located right downtown is also dog-friendly!

Where to stay in Victoria BC close to Victoria Harbour Airport?

seaplanes docked in water along pier with downtown victoria BC behind with blue sky above.
You can see the floatplanes (left) at the airport right downtown!

If you are catching one of the seaplanes in or out of Victoria, you can do so at Victoria Harbour Airport located right in the Inner Harbour on Wharf Street.

Any Victoria hotels downtown will have you within a 1-5 minute walk to the airport.

In terms of the closest location, the Victoria hotels near Inner Harbour would be the Fairmont Empress Hotel, the Hotel Grand Pacific, and The Magnolia Hotel & Spa.

In addition to these, you’d practically be able to see the planes from your window at the Victoria Regent Waterfront Hotel & Suites.

That said, even something further away in James Bay like the Oswego Hotel would give you a very easy 10-15 minute walk (or very short cab) to the seaplanes.

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And there you have it – our detailed guide on where to stay in Victoria, British Columbia. In the end, there are lots of really nice accommodations to stay in and areas to set up base for a few days.

Just keep your travel needs in mind and you should be able to find a spot that works for you!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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