Where to Stay in London, England (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Want to Know Where to Stay in London, England? We’re Here to Help!

The UK’s capital city is one of the best cities to visit around the globe. However, with so many great London accommodation options in plenty of great areas, choosing the best place to stay in London for you can seem like a daunting task!

This is where we come in with our London knowledge. Eric has visited over a dozen times between living in Edinburgh for school and working in the south of England. Needless to say, we know the city well from a visitor’s perspective.

So, in this guide, we’ll dive into accommodations in London by style and budget including popular London hotels like the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London and The Z Hotel Covent Garden.

Then, we’ll outline the great/best London neighbourhoods to check out with examples of accommodations in each. This way, you’ll hopefully find the best area to stay in London for you!

Whether you are looking for where to stay in London for the first time, for sightseeing, or as a family with kids, backpacker, or for a luxury getaway, you’ll find it below.

Accommodations By Type

London is a very large city that is a hub for tourism, business, and international relations. As a result, there are different accommodation types to suit all styles of travellers.

From hotels to bed and breakfasts, you will have lots of options when searching for lodging in London.

You’ll find a mix of accommodations in most areas of the city – especially in the most centrally-located areas in London. It’s not like all the hotels are only in one neighbourhood while all aparthotels are clumped together in another.

For this top section, let’s understand the accommodation options in London by type. This way, if you know the type of accommodation you’re looking for in London, you can narrow down your search right now.

If you want to search for London accommodations by area/neighbourhood, you can do so by reading the lower section of this post!

Hotels in London

Since it’s the largest city in the United Kingdom, there are lots of hotels in London. As you can imagine, hotels come in all budgets ranges – from affordable hotels to mid-range hotels to luxuriously high-end hotels.

Get started searching for hotels in London here

London hotels also come in a wide variety of styles – from elegant, charming, and historic hotels to modern and sleek design hotels.

Trust us: there’s a hotel to suit your needs in an area you want to stay in London.

If you are looking for a London hotel that is popular and balances value for money, location, and amenities, have a look at these hotels in London:

Popular London Hotels

Budget/Cheap Hotels in London

London can be an expensive city if you’re seeking out accommodations close to all the action.

However, there are some genuinely cheaper and/or budget places to stay in London that won’t completely break the bank.

Tip: You can find cheap places to stay in London the further from the centre you go. However, you don’t have to sacrifice location for price in London. There are well-rated, budget hotels in really central areas (like Paddington, for example).

Keep in mind that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean that the hotels are unsafe or bad. Our cheap hotel choices for London mentioned below are just simple, “no-frills” places that offer fewer amenities compared to other hotels.

If you are looking for where to stay in London for cheap, check out these great options below:

  • Blue Bells HotelA simple, modest hotel with breakfast in the north end of Kensington close to Hyde Park (Our Pick)
  • Dover Hotel – B&B – A simple, no-frills hotel in Pimlico/Westminster very close to London Victoria Station
  • NOX HOTELS – Waterloo – A trendy, functional aparthotel on the South Bank near the London Eye
  • 146 Studios – A clean, trendy aparthotel in Marylebone near Baker Street
  • St Athans Hotel – A quirky, unique hotel near King’s Cross/Saint Pancras
  • Caring Hotel – A colourful, comfortable hotel with breakfast up in Paddington

Boutique Hotels in London

London is a large and diverse city that caters to travellers from all over the world. So, to suit all these types of travellers, it’s no surprise that you can find many boutique hotels in London.

From sleek and modern design hotels in London to hotels that lean on what’s hip, trendy, chic, and even colourful, these unique places to stay in London aren’t your casual chain accommodations!

London boutique hotels come in all different shapes and sizes – and you can find them scattered across basically all of the top areas to stay in.

You can find some of the cool places to stay in London below:

Luxury Hotels in London

Those travelling to London looking for a luxurious experience and a bit of pampering will be taken care of! This is because there are quite a few luxury hotels in London to choose from.

Being the prestigious, upscale metropolitan capital that it is, there are luxury hotels scattered across many areas of the city – but especially in the more upscale areas (like Kensington or Mayfair).

Some luxury hotels carry on a rich history and tradition while others are newer additions to the city. Whatever the case, five-star hotels in London offer visitors top amenities like spas, premier city views, world-class dining, and services such as valet parking, butlers, and more.

Have a look at these top London luxury hotels in lots of great areas for shopping, sightseeing, and more:

  • Shangri-La The Shard, London – A modern, sophisticated hotel in The Shard with breathtaking views of London below (Our Pick)
  • 41 A chic boutique luxury hotel with rooftop terrace in Westminster close to top sights
  • The SavoyAn elegant hotel with famous cocktail bar on the Thames in Covent Garden
  • Vintry & Mercer – A fashionable, welcoming hotel in the heart of the City of London
  • Baglioni London HotelAn elegant, classy hotel with spa in Kensington overlooking the park
  • The Langham London – A historic, elegant hotel with many amenities in Marylebone

Apartments/Aparthotels in London

Aside from hotels, another accommodation style that is very popular across most London areas is apartments and aparthotels.

As such, you might choose to stay in an apartment/aparthotel that is centrally located or in a more residential neighbourhood.

We’d recommend an aparthotel or serviced apartments in London rather than an Airbnb.

Apartments and aparthotels can be a great idea if you visit London as a family with kids, a larger group of friends, or if you’re staying longer than a few days and want to save money on food by cooking yourself!

Get started searching for apartments/aparthotels in London here

Aparthotels are slightly different from apartments in that they usually have staff, a reception area, onsite dining/breakfast options, and other amenities.

Below are a few nice aparthotels and apartments in great areas around London that may serve as the perfect base to explore from:

Bed and Breakfasts in London

A nice touch about London accommodations is that you can find classic bed and breakfasts to stay in. The best part is that you can do this without sacrificing location, too.

Bed and breakfasts have their own unique feel that can make for a more “homey” experience while on the road. And nothing feels better than having a “home” to return to while exploring a busy, bustling city like London.

Get started searching for Bed and Breakfasts in London here

Unsurprisingly, many of the bed and breakfasts in London are located in the more residential areas that encircle the most central areas of London.

This can mean you get a location suitable for sightseeing and day adventures while getting a quieter base to rest in each night.

Another plus to bed and breakfasts is that they are usually more inexpensive places to stay in London compared to hotels. This is because they usually have fewer amenities to offer – but still offer a quality stay!

Have a look at these nice bed and breakfasts in lots of good areas around the city:

Hostels in London

If you are on a budget, choosing a hostel in London is a good way to save a bit.

You might even make friends with fellow backpackers and/or like-minded travellers since London is often a popular European hub to check out on a classic backpacking trip.

There are lots of hostels spread out all over the city – so you won’t have to sacrifice the location you want for a hostel stay.

There are boutique hostels in London, fun/party hostels, peaceful hostels, and some that are run by big hostel chains like Wombats.

Get started searching for hostels in London here

Eric stayed at Clink78 with friends and liked it (currently renovating in 2022.) Below are a few top London hostels to get you started:

Accommodations By Neighbourhood/Area

Now that we have discussed different London accommodation options, let’s dive into the best areas to stay in this featured “neighbourhoods in London” section!

We’ll describe each neighbourhood or area, go over what you can find there and who it might be best suited for, and then offer up a few well-rated accommodation suggestions in each. We’ll even tell you which London Underground “The Tube” Station is close to each accommodation.

Remember the best neighbourhoods in London are going to differ for every traveller and their unique needs!

Fun Fact: Greater London is made up of 32 boroughs and several neighbourhoods and areas within those. The central-most boroughs make up “Inner London” which is loosely synonymous with “Central London”. The areas in this post are all located within this region.

Now, we are not going to talk about all the areas of London. Instead, we focus on neighbourhoods/areas that we enjoyed exploring and believe are well-suited for visitors. As we said, these are all centrally-located areas where we will search for accommodation when we visit London again.

If you just want to get started looking, here is a brief breakdown of the featured London neighbourhoods/areas in this post and a top pick accommodation for each one!

Top London Accommodations By Neighbourhood/Area

London is generally a safe and pleasant city. But with any major metropolitan centre, you have to watch what’s going on around you. For example, traffic drives the other way than in North America.

Pickpocketing can happen – especially in touristy areas like around Buckingham Palace or tightly packed areas like Chinatown or on the Tube.

If you are new to the city and plan on checking out the most popular attractions, you’re going to end up wandering around some of the safest areas in London. Of course, always listen to your gut/comfort level when travelling to a place for the first time.

Soho/Covent Garden – Central & Walkable

large domed building with blue sky above and people crossing street in london england.
Piccadilly Circus – the heart of Soho. // Photo: Laura O.

Located very much in the heart of central London, Soho – and Covent Garden right beside – are technically in London’s West End and hands-down among the best areas to stay in London.

The Soho and Covent Garden area is a great option if you are looking to be in the heart of the action. Soho is usually regarded as one of the coolest neighbourhoods In London.

Check Here For Accommodations in the Soho/Covent Garden Area

There are many bars, pubs, and places to eat close by – it can be hard to choose where to go. Soho is also the main LGBTIQ+ scene so it’s a lively area for all visitors.

Try out The Duck and Rice for upscale Chinese dishes with a British pub on site!

Nearby, Piccadilly Circus is a popular Tube stop – and the city lights there at night are something to be experienced before leaving London. Regent Street is great for shopping and Trafalgar Square or Buckingham Palace are only 20 minutes away!

Right beside Soho, Covent Garden is a sprawling market area with shops and outdoor cafes surrounding the main market building in a car-free square. Inside, you can indulge in numerous food vendors and shops to suit all tastes.

The area surrounding also has many places for drinks like the Maple Leaf (a Canadian-themed bar!). Oh, and you can get to Covent Garden from Soho through Chinatown which is also worth a stop.

Featured Accommodations in the Soho/Covent Garden Area

Below are some top accommodation options in the Soho/Covent Garden areas. There’s no doubt that you’ll find some of the most centrally located hotels in London here.

If you are wondering where to stay in London as a tourist, this would also be a very good area to choose. Eric stayed in Soho once and enjoyed it. While it can be lively, you can find quieter accommodations down some of the many smaller streets.

The Z Hotel Covent Garden – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Simple Hotel (one of the top hotels in London for tourists)
  • Price Range: Upper Budget (for London)
  • Location: Right in the heart of Covent Garden, steps from shops, eateries, and Piazza
  • Featured Amenities: Tea/coffee in room, breakfast available for a fee
  • Closest Tube Station: Leicester Square or Covent Garden

Page8, Page Hotels – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy, Upscale Boutique Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: A stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square, The National Gallery, and many theatres
  • Featured Amenities: In-room tea/coffee, lobby cafe for light breakfast
  • Closest Tube Station: Charing Cross

The Lincoln Suites – Check Now

  • Style: A Cool, Calming Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Walkable to Covent Garden, The British Museum, lots of theatres, and the Thames
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with kitchenettes or full kitchens
  • Closest Tube Station: Holborn or Covent Garden

The Savoy – Check Now

  • Style: A Stunning, Elegant Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Near the bank of the Thames, walkable to Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, etc.
  • Featured Amenities: Multiple onsite restaurants/bars, great breakfast, pool/gym
  • Closest Tube Station: Charing Cross or Temple

Westminster/Pimlico – Top Sights & Rail Hub

large clock tower with iron fence in front and blue sky above.
There’s the iconic clock tower located in Westminster!

For one of the best areas in London for photographing the classic sights, Westminster/Pimlico should be on your radar.

To be fair, Westminster is more of a governmental and administrative area tucked between London Victoria Train Station, St James’s Park, and the River Thames.

Pimlico is a smaller area just south of Westminster – it’s technically in the borough of Westminster but don’t worry about that.

The area is a bit more residential as it hugs the River Thames. London Victoria Station is located here and serves as a major rail hub for this part of the city.

Check Here For Accommodations in the Westminster/Pimlico Area

These areas are loaded with things to do and see like the Palace of Westminster (Parliament) with “Big Ben” clock tower, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Mall, the Tate Britain, and more.

Also, the attractions in South Bank (including the London Eye) are just a bridge crossing away!

Because of all these top sights, Westminster/Pimlico can be quite touristy during the day but much quieter in the evenings.

It’s also easy to leave the area via the Tube from London Victoria Station, St. James’s Park, or Westminster – depending on where you stay!

Featured Accommodations in Westminster/Pimlico Area

Below are several top accommodation options in the Westminster/Pimlico area. There are more accommodations in Pimlico – often centred around London Victoria Station – but you can find hotels scattered throughout Westminster closer to the top sights.

The area is very flat, walkable, and packed with pubs, bars, and restaurants so there is certainly no shortage of places to indulge.

Sidney Hotel London-Victoria – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Reliable Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Close to bars and restaurants in Pimlico, a short walk to the Thames and London Victoria
  • Featured Amenities: Simple breakfast available, small bar/lounge
  • Closest Tube Station: Pimlico

Dover Hotel – B&B – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple, No-Frills Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Just south of London Victoria Rail Station, close to restaurants and bars near Vauxhall Bridge Road
  • Featured Amenities: Simple breakfast available
  • Closest Tube Station: Victoria or Pimlico

Georgian House Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Stylish yet Cozy Georgian Townhouse Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In a residential area also very close to London Victoria Station, walkable to Thames and food options
  • Featured Amenities: Excellent breakfast
  • Closest Tube Station: Victoria or Pimlico

41 – Check Now

  • Style: Chic Boutique Luxury Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Basically right behind (south) of Buckingham Palace, walkable to Victoria Station and attractions
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite restaurant/bar/lounge, excellent breakfast, rooftop terrace
  • Closest Tube Station: Victoria

South Bank/Southwark – Riverside Attractions

london eye at sunset over the river thames with boats in front.
The London Eye in South Bank – seen from across the Thames at sunset! // Photo: Laura O.

Another great area to stay in is the southern bank of the River Thames. This area is – conveniently – known as South Bank, with the area to the east (closer to where Tower Bridge crosses the Thames) called Southwark.

To be clear, this is a huge area but we only focus on the areas closest to the Thames. That said, of all the neighbourhoods of London you certainly won’t run out of things to do and see in this one!

The South Bank hosts attractions like The Shard, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (one of Eric’s favourite places to visit in London), The London Eye, Borough Market, The Dungeons London, The Tate Modern, and much more! 

Check Here For Accommodations in the South Bank/Southwark Area

Those wondering where to stay in London as a tourist but also with kids might choose South Bank for the attractions and bridge connections to top attractions just across the Thames.

There are also massive transport hubs here (London Bridge Station and Waterloo Station) that make both getting into the city by train and getting around the city using the Tube quite easily.

You could also easily utilize the water taxis to get around the city if you stay here!

Featured Accommodations in South Bank/Southwark

Below are a few top accommodation options in the South Bank/Southwark area. The area is popular given that you can walk from your hotel along the river and take in great views of the city. This makes it one of the best places to stay in London for walking.

Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London Check Now

  • Style: A Clean, Modern Hotel (a great London hotel for sightseeing)
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: At the east end of Westminster Bridge with Big Ben and the Thames in sight
  • Featured Amenities: Views of the city, indoor pool/spa, onsite restaurants/cafe/bar
  • Closest Tube Station: Waterloo

NOX Hotels – Waterloo – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy, Functional Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Just south of Waterloo Rail Station, walkable to Westminster, London Eye, and more
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with kitchenettes
  • Closest Tube Station: Waterloo or Lambeth North

Native BanksideCheck Now

  • Style: A Stylish, Upscale Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Steps from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre at the river’s edge with many bridges closeby
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with full kitchens, onsite gym
  • Closest Tube Station: London Bridge (Bankside Ferry Terminal is also very close)

Shangri-La The Shard, London – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern, Sophisticated Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: In the Shard – from the 34th to 52nd floor – overlooking Thames and Central London
  • Featured Amenities: Stunning views, upscale bars and restaurants, infinity pool/sauna
  • Closest Tube Station: London Bridge
glass tower with church tower and trees in foreground.
Want to stay up there? You’d get incredible views in the Shard at the Shangri-La!

Kensington – Upscale & Shopping

red townhouses with windows and iron balconies in kensington.
Kensington is an upscale area with plenty to check out!

Kensington is a large area with smaller defined areas (South Kensington, for example). Located just to the west of Hyde Park, Kensington borders some nice areas like Notting Hill and Knightsbridge.

Often, the area is grouped in with nearby Chelsea. Kensington itself is very upscale/affluent with beautiful older buildings and many different Embassies throughout. Kensington is also one of the best neighbourhoods to stay in London for shopping.

Check Here For Accommodations in the Kensington Area

The area surrounds Kensington High Street – known for upscale shopping and lots of places to eat and drink.

As for things to do, you can check out the Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Holland Park, more museums, and of course – Kensington Palace! 

Kensington is also great because there are Tube stations (Kensington High Street, South Kensington) in the area. This means you can explore the rest of the city and get home easily at the day’s end.

A stay in Kensington means you can easily venture over to nearby Knightsbridge. This other shopping area is famous for Harrods – the department store – and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Featured Accommodations in Kensington

Below are several nice accommodations in the Kensington area. Those wondering where to stay in Kensington will find that there are many 5-star accommodations located here.

That said, you can find a mix of accommodations by type and style as well.

Park Grand London Kensington – Check Now

  • Style: A Traditional yet Reliable Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: A short walk or Tube to Kensington High Street or the museums in South Kensington
  • Featured Amenities: Great breakfast, onsite bar
  • Closest Tube Station: Earl’s Court

Blue Bells Hotel  – Check Now

  • Style: A Simple, Modest Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: North end of Kensington, basically in Nottinghill – very close to Hyde Park
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast, outer garden area
  • Closest Tube Station: Notting Hill Gate

Presidential Apartments Kensington – Check Now

  • Style: Stylish yet Cozy Apartments
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In a large grouping of hotels in a lovely neighbourhood walkable to many food places
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with full kitchens, some with private terraces
  • Closest Tube Station: Earl’s Court or Gloucester Road

Baglioni London Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: An Elegant, Classy Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Overlooking Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens close to Kensington High Street
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast, onsite bar/restaurant, onsite spa
  • Closest Tube Station: High Street Kensington

Paddington – Trains & Townhouses

Another good area to stay in London is Paddington. Located along the northern border of beautiful Hyde Park, this compact area is a little more residential feeling and packed with townhouses.

One reason you might recognize Paddington is due to the presence of Padding Train Station which is located in this area.

Paddington Station is another one of the major rail hubs in the city. This station is also the home of the Heathrow Express – a great way to get to the airport quickly and reliably.

Paddington or Lancaster Gate Tube Stations are in the area for easy access to other city parts.

Check Here For Accommodations in the Paddington Area

Aside from the rail station, there isn’t a ton to do in this area attraction-wise. There are many smaller green spaces dotted throughout but it’s generally a quieter, more residential area.

The Paddington Basin is a small waterway with bridges and Little Venice a short walk away. The heart of the area has many restaurants and places for drinks. Generally, the area is very heavy with accommodations options.

Featured Accommodations in Paddington

Below are several great accommodation options in Paddington. The area is certainly one of the more affordable places to stay in London that is still centrally located. This is because of the lack of sight and attractions.

However, this area has a very high concentration of smaller townhouse hotels – many of which are on the more affordable side of things!

It’s also a good area for those heading to Heathrow to catch a flight or out of town via train from Paddington Station.

Lancaster Gate Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Classic, Nice Hotel (very popular)
  • Price Range: Lower Mid-Range
  • Location: In a beautiful building, one block from the top of Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park
  • Featured Amenities: Good breakfast, onsite bar/restaurant
  • Closest Tube Station: Queensway or Lancaster Gate

Caring Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Colourful, Comfortable Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: In a very residential area a short walk to Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park and food/drinks
  • Featured Amenities: Nice breakfast available
  • Closest Tube Station: Bayswater or Queensway

Hyde Park Radnor Hotel B&B – Check Now

  • Style: A Traditional, Reliable Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In the heart of the accommodations between Paddington Station and Hyde Park
  • Featured Amenities: Good breakfast
  • Closest Tube Station: Paddington

Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments – Check Now

  • Style: Homey, Functional Apartments
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: In a posh residential area a short walk to Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park
  • Featured Amenities: Kitchenettes in suites
  • Closest Tube Station: Bayswater

Marylebone – Sherlock & Shopping

brick houses with plants in front along cobblestone street in marylebone.
Marylebone is another lovely area to stay in London!

With a bit more of a residential vibe but still upscale and lively, Marylebone is a larger defined area just north of Soho/Mayfair and south of The Regent’s Park.

The southern border of the area is Oxford Street  – popular with shoppers looking for Selfridges (another famous department store).

Check Here For Accommodations in Marylebone

The area is centred (more or less) around Marylebone High Street, where you’ll find restaurants, lots of pubs and bars for drinks, and numerous boutique stores.

As far as attractions and sights, the area is home to The Sherlock Holmes Museum (located at 221B Baker Street) and other museums like The Wallace Collection and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

It is well connected to the Tube via Baker Street and Bond Street Stations but it’s also easy to walk to other areas close by like Soho, Mayfair (very posh area), Paddington, Hyde Park, and beyond.

Featured Accommodations in Marylebone

Below are several nice accommodations in Marylebone. As the area has a bit of an upscale feel, the hotels are often boutique or in the luxury range.

If you like shopping and don’t want to stay right in the heart of the action or right beside the top attractions, Marylebone might be perfect for you.

Holmes Hotel London – Check Now

  • Style: A Contemporary Boutique Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Just off Baker Street, close to The Regent’s Park and lots of shopping
  • Featured Amenities: Bar/restaurant onsite, nice breakfast, gym onsite
  • Closest Tube Station: Baker Street

146 Studio – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean, Trendy Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: On an upscale street between Marylebone Rail Station and the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Featured Amenities: Suites with kitchenettes
  • Closest Tube Station: Baker Street, Marylebone

The Marylebone Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern, Stylish Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: In the heart of Marylebone just off of Marylebone High Street
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite restaurant/bar, indoor pool/gym/sauna onsite
  • Closest Tube Station: Bond Street

The Langham Hotel London – Check Now

  • Style: A Historic, Elegant Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Perfectly in-between shopping at Oxford Street and Marylebone High Street
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite bars/restaurants/lounges, indoor pool and spa
  • Closest Tube Station: Oxford Circus

City of London – Business & Sights

To stay amongst some of the tallest, most iconic buildings in London, a stay in the City of London “often called The City” is for you!

Located just north of the Thames and east of Holborn/Covent Garden, The City of London is known as the city’s financial district. Lots of commerce happens in this area so it has both a business-like and affluent feel.

Many of the most talked-about buildings – architecturally speaking – are located here: The Gherkin, the Cheese Grater, and The Fenchurch Building (The Walkie-Talkie) with its famous Sky Garden among them.

Check Here For Accommodations in the City of London Area

That said, there’s still plenty to offer tourists. The beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral is located here as is the Museum of London.

The River Thames hugs the southern border of The City and you can find the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, or even cross Millenium Bridge (famous from Harry Potter).

The north-end of this region connects to Shoreditch – another fun area for nightlife. Overall, The City has several restaurants and places for drinks. Eric went out here to Flying Club and it was an absolute blast.

Featured Accommodations in City of London

Below are a few accommodations in the City of London area. A stay here would be very centrally located with lots of transit options close by such as Bank or Monument Tube Stations.

There are also a few train connections here via London Cannon Street. The area is very walkable and many of the top attractions in South Bank are only a bridge crossing away!

Montcalm Royal London House-City of London – Check Now

  • Style: A Cool, Sophisticated Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Located up in Shoreditch surrounded by restaurants/bars – Flight Club Shoreditch is around the corner!
  • Featured Amenities: Rooftop bar with city views, restaurants onsite, pool/gym
  • Closest Tube Station: Old Street, Liverpool Street

The One Tun Pub & Rooms – Check Now

  • Style: A Chic Boutique Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Right beside Farringdon Rail Station, a short walk to the Museum of London with bar/restaurants around
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite pub
  • Closest Tube Station: Chancery Lane

COVE Cannon Street – Check Now

  • Style: A Calming Boutique Aparthotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: At a main intersection beside a Tube station with many pubs and restaurants around
  • Featured Amenities: Full kitchens, onsite gym and shared laundry
  • Closest Tube Station: Physically right beside Mansion House

Vintry & Mercer – Check Now

  • Style: A Fashionable, Welcoming Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Close to the edge of the Thames, a short walk to St. Paul’s Cathedral with many shops and eats around
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite bar/restaurant, excellent breakfast, small gym available
  • Closest Tube Station: Mansion House, Cannon Street

King’s Cross/Saint Pancras – Hospitable with Rail Hub

Last, but certainly not least, we have the areas of King’s Cross/Saint Pancras. Technically, these areas are located in the larger borough of Camden.

That said, this section focuses on the area around King’s Cross and St. Pancras Rail Stations.

London King’s Cross is a huge rail hub serving routes to the UK’s north (this is how Eric got to Edinburgh) while St. Pancras International is good for taking the train to continental Europe via the Eurostar.

Check Here For Accommodations in the King’s Cross/Saint Pancras Area

Because of the rail connections, these areas might be good for a traveller continuing onward long distance from London by train.

As far as things to do, eat, and see, these areas have plenty to offer. There’s a heavy mix of hotels and aparthotels along with many places to eat to serve all these travellers.

Nearby, Camden Town is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London as a mecca for alt culture.

The Regent Canal splits King’s Cross and offers shopping at Coal Drops Yard. Saint Pancras has lots of places to eat and many cheaper accommodations.

Saint Pancras is also well connected via the Tube to other areas and walkable to nearby attractions in Bloomsbury (where you find the very popular British Museum).

Featured Accommodations in King’s Cross/Saint Pancras

Below are some of the many accommodations in these smaller areas. This area is suitable for someone looking for a centrally located area that offers a little more peace and quiet than an area like Soho or Covent Garden.

You can also find a mix of accommodation here with many affordable hotels and a few luxury hotels scattered throughout.

Point A Hotel London Kings Cross – St Pancras – Check Now

  • Style: A Modern, Simple Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: On a main road with bars and restaurants around, a short walk to the stations
  • Featured Amenities: Breakfast available, small lobby cafe
  • Closest Tube Station: King’s Cross St. Pancras

St Athans Hotel – Check Now

  • Style: A Quirky, Unique Hotel
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Just south of the stations surrounded by many green garden “squares”
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite cafe, luggage storage
  • Closest Tube Station: Russell Square

Studios2Let – Check Now

  • Style: Simple, Functional Apartments
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Overlooking a beautiful greenspace Cartwright Gardens a short walk from the stations
  • Featured Amenities: Kitchen/kitchenettes in suites, some flats with balconies
  • Closest Tube Station: King’s Cross St. Pancras, Russell Square, Euston Square (all same distance)


You’re not alone if you have a specific question about where to stay in London. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about finding a place to stay!

Where to stay in London for first-time visitor?

The best location to stay in London for your first time would be anything centrally located. This will allow you easy access to all the top sights and attractions, public transit, and plenty of bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants to try.

Sidney Hotel London-Victoria in Pimlico/Westminster, The Z Hotel Covent Garden in Soho/Covent Garden, or Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London in South Bank would all fit these descriptions quite nicely!

Where to stay in London with kids?

For those looking for the best area to stay in London for families, we’d suggest South Bank/Southwark. This area (especially the part closest to the River) is centrally located with lots of kid-friendly attractions.

You can walk across bridges to get to other top attractions in the city or take the Tube to get anywhere else in the city. The water taxis might also be a fun experience for kids.

The area has no shortage of places to eat, has a number of larger rail hubs for travel, and it’s also relatively quiet compared to an accommodation right in the heart of Soho or Covent Garden.

Check out Native Bankside or NOX HOTELS – Waterloo for an aparthotel in this area. Aparthotels are a solid option if you want the ability to prepare a meal or two for the family.

Where to stay in London on a budget?

The best places to stay in London, England on a budget would be the areas outlined above that have fewer attractions and are more residential. So, we’d suggest staying around Paddington or King’s Cross/Saint Pancras.

Unsurprisingly, both these areas have life due to their major rail hubs. Naturally, these areas have a higher concentration of accommodation to suit all these travellers and so the price reflects this competition.

These areas are also not right in the heart of London (but still very central) so they come off as cheaper than other areas.

Check out Caring Hotel in Paddington, Blue Bells Hotel close by in Kensington, or St Athans Hotel in King’s Cross/Saint Pancras as budget accommodations.

Where to stay in London close to attractions?

For those wondering where to stay in London for sightseeing, there are many well-suited areas close to different attractions.

The best place to stay in London for tourists depends on what exactly you wish to see and do.

Those interested in Royalty and history might stay in Westminster/Pimlico at 41 to be close to Parliament (Big Ben), Buckingham Palace, and some of the oldest attractions like Westminster Abbey.

Those searching for attractions like the London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, or The Shard might want to stay at Native Bankside in South Bank.

Staying at Page8, Page Hotels in Covent Garden will have you very close to Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, or the British Museum.

If you want to check out St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge, a stay at COVE Cannon Street in the City of London might be suitable.

Of course, a stay in Kensington at Park Grand London Kensington will have you close to many museums and Kensington Palace while a stay in Marylebone at Holmes Hotel London might be suitable for shopping and Sherlock Holmes fans!

The nice thing about London is that no matter where you stay in Central London, you are always a walk or a Tube ride away from another great part of the city.

Where to stay for one night in London?

The best neighbourhood to stay in London for one night is – once again – any of the centrally-located areas in this post. These areas will have you very close to top attractions and Tube/train stations to catch a train or a flight out of the city.

Soho/Covent Garden is very centrally located so The Z Hotel Covent Garden might be a good option. For those perhaps catching a flight to/from Heathrow, a stay at Lancaster Gate Hotel in Paddington will do nicely.

If your one night in London is for a special occasion, we’d splurge on a stay at Shangri-La The Shard for unforgettable views of the city below.

Staying at Dover Hotel – B&B in Pimlico allows for easy access to London Victoria Station and is walkable to some of the city’s most popular attractions.

A stay at NOX HOTELS – Waterloo in South Bank/Southwark would allow for access to major rail hubs, as would a stay at Point A Hotel London Kings Cross – St Pancras close to King’s Cross/St. Pancras Stations.

To be fair, all of these central locations listed above will also answer the question of where to stay in London for a weekend.

Where to stay in London for nightlife?

Those searching for London’s nightlife will want to stay close to Soho/Covent Garden, close to Shoreditch, or perhaps over in/by Knightsbridge (near Kensington).

It’s important to note that London is a very large city so it’s important to stay close-ish to where you want to go out. This is because it can be very difficult to change locations during the evening.

You can certainly bar hop on one street or in one area – but changing areas/neighbourhoods to go out for drinks/dancing is usually impractical.

Check out The Z Hotel Covent Garden in Soho/Covent Garden as a good base for nightlife.

Montcalm Royal London House-City of London is in Shoreditch close to the City of London, while Presidential Apartments Kensington might be a good accommodation option near-ish to Knightsbridge.

And there you have it – a rundown of where to stay in London! With all these great accommodation options and some of the best neighbourhoods, we’re hopeful that you’ll find a place to stay in London that works perfectly for you!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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