Great Cafes In Munich That You Must Visit

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These Are Some Of Our Favourite Cafes In Munich!

Heading to Munich and looking to get caffeinated? You’re in the right place! It’s no surprise that with so much to see and do in Munich, you’ll need a break to relax and refuel. Luckily, Munich is huge and has loads of great coffee shops and cafes to check out!

We recently explored Munich and had a great time in the city. We had both been before – but never together. We actually had pretty rainy weather so that made seeking out cozy cafes in Munich that much more appealing!

So, whether you are looking for places to get work done or for a really good breakfast/brunch in Munich, this list should have you covered.

It’s interesting: every place we went to was completely different from the others. That’s what made doing a “Munich café tour” exciting. And if you’re wondering what our favourite was – you’ll have to read on!

For this post, we tried to also cover some lesser-known cafes. You can of course still check out Stereo Cafe, Cafe Lotti, Cafe Jasmin, or Cafe Glockenspiel near Marienplatz – but be sure to wander a little further from the centre if you want to experience different sides of Munich!

Lost Weekend

two white mugs of coffee on red table cafes in munich lost weekend
Our coffee – sitting up on the truck inside!

One of the first places we went to was Lost Weekend. Located up in the University District (very close to Universität Underground-Station), you’ll find a quiet, concrete café with lots of seating inside and a few out front.

The place has a distinct university vibe with people reading, studying, or just catching up over coffee. They are also a bookstore and they also hold cultural/art events.

Just so you know, everything there is vegan – from the milk used in the drinks to the food items!

You order at the counter and then find a seat. There’s actually a truck in the back corner where you can find a few tables up on the flatbed.

That’s where we sat to enjoy an Americano and a cappuccino (which were both great). Lisa had her cappuccino with soy milk but you can also ask for coconut, oat, or almond.

You should check it out if you are up to exploring between the Siegestor and Odeonsplatz and/or it’s a grey day and you want to settle in to read!

In short: Go if you want to study, read a book, or if having vegan options is important to you. You can check out their website here. (It’s in German but you can get an idea).

Address: Schellingstraße 3, 80779 München, Germany

Man Versus Machine Coffee Roasters

two mugs of coffee on wooden stool with shoes behind man versus machine
The coffee at MvsM was very well done!

Of all the cafes we visited while in Munich, we had arguably two favourites. Man Versus Machine was one of them.

Located in the Glockenbachviertel area near Mucki & Floyd (mentioned below), Man Versus Machine is the kind of place that puts just that much more effort into their craft – and it shows.

From the latte art to the logo on the wall and mugs – and the fact that people wait in line to buy their beans and mugs, it’s a popular spot.

The café itself isn’t huge – but there was window seating, seating in the back, and a bunch of tables outside on the sidewalk.

It’s the kind of place that one might describe as “hipster” or “minimal” with clean, simple colours, and wood throughout the shop.

Their menu is basically just coffees and teas. They only had a few pastries onsite so it’s not a place for grabbing a meal. 

It’s the kind of place people go to grab a good coffee and a quick chat with a friend. We had a cappuccino and a flat white – both were excellent.

We’d suggest checking it out, however, don’t be too surprised if you can’t find seats (especially if you’re with a group of people). They do takeaway as well – but please try not to waste a paper cup if you don’t have to.

In short: Go if you‘re looking for nice latte art – and really good coffee. You can check out their website here.

Address: Müllerstraße 23, 80469 München, Germany

Café Luitpold

fruit tart with coffees on black table cafe luitpold cafes in munich
The Obsttörtchen was excellent!

If you are in Munich looking for a classic experience that is a hint of “touristy” but not too touristy – then check out Café Luitpold which is located very close to Odeonsplatz and the Residenz/Hofgarten.

Café Luitpold was first opened in 1888 and is now a signature stop for locals and visitors to Munich alike. As such, it’s a little fancy – but there were people there from all walks of life.

The place is lovely inside and fairly large with different seating areas so finding a seat wasn’t an issue.

We ended up having an Americano and a Latte Macchiato which were great. We also know that – while you can get food – Luitpold is known for their fancy desserts.

So, we decided to try an Obsttörtchen which is a tart with fruit on the top. We shared it because we weren’t really hungry, but you should also be aware that prices here are a tad higher.

As a pro tip, the place can get very busy and the servers can get all running around. We’d suggest – depending on how busy it is when you visit – to pay for your drinks and food right away so that you can just enjoy and leave when you are ready!

In short: Go to Café Luitpold if you are looking for a fancy dessert at a historic location. You can check out their website here (also in German).

Address: Brienner Str. 11, 80333 München, Germany

Tram Café

two crepes wrapped on plates with coffee on table tram cafe munich
The crepes (and coffee) were really tasty!

If you are looking for a place to grab a quick snack, you might want to check out Tram Café. Located in the same area as Man Versus Machine and Mucki & Floyd, this quirky café specializes in both sweet and savoury crepes.

The catch: they are served from within a full-sized tram car inside the shop!

It’s the kind of place you go if you want a smaller snack while you are exploring and a coffee to go with it. You could also stop by for just a coffee – but the experience is in the crepes.

We got two savoury crepes: a Caprese (with tomato, mozzarella, and basil) and a Fitness (with turkey, cheese, spinach, and peppers).

Both were excellent – but we probably should have also gotten a sweet crepe with banana or Nutella or something!

With the food we also ordered a café crèma which was fine – but again, you don’t go just for the coffee.

Since this place is more off the beaten path from the main touristy areas we understand if you don’t make it. That said, there’s seating inside and out and many different crepes combinations to try out!

In short: Go if you want a sweet or savoury crepe with your coffee from a cool concept. You can check out their website here.

Address: Müllerstraße 46, 80469 München, Germany

Mucki & Floyd (was Hoover & Floyd )

pieces of cake on plates with coffees on black table cafes in munich
The cake was homemade and was really, really good!

The other “favourite” place we visited – besides Man Versus Machine – was Mucki & Floyd.

Located in Glockenbachviertel close to the Museumsinsel and just south of the area where you find cafes like Man Versus Machine, Mucki & Floyd is definitely what we call a “hidden gem” (for Munich visitors).

You walk up not knowing what to expect from the few chairs outside on the sidewalk. Inside, however, you enter a quirky, cozy world of mismatched furniture and cups with saucers that would rival any grandmother’s house.

There were already a few people eating what looked like a Sunday brunch – but we went for coffee and cake!

The young woman who seated us (we think she was the owner) was super, super friendly – and we found out later she made the desserts herself.

We got a cappuccino and an Americano – with a slice of Bailey’s marble cake and strawberry cheesecake. Everything was excellent. Honestly, you have to try the cakes.

We sat for a while enjoying the quiet atmosphere – compared to the outside world – and the nice music that was playing inside.

The menu also mentioned they have a buffet one night a week and they also become a bar after 8:00 pm. We’d highly suggest a visit – the U-Bahn Stop Fraunhoferstraße is close by so it’s easy to get there!

In short: Go if you want to feel like you’re in your Grandma’s house all cozy and satisfied. You can check out the Facebook Page here.

Address: Ickstattstraße 2, 80469 München, Germany

Other Cafes in Munich

Obviously, this is just a handful of the café and coffee shops in Munich. Munich is a very big city so it makes sense that there are many more spread out throughout different areas of the city.

That said, there are a few more cafes that caught our attention when we did our research.

You can read up on a few of them below – we even went to some but didn’t stay because they were busy! And to be fair, there is only so much coffee we can drink in a day…

Café Bla

We went to Café Bla because we had heard it was a nice spot with good coffee. We were right – and it seems everyone else knew, too.

The place is small with only a few seats and they were all full. We literally walked in – had a look about – and had to leave because there just wasn’t a spot available.

That said, what we did see looked great! The décor is very clean, white, and minimalist with hints of blue and wood. It was really nice – just small and busy!

It was also founded by an Icelandic expat – so you’ll see the blue, red, and white cross flag out front above the door.

It’s close to the Deutsches Museum, so if you are visiting that attraction you should stop for a coffee at Café Bla. You can check out the website here.

Address: Lilienstraße 34, 81669 München, Germany


Another place we wanted to check out (because of the reviews) was Trachtenvogl. Slated as more of a restaurant than a café, it’s known for both coffee, bar drinks, and food – so we wanted to see.

The place had outdoor seating when we walked up (which was all full) and inside was the same.

Admittedly, we visited on a Sunday to check it out and there was a line up inside despite more seating on a higher level in the back of the place.

In any case, we looked at their front baked goods which looked great and left.

Check it out if you need food or you are in the area. You can check out the website here.

Address: Reichenbachstraße 47, 80469 München, Germany

Shotgun Sister Coffeebar

Another seemingly great shop that made our list of places we wanted to try (but we didn’t get to visit) is Shotgun Sister Coffeebar.

Located a little further south near Untersbergstraße U-station, Shotgun Sister prides itself on doing fair trade coffee right.

They also have an extensive offering of food – from sandwiches and cakes to freshly made banana bread!

They actively promote bringing your dog or a laptop, so we assume it’s a lively spot for working, socializing, etc. They also have vegan options should that interest you!

The shop looks really light and airy with a style/vibe that we are drawn to so we’ll be visiting next time we are in Munich! You can check out the website here.

Address: Deisenhofener Str. 40, 81539 München, Germany

Iss Dich Glücklich

Described as a “plant-based” eatery, Iss Dich Glücklich is a vegan cafe that is really popular in Munich.

Located on the other side of the Isar River from the city centre (Marienplatz), you can stop by for things like sweet pancakes for breakfast or grab takeaway food done in eco-friendly packaging.

The cafe looks beautiful and simple inside so we would love to stop by the next time we are in Munich! You can have a look at the website here.

Address: Preysingstraße 42, 81667 München, Germany

And there you have it, a handful of our favourite cafes in Munich. We had a great time exploring the city and enjoying the café culture – and there are many more to visit!

Let us know which places you like when you go – we’re all ears for good advice for when we go back to Munich soon!

As always, Happy Munich Cafe Waddlin’!
– E&L

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