23 Charming Things to Do in Brighton, UK

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Here Are Some Great Things To Do In Brighton!

Exploring the southern coast of the UK? The lively city of Brighton might make for a great stop!

From the historic Brighton Palace Pier to shopping “The Lanes”, its wild nightlife, the sunny beach, and museums, this seaside city has loads of things to do during the day and at night!

We really like Brighton. Having worked down in East Sussex for years, Eric has been to Brighton a bunch of times over the years – and together we’ve been once. That said, it’s only a quick trip by train/car from London to the coast.

This makes Brighton (and the surrounding area of Hove) a great day London trip! So, whether you are looking for free things, paid things, or romantic things to do in Brighton, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 23 things to do in Brighton for solo travellers, couples, and families with kids!

Brighton Quick Guide

Best Time to Visit: Summer is hot but busy. Shoulder season of May/June or September for pleasant weather and less people.

Getting Around: Very walkable (especially by the Pier & Beach), Brighton + Hove bus for distances. This Brighton Bike Tour might be a great idea!

Top Things to Do: Explore the Famous Palace Pier, visit the Royal Pavilion, ride the Brighton i360 Tower, experience the Brighton Beach Zip Line.

Where to Stay: The Grand Hotel Brighton for classic beachfront views, e Queens Hotel & Spa for beach and pier proximity, and lovely Hotel Una for a beautiful hotel overlooking famous Regency Square!

Things To Do In Brighton, UK

Okay, let’s dive into the top things to do all over the city!

This is a pretty good list of the popular things (and a few smaller gems) but we will add to it as we get back and explore!

Visit The Historic Brighton Palace Pier

Navigation Address: Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1TW, UK

old pier with white central building high above water.
A classic Brighton sight – the Pier and beach chairs!

There is perhaps nothing more synonymous with the Brighton sunshine and waterfront than the Brighton Palace Pier.

The first pier was actually built back in 1823 and was just a chain pier for docking ships. Over time, small food and souvenir shops were added and it became more of a fun than a functional place.

Over the years, storms damaged the old pier and the current pier (as we see today) was opened in 1899.

coloured sign with flags above wooden pier boardwalk in brighton.
The Palace Pier is full of stuff to do, see, and eat!

Today, the pier has been named one of “the finest piers in the world” which is quite the distinction!

The pier is free to enter and walk about  (it wasn’t always free). At over 1,700 feet long, there’s plenty of pier to walk along!

While much of the pier has been upgraded to modern games and food stalls, the decor remains largely from the old days. This is what gives the pier that classic charm!

historic pier with wooden supports above blue shoreline in brighton uk.
The Palace Pier is deceivingly long – good thing there’s free deck chairs.

In the middle, there is a large arcade with loads of old and new games. You can earn tickets to buy prizes – and this is a very popular thing to do with kids!

We played a few games when we were there a couple of years ago and had a blast. At the end of the Pier, you will find a small amusement park with rides for kids and adults.

There’s everything from a small roller coaster to bumper cars and a hunted house ride! 

blue coastline through white fence of historic pier in brighton.
Eric grabbed a free deck chair and just enjoyed the views!

As for food, there are stalls for famous fish and chips as well as ice cream, coffee, a beer, and loads of other sweet treats you can dream of.

The best part of the pier is the fact that there are deck chairs that are free to use – as long as you can find one that is currently unoccupied.

Overall, the Brighton Palace Pier is an absolute must-see when you visit. It is lovely and representative of the city’s seaside identity.

With something for everyone – for the adults and especially for the kids – go and enjoy the sunshine down at the Palace Pier!

Our Tip: If you want to enjoy the Pier (and the rest of Brighton) you should consider booking a local Brighton guide for a casual tour of the city!

Relax At The Brighton Beach & Boardwalk

Navigation Address: Along Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1ET, UK

orange life-guarding stand on beach with pier in background.
The beach area is pretty large and regulated.

Another of the main attractions in the seaside town of Brighton is – of course – the massive Brighton Beach and boardwalk!

Following basically the entire length of the city’s waterfront, the beach in Brighton has been influential in shaping the city from an old fishing port to a thriving resort city.

The beach itself is made of small pebbles so it’s not actually sand – but honestly, they are quite nice to sit on AND you don’t get sand everywhere when you do go for a swim and have to clean up the towels to leave of the day!

The beach itself is pretty regulated with life-guarding stations and swimming flags to follow. Make sure you do follow the rules because the currents at this part of the coast can be dangerous.

beach chairs on beach with buildings along the waterline.
Looking to the east – beach as far as the eye can see!

On the beach, you’ll find deck chairs for rent (whereas on the Pier they are free to use) so keep that in mind if you want a chair.

The beach is also nice because it’s very large – meaning that there’s room for everyone to have their own personal space no matter how busy the place gets (even in the summer).

buildings and restaurants along beach boardwalk in brighton.
Shops, stalls, rides – everything along the boardwalk!

Just behind the beach is the main roadway and walking boardwalk. This walking path at road level and beach level is absolutely loaded with things to do and check out.

From shops and restaurants to activities like zip-lining and mini-golf, there is something for everyone.

Get your Brighton Zip Line Experience Ticket in advance!

There are even sports courts, a carousel for kids, and other attractions like SEA Life and the Brighton Fishing Museum (see both below in this post). 

rusty metallic structure in blue water with beach in front.
The skeleton of “West Pier” falling into despair.

At times, the boardwalk is almost overwhelming because there’s so much to see so just take your time, slow your walk, and enjoy the waterfront art, food, music, beer, whatever!

While you are walking along, you will also see a metal structure in the water. This is called West Pier which was an old pier. It fell into despair and the remains burnt down in 2003.

That said, the place where it met the land is now used for the base for the i360 Tower!

Experience The British Airways i360

Navigation Address: Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN, UK

rotating sky bar on metallic tower with blue sky behind.
Have a drink up – way up!

Speaking of the i360 Tower, how about a ride up over 138 metres to see the English coastline and beyond!

Sponsored by British Airways, the i360 is actually a vertical observation deck that pulls riders up via cable in a giant donut-shaped observation deck.

The best part? The ride lasts for 30 minutes and the platform is also a bar which means you can have a drink (glass of champagne) up in the sky!

metallic british airways sign on wall with blue sky behind.
Of course, a large corporation slapped their name on it!

If you know that you want to go up the tower for the awesome experience, you can buy your i360 tower ticket in advance.

This is a good idea since crowds in the summer are big and there is only so much space for people on each ride.

Keep that in mind for when you visit! You can also visit the base where you can find a gift shop and a small restaurant/cafe.

Wanna feel Adrenaline? You can Walk on Top the i360 Tower Pod as it goes up 138 metres!

Explore the Royal Pavilion & Pavilion Gardens

Navigation Address: 4/5 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton BN1 1EE, UK

white palace with towers and green grass and fence in front.
The beautiful Brighton Royal Pavilion!

Another of the top attractions in Brighton is no doubt the Royal Pavillion.

Originally built beginning in 1787 as a private royal residence for George, Prince of Wales, the Palace has been added to and used for different functions over the years (it was a wartime hospital, actually).

The unique architecture is unlike other buildings in Britain – this is a nod to the Indo-Saracenic style found in India!

white palace with towers around and green courtyard in front.
Brighton Pavilion from the entrance side.

Today, the Palace is a top attraction owned by the city of Brighton which you can go inside and tour.

There are many lavishly decorated rooms with old furniture, artwork, and other statement pieces from centuries ago.

The audio guide is worth the price to learn about the history and there’s a terrace tea room where you can overlook the grounds, too!

white palace entrance with young women entering.
Where you enter the Pavilion.

The grounds themselves are quite beautiful and have a few other things to check out. They even put on a skating rink in the wintertime!

In any case, if you want to visit the Royal Pavilion, you can check here for your Royal Pavilion admission ticket.

green gardens with flowers and palace in behind in brighton.
The Pavilion Gardens are absolutely gorgeous!

Once you are on the grounds, you don’t have to enter the Pavilion. You can simply walk about the Pavilion Gardens and enjoy your surroundings.

The gardens/grounds are full of well-groomed paths which wind through different areas with flowers throughout.

Eric just found a spot on the lovely grass (along with many, many others) and just enjoyed a bit of a lay down in the sunshine. 

people sitting at cafe with trees around at palace gardens.
You can sit and have a coffee in the Royal Pavilion Gardens!

If you explore the gardens enough, you’ll come across a popular little cafe that basically borders the downtown area known as The Lanes.

On the day Eric visited, there were loads of people having a drink or a small bite to eat (shown above). The atmosphere was just really lovely so definitely check them out when you visit!

Wander The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Navigation Address: 12A Pavilion Parade, Brighton BN1 1EE, UK

art gallery entrance with stone pillars and blue sky behind.
Similar architecture as the Pavilion – makes sense!

Located in the Royal Pavilion Gardens, the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery was originally opened in 1861.

The collection of town art, worldly pieces, and natural history specimens outgrew their space quickly. The Museum was moved to the present site in 1873 and hasn’t looked back since!

Today, you can visit the museum – redone in recent years – to explore various exhibits ranging from photography to ancient artefacts, fine art, fashion, and rotating exhibits focussed on modern culture, Brighton’s history, and more!

Basically, check it out because there is something for all interests inside.

Dive Into SEA LIFE Brighton

Navigation Address: Marine Parade, Brighton BN2 1TB, UK

Opened all the way back in 1872, SEA LIFE Brighton is actually the oldest working aquarium in the world!

Located right down on the boardwalk very close to the famous Palace Pier, you can dive in (pun intended) to this underwater world.

The exhibits are under the main boardwalk – with historic stone arches making for a cool experience. 

Inside, SEA LIFE has over 150 different species – from sharks to turtles and crabs to many, many fish. Kids can touch some in the interactive part.

You can also walk under the massive central tank in the glass tunnels or float above them in a glass-bottom boat! If you want to visit SEA LIFE, you can get your SEA LIFE Brighton Admission ticket here.

Personally, we are not fans of aquariums ourselves and have not visited SEA Life in Brighton.

However, since it is the oldest aquarium in the world, we decided to mention it in this post. Please do your research and decide for yourself if you want to visit this attraction. 

Lounge At Preston Park & Preston Manor

Navigation Address: Preston Rd, Brighton BN1 6SD, UK

Should you be looking for yet another historical experience in Brighton, check out Preston Manor. Located in what was the old village of Preston, it’s now part of the city of Brighton.

The manor itself has been built in phases – from the original building in the 13th century to a large chunk completed in 1738.

These days, the manor house is a museum showing a great example of upper-class life during the Edwardian Era.

Located outside the city centre a little bit, Preston Manor is still easy to get to via bus or car. If you are visiting Preston Manor, you’ll likely also want to check out Preston Park.

As one of Brighton’s largest green spaces, Preston Park has loads of lovely paths, a pond, cafes, bowling lawns, and more.

You’ll also find the old Preston Park velodrome – an unevenly shaped cycling loop once used for competitions (and prone to controversy over its shape)!

Ride Volk’s Electric Railway

Navigation Address: Volk’s Electric Railway Visitor Centre, Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1EN, UK

railway track along the beach front with fences on both sides.
The railway was closed on the exact day we visited! 🙁

Want to ride the oldest electronic railway in the world?! Then head for the Brighton waterfront for Volk’s Electric Railway.

Created by local inventor Magnus Volk, the railway line was opened in 1883 and hasn’t missed a beat since!

Eric visited Brighton and on that particular saturday the railway was closed.

Unfortunately for him, crews were doing maintenance and cleaning up garbage around the waterfront area. Maybe you will have better luck riding when you visit?

The train ride seems great for kids – and it actually takes you all the way to the Brighton Marina along the waterfront so it DOES also serve a practical function from March to October.

Shop The Lanes & North Laine

Navigation Address: The Lanes, Brighton, UK + North Laine, Brighton, UK

old clock tower with clock face and buildings behind in brighton.
The Jubilee Clock Tower looking fine!

If you are into shopping (and even if you aren’t), you’ll likely end up wandering the Lanes.

Located just back from the waterfront to the west of the main Palace Pier, the Lanes are Brighton’s central “downtown” shopping core.

The winding streets and hills make for an interesting walk through all the big brand shops you’d expect to find with a few boutique ones, too.

There are also places to eat, drink, and just hang out to people watch. 

At the top of the Lanes (close to the Churchill Square Shopping Centre), you’ll find something called the Jubilee Clock Tower (shown above).

Built in 1888 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, it’s an old clock tower which is pretty to look at (locals either love it or hate it) – and is functional, too!

It’s also just a good way to get your bearings as you wander about that area of the city.

colourful buildings with cafes and road in between street north laine.
North Laine is a great area to explore.

Brighton is a city of “communities” with many different neighbourhoods making up one big city. Another historical area to check out in Brighton is North Laine.

Located north of the Lanes (main shopping area) and very close to the Brighton train station, this Bohemian neighbourhood is absolutely loaded with boutique shops and more cafes than you could visit in a whole month!

The roads/alleys make up a giant grid system with nice architecture throughout – so just wander through for the experience… but you’ll likely be drawn into SOME shop that suits your interests!

Eric didn’t have time to stop anywhere when he last visited but he scouted out cafes for when we go back together!

Visit Brighton Dome

Navigation Address: Church St, Brighton BN1 1UE, UK

sandstone building with fancy exterior and blue sky above.
The Brighton Dome is beautiful from the outside.

If you wander Brighton near the Royal Pavilion, you might notice a beautiful looking building called the Brighton Dome.

This is one of Brighton’s premier art venues where they host over 600 art performances from music to comedy, spoken word and more!

Aside from having a show that might interest you when you visit, the Brighton Dome also plays a huge role in putting on one of the most celebrated arts festivals in the UK –  the Brighton Festival!

When you walk by, you might notice just how beautiful the building is – this is because it has over 200 years of history tucked away!

The venue was once built as stables for the horses of Prince Regent. Over time, the venue has transformed into a skating rink and a military hospital during the First World War.

You can even do tours of the building if the history fascinated you enough!

Explore The Brighton Fishing Museum

Navigation Address: Kings Road Arches, 201, Brighton BN1 1NB, UK

old museum entrance in red brick wall under roadway.
We really liked the Brighton Fishing Museum!

A really neat museum to check out at the Brighton waterfront is the Brighton Fishing Museum.

With free admission and a whole fishing boat tucked away inside, this small museum is worth checking out.

Eric wandered in and ended up staying for quite a while reading the information and looking at the historic photos from decades and decades ago! 

As we said, admission is free but you can make a small donation at the door.

If you are travelling to Brighton with kids, this might be a good place to check out.

This is because there’s old footage being played inside alongside artefacts like a ship’s wheel, colourful signs, model boats, and the 27-foot “clinker-built punt boat” fishing boat in the main hall!

Discover The Booth Museum Of Natural History

Navigation Address: 194 Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 5AA, UK

In case you want to learn a little bit while you are in Brighton, check out the Booth Museum of Natural History!

It was originally opened in 1874 by Edward Thomas Booth as the Booth Museum (hence the name).

This colourful museum is full of bird, butterfly, and insect specimens along with fossils, minerals, and other bones that have been added over the years!

Today, with over 500,000 specimens, the Museum is among the largest collections of British birds in the country!

It was designated a Natural History Museum in the 1970s and is still considered a trendsetter as one of the first museums to utilize “Victorian-style dioramas” – meaning the specimens were depicted usually in action and with natural decor so that visitors could observe them in their “natural habitat”.

Browse The Brighton Open Market

Navigation Address: Marshalls Row, Brighton and Hove BN1 4JU, UK

colourful sign for market with blue sky behind.
You can’t miss the market!

Given that Brighton has a vibrant creative, alternative art scene, it makes sense that there is a marketplace to serve the needs of an inclusive community.

Enter: The Open Market! This large indoor venue is full of shops and stalls that sell everything under the sun – and we mean everything!

indoor market place with stalls set up in brighton.
Have a stroll through – you never know what you may find!

From coffee shops and places to eat to stalls selling soap, honey, old signs, and more – you can find loads of interesting things at the Market.

Eric wandered through the bottom level and it was great to see people hanging out, buying local, and creating a sense of community!

Located just a short walk from the Brighton Train Station, we’d recommend a visit because you never know what you might find!

Check Out artrepublic Brighton Gallery

Navigation Address: 13 Bond St, Brighton BN1 1RD, UK

Again, if artwork is your thing, Brighton is the place for you. Located in North Laine, you can find a colourful gallery by artrepublic – a place curated by experts with an eye for art with over 25 years of experience.

The gallery in Brighton is known to have one of the largest collections of limited edition contemporary art prints in Britain!

Just go in and have a wander around – you’ll find some pretty big names up on the wall!

Visit St. Peter’s Church

Navigation Address: York Pl, Brighton BN1 4GU, UK

church tower with construction scaffolding around it with blue sky above.
St. Peter’s Church was under construction – but still pretty!

If checking out churches is your thing, Brighton has a few which stand out. You’ll find St. Peter’s Church located just a short walk from the waterfront (on the way to the Open Market).

Built in the 1820s in pre-Victorian Gothic Revival architectural style, the church is unofficially known as “Brighton’s Cathedral” – and it was under renovation when Eric visited!

In any case, you can learn more about visiting the church here.

brown brick church with stain glass window and blue sky behind.
An imposing building with a lovely design!

If you’re really into churches, St Bartholomew’s Church is another one that you might want to check out.

The church was built back in the 1870s and Eric stumbled upon this brick marvel while walking back from the Open Market.

He didn’t pop inside but the detail from the outside was unexpected and really something!

There’s a popular Brighton food tour that leaves from nearby to St. Bartholomew’s!

Attend The Brighton Centre

Navigation Address: Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2GR, UK

If you’re in the mood for a bit of performance fun, then you might want to check out what’s going on at the Brighton Centre.

This massive complex is one of Brighton’s largest venues for music, comedy, and other meetings of national importance.

Located right down along the Brighton waterfront, there’s usually something going on most times of the year so check out the website to see if there’s a show that interests you!

Explore The Brighton Toy And Model Museum

Navigation Address: 52-55 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4EB, UK

red signs for toy museum outside on brick wall.
Eric stepped inside for a peek – the place is PACKED with toys.

If looking at toys, toys, and more toys is your thing – or you’re travelling to Brighton with kids – then the Brighton Toy & Model Museum is definitely for you!

Located just under the train tracks of Brighton Station, you’ll see the red signs to enter. Inside this first area (where you buy tickets) you will already get a sense of the sheer number of toys they have on display.

It’s so colourful – it’s really sensory overload! Eric ran out of time and didn’t go all the way inside but we will when we return to Brighton. Would be worth it to see over 10,000 items!

Lounge In The Level Gardens

Navigation Location: https://goo.gl/maps/P6rkD6DGPuz3ntqg8

Lounging in the green spaces around Brighton is not a difficult feat to accomplish – even if you find yourself north of the water quite a ways!

Located right across the street from the east entrance of the Open Market, The Level is a massive green space with something for everyone.

As one of the oldest public spaces in all of Brighton, The Level has a rich history dating back to the 18th century!

These days, inside the space – quiet and protected from the busy streets – you can find kids’ play areas, a skate park, fountains, and green lawns for lounging.

There’s even a cafe onsite should you get a bit of hunger creeping up! The Level is such an important community space that you can check online to see what’s going on.

Get Locked Away At The Old Police Cells Museum

Navigation Address: Town Hall, Brighton BN1 1JA, UK

white palace looking building with sun and sky behind.
The Museum entrance is down and to the right!

Looking to get your fix of Brighton history and crime all in one? Visit the Old Prison Cells Museum!

Located in the basement of Brighton Town Hall, you can wander through the cells used to hold some of the most damned of criminals. Over 200 years of history are written on the cell walls – literally!

To visit, admission is free BUT you have to book a guided tour in advance. So if you know you want to visit (especially in the busy summer months) make sure you book online in advance!

Wander Queen’s Park (And The Other Brighton Parks)

Navigation Address: 25 West Dr, Brighton BN2 0QU, UK

If you haven’t had enough of the parks in Brighton yet, there’s one more you might want to check out.

Queen’s Park was conceived around 1825 and has been a public green space ever since. You’ll find features like a pond, a cafe, loads of green space, and something called the “Pepper Pot”.

What’s the Pepper Pot? You will have to go and check it out! The park is located to the east of the Palace Pier and north of the waterfront a few blocks – but definitely walkable.

While we’re here and talking about green spaces in Brighton for the last time, check out Hove Park and Hove Green (two different “Hove” named green spaces) in the city’s west end.

Hove Park has a cafe and the Hove Park Railway – a tiny train for kids!

Enjoy the Hove Museum of Creativity

Navigation Address: 19 New Church Rd, Hove BN3 4AB, UK

Located in the west end of the city, The Hove Museum of Creativity is a place to visit if you want to learn about history and have a group with lots of interests.

Housed in an old villa, this museum has many old toys, old films/film equipment, crafts, art, and more. Turns out, Hove was a big film/cinema producing area back in the day!

Check out Regency Square

Navigation Address: Regency Square, Brighton BN1 2FG, UK

colourful townhouses with statue in middle of square and cars in front.
Regency Square was a popular place to check out!

If you want to dive into an interesting aspect of Brighton history, then head to Regency Square for a wander about!

Originally built in 1818 as Belle Vue Field, this square (now right across the street from the i360 Tower) took 10 years to complete and was slated as housing for the upper social class.

Over the years, the space transformed due to war and the development of hotels/tourism in Brighton. 

These days, you can wander about the green park and have a look at the iconic townhouses. There’s a war memorial, too.

You might even consider stopping into the Regency Restaurant for seafood or classic pub grub and a drink or stay the night close to the waterfront at beautiful Hotel Una!

Bonus: Take A Day Trip To The Seven Sister Cliffs

Navigation Location of Beachy Head: https://goo.gl/maps/gjyTj3aXSwQfHW3M6

white chalk cliffs with red lighthouse and blue ocean below at seven sisters.
The Seven Sister cliffs are beautiful – but be VERY careful near the edge!

If you’ve got some more time to spare while you’re in Brighton or the south coast of the UK, you might want to check out the Seven Sister cliffs!

Just a short drive from Brighton (about an hour), the white chalk cliffs (like the cliffs of Dover) outside of Eastbourne are well worth the trip.

The hiking trails along the cliffs offer stunning views of the English Channel – with peaks like Beachy Head and valleys like the Birling Gap (and its beach) offering visitors places to check out.

As we said, you can drive to the cliffs – to the west of Eastbourne (aim for Cuckmere Haven), you could take the train to Eastbourne from Brighton (but then still have to cab or bus to the cliffs).

Our Tip: Hop on a Seven Sisters cliff tour from Brighton to make the most of your day!

Things to Consider When Visiting Brighton

blue shoreline with beach and buildings along into the distance.
The shoreline from the Pier is quite pretty!

If you are thinking about heading to Brighton when you’re in the south of England, here are some things that you should consider before you go!

General Information About Brighton

Brighton is located on the southern English coast in the United Kingdom. Officially, it’s Brighton + Hove (which is located to the west of central Brighton).

The city is very close to the English Channel about an hour south of London which makes it a great day trip by train or car.

Because of its geographical location on the south coast, Brighton is one of the sunniest places in the whole of the United Kingdom. 

Brighton was originally founded as a fishing village (makes sense) and was turned into a resort/retreat city in the 18th century because of the beautiful beach and numerous sunshine days. This is still a huge draw for the millions of tourists each year!

Over time, the city has grown to one of the largest in the UK. The city is known for its inclusive communities that attract many young people in the arts + creatives as well as older people enjoying their golden years post-retirement.

Because of this “inclusiveness”, Brighton has a very large LGBTIQ+ population – earning it the moniker of “unofficial gay capital of the UK”!

Best Time to Visit Brighton

Given that we’ve talked about how sunny and beautiful the city is, Brighton is best visited in spring, summer, and fall. 

The wettest month is technically January but winter in the UK sucks everywhere – sorry, UK. (Eric lived in Scotland for a year and – yeah – winter was not a happy time weather-wise!)

If you want to avoid the crazy busy summer tourist/holiday season of July and August, consider visiting Brighton in the “shoulder season” of May/June and then September.

Eric was recently there in May and it was HOT. The beach and pier were packed, people were shopping, and the festivals had already started!

Getting Around in Brighton

Once you get to Brighton, walking around is a really good option since most of the top attractions/waterfront are packed together.

That said, the city is actually pretty spread out and has some pretty good elevation changes. This can make walking to attractions or parks difficult.

You could take the Brighton + Hove bus for some of the trips. You might also consider a taxi if you need a lift.

If you are a tourist looking to explore the city, you have a few options available to you. You can definitely get on the hop-on/hop-off Brighton sightseeing bus.

We know these can be “touristy” but as a way to get around freely AND learn about the city – there usually are few better options!

If you want to be a little more active, you should consider hopping on a bike to explore the city. For this check out this top-rated bike tour around Brighton.

This way you get to learn about the city and you also get around to see the sights and make the most of a few hours!

Where to Stay in Brighton

yellow hotel with balconies overlooking waterfront with blue sky above.
Stay at the Grand for perfect sea views!

Since Brighton is such a popular destination to take in the sunshine, sea air, and nightlife, there are LOTS of accommodation options to choose from – from seaside hotels to quaint and quiet cottages nearby.

Check Here for Hotels and Accommodations in Brighton

If you are looking for hotels in Brighton and want to stay right at the seaside, then check out The Grand Hotel Brighton (shown above) or the Queens Hotel & Spa (shown below).

We walked by them and their place across from the beach is absolutely perfect for a seaside getaway.

yellow and blue hotel on coastline with blue sky in brighton.
The Queen’s Hotel is also right along the waterfront.

If you are passing through Brighton for a night and looking for a cheaper (but still nice) place to stay, there are a few hostels as well. You can check here for hostels in Brighton

white building with people sitting in front at table on sidewalk.
YHA Brighton is located at the water’s edge, too!

Specifically, check out the YHA Brighton (shown above) – it’s located right at the waterfront (facing the city).

We had a friend who worked there for a few months and she always spoke highly of it (plus YHA is a trustworthy brand from our experience with them).

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And there you have it – some of the best things to do in Brighton! The southern English coast is full of awesome things to check out.

You are certainly not limited if you head for Brighton and want to explore more.

We will cover these towns, beaches, hikes, and castles in the south of England in posts coming up real soon! In the meantime, enjoy the sun in Brighton!

As always, Happy Brighton Waddlin’,

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