Where to Stay in Dubrovnik (2024): Accommodation & Area Guide

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Wondering Where To Stay In Dubrovnik, Croatia? Here Are Our Tips!

If you’re searching for the best place to stay in Dubrovnik, you’re not alone! With so many great Dubrovnik accommodation options and top areas to stay in, it can be tough to choose where to stay in Dubrovnik for your holiday. This is where we come in!

Having travelled the Balkans (and around Croatia), we’ve got a solid understanding of this popular Croatia destination. We stayed in an apartment a short walk from the Old Town – and it was the perfect location.

From great hotels in Dubrovnik such as Hotel Adria to Dubrovnik beach hotels like Sun Gardens Dubrovnik, you can find accommodations to suit different travel styles and budgets.

So, in this detailed guide, we’ll first dive into accommodations in Dubrovnik by type and provide you with top examples for each. Then we’ll cover the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik for visitors with examples of accommodations you can find in each one. Let’s get started!

Accommodations By Type

It might go without saying that Dubrovnik is a very popular destination for all different types of travellers. It must be the sunshine, beaches, sea views and beautiful history to discover!

So, it should come as no surprise that there is a wide variety of Dubrovnik accommodations to suit various travellers. From Dubrovnik hotels to resorts, apartments, and guesthouses, there are accommodations scattered in all the best areas to stay in Dubrovnik.

To help you find the best Dubrovnik lodging for you – like the best hotel in Dubrovnik – we broke down the different accommodation options in the first part of the article.

This is handy because if you know what kind of accommodation type you want, you can easily find some of the best-curated accommodations below.

If you know you want to book in a specific area (like Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town), then you can skip to the second part of this article!

Hotels in Dubrovnik

By far one of the most popular accommodation options in Dubrovnik is hotels. If you’re looking for hotels in Dubrovnik, you are going to have a big variety to choose from.

Since the city is so popular, there is a healthy mix of all different kinds of hotels – 3-star, 4-star hotels in Dubrovnik, and many 5-star hotels.

Conveniently, these hotels are mostly spread out across the Dubrovnik areas listed in this post (including Dubrovnik hotels near the Old Town).

This means whether you’re looking for the best hotels in Dubrovnik for amenities, seaside views, spas, Dubrovnik beach hotels, hotels with pools and restaurants, or just a simple hotel to sleep in – there’s an option for you.

Get started searching for hotels in Dubrovnik here

For those knowing they want to book one of the popular hotels in Dubrovnik, below are some of the best hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia for balancing value for money, location, and amenities.

Popular Dubrovnik Hotels

  • Boutique Hotel Stari Grad – A bright boutique hotel with an amazing rooftop terrace in the Old Town
  • Hotel ExcelsiorA trendy, upscale luxury hotel with unbeatable seaside views in Ploče
  • Hotel Adria – A clean and modern hotel with free parking and views in Gruž
  • Sun Gardens Dubrovnik – A resort-style hotel with amenities just north of the city centre along the sea (one of the best hotels near Dubrovnik)
  • Hotel Lapad – A bright, classic hotel with a nice breakfast in Babin Kuk/Lapad

Now that we’ve covered some of the top hotels in Dubrovnik, here are more hotels broken down by style and/or budget.

Budget/Cheap Hotels in Dubrovnik

If you are looking for cheap hotels in Dubrovnik, you will certainly have many to choose from. Before we dive in, it’s important to recognize that the prices for Dubrovnik are sometimes a little confusing. Generally, you can get nice hotels for cheaper prices.

This is partially because there are just so many different hotels that you can book. That said, the “cheaper” hotels in Dubrovnik might be found a bit farther from the Old Town.

However, you don’t necessarily need cheap hotels near Old Town because the city is small and you could always take a bus/taxi or walk there with no problem.

The point here is that most of the budget hotels in Dubrovnik aren’t cheaper due to bad quality. They have a lower price due to their location and lack of “extras”. If you need a simple place to lay your head for a few nights, you’ll find it.

That said, many of the hotels below actually have pools, beach or sea views, so it’s not like you are really losing out with a budget hotel. Check below for some of the top options for cheap hotels in Dubrovnik:

  • Hotel IvkaA lovely hotel with great breakfast and sun terrace in Lapad (Our Pick)
  • Berkeley Hotel & SpaA stylish, trendy hotel with spa and breakfast in Gruž
  • Hotel Villa Paradiso – A bright, simple hotel with a pool and views north of the cruise port
  • Hotel VisA breezy seaside hotel with breakfast right on the beach in Lapad
  • Hotel KomodorAnother simple hotel with breakfast right on the beach in Lapad

Boutique Hotels in Dubrovnik

Finding a boutique hotel in Dubrovnik won’t be an issue, either. There are plenty of beautiful, elegant, and/or modern places that are perfect for that Dubrovnik getaway.

The price is generally a bit higher for Dubrovnik boutique hotels, but you pay for great service and amazing locations.

tall stone tower in old town dubrovnik with blue sky behind
From the upper terrace of Boutique Hotel you get a beautiful view.

You will find many boutique hotels in the heart of the Old Town or along the waterfront in Ploče, just to name a few amazing spots.

  • Boutique Hotel Stari GradA colourful, trendy hotel with rooftop terrace views right in the Old Town (Our Pick)
  • Hotel KazbekA upscale, elegant hotel in a 16th-century villa overlooking Gruž Harbour in Babin Kuk
  • Villa DubrovnikA bright, modern hotel with dining, pool, and sea views in Ploče
  • Hotel Kompas – A breezy yet trendy seaside hotel in Lapad close to the beach
  • Royal Palm HotelAn elegant yet cool hotel with perfect sea views also in Lapad

Luxury Hotels in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik wouldn’t be Dubrovnik without a variety of luxury 5-star hotels. From Dubrovnik beach hotels to luxury hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town, these luxury hotels are where you go to absolutely pamper yourself for a few days.

Many of these hotels balance amazing style and service with top-rated amenities like pools, spas, and facilities like tennis courts, onsite restaurants, upscale cave bars, and more.

Below are some of the best luxury hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia for you to check out:

  • Hotel Excelsior A trendy, upscale luxury hotel with unbeatable seaside views in Ploče (Our Pick)
  • The Pucic Palace – A bright and elegant 5-star hotel in the heart of the Old Town
  • Hilton Imperial DubrovnikA trendy, classy 5-star hotel in Pile just steps from the Old Town
  • Hotel More A trendy seaside 5-star hotel with a famous cave bar and sea views
  • Grand Villa ArgentinaA historic, comfortable hotel with seaside views in Ploče

Resorts in Dubrovnik

seaside resort tucked into rocky coastline with blue sea in front in dubrovnik
If you choose the Rixos Libertas, you get to stay there!

If you’re travelling to Dubrovnik for the perfect vacation and don’t want to worry about too many details, the resorts in Dubrovnik are definitely for you.

To be fair, there are several true “Dubrovnik resorts” that have everything you need – restaurants, pools, etc. There are also a few resort-style hotels. These are larger hotels on the seaside that also have a ton of amenities.

This is why you’ll find hotels in Dubrovnik on the beach like Sun Gardens (see below) which operate very much like a resort.

Some have onsite entertainment, some have various sunning terraces, some have multiple dining options – there’s no shortage of these kinds of resort-style accommodations.

Below are some of the top resort-style accommodations in Dubrovnik in different areas. One thing they all have in common? Seaside views!

Apartments in Dubrovnik

tall stone stairs facing old town walls with doors in dubrovnik
This could honestly be the door to your apartment in Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town.

As you travel around Croatia (and the Balkans for that matter) you will find that apartment rentals are very common.

We stayed in apartments for our Split accommodation, Herceg Novi accommodation, and also in Tirana, Albania to name a few. The same can be said for Dubrovnik.

There are so many apartment rentals in Dubrovnik to choose from. Apartments, typically called “apartmani”, are a great way to have a space of your own if you are staying for a few days.

You’ll find apartments all around the city – and there are a vast number of apartments in Dubrovnik’s Old Town (if you want to stay here). Honestly, there are so many places to stay in Dubrovnik that are holiday apartments that you’re sure to find one that will suit your specific needs.

When we stayed in Dubrovnik, this is the type of accommodation we stayed in. The host was easy to contact and coordinate with, and it was nice to stay outside of the Old Town to get in a walk each day. Unfortunately, the exact apartment we booked is not available anymore.

Check Here For Apartments in Dubrovnik

Apartments are generally popular with bigger groups or those travelling to Dubrovnik with kids/as a family. Some of the different Dubrovnik apartments even come with pools and parking spots. Below are a few nice apartments in great locations around Dubrovnik:

Guesthouses/Bed and Breakfasts in Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a cozy place to stay in Dubrovnik but don’t want an apartment, you should look into bed and breakfasts. Usually known as “guesthouses”, these smaller accommodations offer you a home-away-from-home.

A highlight of the Dubrovnik guesthouses is that they are usually run by passionate locals who are eager to share their knowledge. Some accommodations even serve breakfast – but not all of them.

old stone building in croatian old town with green shutters in dubrovnik
Authentic Old Town buildings often house the guesthouses in the city…

Because guesthouses are also a popular accommodation type, there is a ton of variety between properties. Some have pools and parking spots while others are right in the heart of the Old Town.

Some have terraces with seaside views but are closer to the highway, while others are tucked away down charming Croatia streets.

Check Here For Guesthouses/B&Bs in Dubrovnik

Below are a few of the top-rated guesthouses in Dubrovnik across several different areas of the city:

  • Guest House Nikolina – A clean, updated guesthouse in Lapad – walkable to the Old Town (Our Pick)
  • Villa Sigurata A charming, traditional Croatian guesthouse right in the Old Town
  • Villa Dorma A nice, functional B&B with free parking north of the Old Town in Ploče
  • Veranda Rooms – A clean and charming guesthouse with a garden patio in Pile
  • Guesthouse S&L – A simple and charming guesthouse with free parking in Gruž

Hostels in Dubrovnik

narrow stone alleyway looking over dubrovnik old town red roofs
Some entrances to the hostels below are located in alleys close by with views like this!

Finally, hostels are also a great choice if you are looking for a place to stay in Dubrovnik. We always like to remind people that hostels are not just for “classic backpackers” anymore. There are still dorm-style rooms but many hostels have amazing private rooms in boutique styles.

The best hostels these days are clean, safe, and sometimes nicer than some low-level hotels.

That said, most of the Dubrovnik hostels are located in the Old Town while the rest of the hostels are very close by. You get a bed in a great location no matter where you book.

Hostels in Dubrovnik are also a great option since the staff are a wealth of knowledge to “do Dubrovnik right” and can help with booking tours, excursions, finding where to eat, etc.

You can check here for top hostels in Dubrovnik but some of the top-rated ones are listed below:

  • Dubrovnik Old Town HostelA boutique hostel right in the Old Town on Stradun just steps from the Pile Gate (Our Pick)
  • Hostel AngelinaA cozy and clean hostel also inside the historic walls of the Old Town
  • Hostel LinaA clean and bright hostel in Gruž close to the bus station with views

Accommodations By Area

Having covered the different types of accommodations in Dubrovnik, we can now focus on the best areas to stay in.

Below, we’ll briefly introduce each of the top areas. These are areas that we think are great for visitors – but please keep in mind that we won’t talk about all the areas in Dubrovnik.

We’ll describe what you can find in the area, and touch on who it might be a good fit for. Then, we’ll highlight a few well-rated accommodation suggestions in each location.

Once you arrive in Dubrovnik, you might notice that the city isn’t all that big. It’s also well connected by the Dubrovnik bus system.

This makes choosing where to stay in Dubrovnik by area simple as long as you do your research for your specific needs.

Remember: The best location to stay in Dubrovnik is going to differ from traveller to traveller. For example, the Old Town has lots of history while Lapad has many beaches – so where you should stay depends on your interests.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can get started browsing the top accommodation pick for each of the areas below. You can also read on for all the details!

Top Dubrovnik Accommodations By Area

Safety in Dubrovnik: In case you’re wondering, Dubrovnik is a safe city to visit. As with any tourist hotspot, however, you’ll need to watch your belongings in busy/high foot traffic areas (especially in the Old Town!). This also goes for at the main bus/ferry port area.

Dubrovnik Old Town – History & Sights

old town buildings with green hillside in distance in dubrovnik
There are beautiful places to stay in the Old Town.

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a hub of activity and a top place to visit on the list of many Croatia travellers. 

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the best-preserved medieval-era fortified Old Towns on the planet, the walled Old Town (Stari Grad) usually needs little introduction!

From attractions like churches and monasteries to fountains, museums, walking tours, and the city walls themselves – there is plenty to see and do in the Old Town. It’s also one of the places to go for Dubrovnik nightlife – but there are other areas for this, too.

This makes Old Town a pretty popular place to stay in Dubrovnik. Did we mention it’s also a “Game of Thrones” filming location? Show lovers usually know about that fact.

Another great aspect of the Old Town is that it’s car-free – and the lack of cars adds to the historic atmosphere.

Accessed by many gates, the walled Old Town is easy to navigate with the “Stradun” main street cutting through the Old Town lengthwise. There are also plenty of shops, cafes, restaurants, and other things to keep you busy.

Check Here For Accommodations in Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Just so you know, one of the main bus stations in the Dubrovnik city centre is located at the Pile Gate at the Old Town’s northwest end.

If you are coming or going to the Old Town by bus, this is the place to get on and off for lots of different bus routes.

Featured Accommodations in Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Below are some of the top-rated places to stay in the Old Town. There is a mix of properties. There are lots of hotels in the Old Town but there are also many guesthouses and lots of apartments in Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

The Old Town tends to be busy (especially during the summer months). So, if you know you need quiet for sleeping, choose an accommodation down a side street or away from Stradun.

Villa Sigurata – Check Now

  • Style: A Charming, Traditional Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Right in the Old Town but away from the busy main pedestrian routes
  • Featured Amenities: Communal kitchen facilities, nice hosts, coffee/tea all-day

Boutique Hotel Stari Grad – Check Now

  • Style: A Colourful, Boutique Hotel (one of the best hotels in Dubrovnik’s Old Town)
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Just steps from the Pile Gate but located on a quieter side street
  • Featured Amenities: Amazing 5th-floor rooftop terrace that overlooks the city for dining/breakfast, A/C in rooms

Apartments Festa – Check Now

  • Style: Cute and Cozy Apartments
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: In the heart of the Old Town, but located off a quiet side street with shops and restaurants around
  • Featured Amenities: Apartments with kitchenettes, A/C available, free Wifi

The Pucic Palace – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Elegant 5-star Hotel (one of the top luxury hotels in Dubrovnik’s Old Town)
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Right in the centre of the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: A la carte breakfast, bar/restaurant on site, A/C, robes and slippers

Ploče – Beaches & Seaside

boats in blue harbour with villas on hillside behind in dubrovnik
The accommodations in Ploče are perfect – there’s Hotel Excelsior on the far right side!

Located east and running south along the coast away from the Old Town, Ploče is an area along the waterfront known for upscale accommodation and apartments that sit high up on the hill. These places often have amazing views of the Adriatic Sea toward Lokrum Island.

This southern strip of the city connects to the Old Town via the Ploče Gate. Besides the stunning seaside views, the area is known for beaches like Banje Beach and Plaža Sveti Jakov, some of the most popular beaches in the city.

Check Here For Accommodations In Ploče

If you want to stay in Ploče, there is no shortage of great hotels, apartments, and guesthouses. Many argue that some of the best hotels in Dubrovnik are in Ploče.

This is because Dubrovnik hotels near the Old Town in Ploče are walkable to the top attractions, have access to the beaches, and offer those stunning seaside views.

Featured Accommodations In Ploče

Below are some of the top-rated accommodations in Ploče. You’ll find a mix of hotels with many apartments and fewer guesthouses.

Another reason to stay here is that you’ll likely find a place to stay with parking and easier access back to the highway (D8) which runs the length of the Croatian coastline.

Hotel Excelsior – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Upscale Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Overlooking the sea, a short walk back to the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite spa, pool, and sea view restaurants, beach access

Villa Dorma – Check Now

  • Style: A Nice, Functional B&B
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Just north of the Old Town, a short walk to the water and other attractions (Dubrovnik Cable Car)
  • Featured Amenities: Rooms with terraces, breakfast available, free parking (important if you’re on a road trip)

Grand Villa Argentina – Check Now

  • Style: A Historic yet Comfortable 5-star Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range/Luxury
  • Location: Right on the water in a secluded green property – a short walk to the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: seaside pool, amazing views, great breakfast, restaurants onsite

Apartments Emi – Check Now

  • Style: Simple and Quaint Apartments
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: overlooking the sea, on the main street a short walk back to the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: Balcony or garden terrace with sea views, kitchenettes, and A/C

Pile – Walkable & Compact

stone sea fort with waves in front and blue ocean behind in dubrovnik
The Hilton is steps away from Fort Lovrijenac!

For those wanting to stay close to the Old Town – without staying right in it – Pile might be a great area to stay in.

Located just to the west of the Old Town, this small, compact area is just outside the famous Pile Gate. It’s an area that is comprised of several shops and restaurants with sea views. We even had lunch here once.

Heading away from the Old Town, the elevation changes and the accommodations are higher up the hill and offer views of the sea and Old Town. Closer to the water, there are a few beaches (like Danče Beach) you can get to. The iconic Fort Lovrijenac also hangs out here.

One thing to consider is that the main bus station outside the Pile Gate is in this area. It’s basically how everyone comes and goes from the Old Town – so it gets busy during the day.

However, this area gets quieter at night once all the foot traffic (and actual traffic) dies down. It’s also as close to the Old Town as you can get by car.

Featured Accommodations in Pile

Below are some of the best accommodations in Pile. It’s not a huge area but with a high concentration of buildings, there are many apartments, guesthouses, and a few hotels to check out.

Apartments Benussi – Check Now

  • Style: Simple, Cozy Apartments
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Tucked away in Pile, a short walk to the Pile Gate but in a quiet area
  • Featured Amenities: Kitchenettes, garden terrace/balcony with views, lovely hosts

Veranda Rooms – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean and Charming Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: In a quiet area of Pile – close to shops, the seaside, and the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: Quiet, green garden terrace, A/C in rooms

Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Classy 5-star Hotel
  • Price Range: Luxury
  • Location: Right across from the Pile Gate just steps from the historic Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: Onsite dining, spa, and gym, rooms with amazing balcony views, easy parking

Lapad + Babin Kuk – Trendy & Nature

If you want something a little more scenic with some hills, trees, and a beautiful shoreline, then the peninsula of Lapad might be more for you. This massive peninsula makes up a pretty large portion of the entire city of Dubrovnik.

Located to the northwest of the Old Town, the area is prime for hiking and exploring the coast. Nature lovers will love Forest Park Velika and Mala Petka with trails and views.

This area is connected to the mainland only by the base of Gruž Harbour. However, there are still a few shops, restaurants, bars, and grocery stores in this area to cater to travellers.

One of the highlights of the peninsula is an area/neighbourhood called Babin Kuk. This area is known for being a little newer and wealthier than the rest of the city. As such, you’ll find a number of high-end resort hotels, spas, and restaurants here.

Check Here For Accommodation in Lapad/Babin Kuk

This general area is where you’ll find some great Dubrovnik hotels due to their scenic locations along the coast and usually quieter, upscale locations.

Additionally, because of several popular beaches on the peninsula, many of the best Dubrovnik beach hotels are located here. Check out Uvala Lapad Beach and Copacabana Beach – which draw crowds in during the summer months – and you’ll find hotels close by.

Featured Accommodations in Lapad + Babin Kuk

Below are some of the best places to stay in Lapad/Babin Kuk. This is a large area with a healthy mix of all different kinds of accommodations.

That said, it tends to swing to having more hotels because of the prime views and scenery away from the city centre.

The peninsula is farther from the Old Town but has its own scenic and relaxed vibe. It’s also easily connected by bus, taxi, and/or private shuttle to the Old Town.

Guest House Nikolina – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean, Updated Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Budget
  • Location: Off a quieter street in Lapad, a 20-minute walk to the Old Town (close to where we stayed – great location)
  • Featured Amenities: A/C in rooms, some with balconies and kitchenettes, shared upper terrace with sea views

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace – Check Now

  • Style: A Classy, Boutique Resort-style Hotel (very popular)
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Overlooking the beautiful sea with green nature park right behind
  • Featured Amenities: Incredible sea views, multiple pools and dining options, free parking, spa, beach + diving

Apartment City Getaway – Check Now

  • Style: An Excellent, Studio Apartment
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Off a quieter street in Lapad, a 25-minute walk to the Old Town
  • Featured Amenities: Free parking space, fully loaded kitchenette with washing machine

Hotel More – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy, 5-star Seaside Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Right on the water in Lapad, a short walk to the beach
  • Featured Amenities: Outdoor pool, dining area, spa, and a unique “Cave Bar” – for drinks in a small cave!

Hotel Lapad – Check Now

  • Style: A Bright, Classic Hotel
  • Price Range: Upper Mid-Range
  • Location: Right on the water in Babin Kuk, looking across to Gruž and the beautiful countryside
  • Featured Amenities: Outdoor pool, rooms with terrace views, onsite restaurant, nice breakfast, lift in the hotel

Gruž – Convenient & Affordable

If you want to change it up from the above locations, you can stay on the water in the area of Gruž. Anchored by Gruž Harbour, you’ll be on the mainland on the other side from Lapad Peninsula.

Gruž is basically at the foot of the limestone mountains. The area is especially important because it’s where you find the main ferry/cruise terminal and the main bus station. It’s a bit of a busy place but it’s very functional and you’re only a short bus or taxi from the Old Town.

That said, once you get away from the station area, there are waterfront hotels all along the boardwalk that stretches toward the foot of the bay in the direction of the Old Town. The area has a few nice shops and an open-air farmers market.

You also get to see the many boats in the water and have access to boat excursions. We liked the walk along the marina area. You might choose to stay here if you have an early bus/ferry to catch and don’t want to miss it!

Up the hillside away from the water, some accommodations connect to the main highway (D8) (great for car travel) and offer views of the coast.

Featured Accommodations In Gruž

Below are some of the top accommodations in Gruž. As we said, there are some places to stay right at the waterfront and also places up the hillside. It’s a healthy mix of hotels, guesthouses, and apartments – as you might expect.

Guesthouse S&L – Check Now

  • Style: A Charming and Simple Guesthouse
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Up the hill in Gruž between the waterfront and the highway, shops around and a short bus to the Old Town close by
  • Featured Amenities: Free parking, shared terrace, A/C, some rooms with sea views, nice host

Hotel Adria – Check Now

  • Style: A Clean and Modern Hotel (very popular)
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: At the top of the hill right off the highway (D8) – perfect for a Croatia road trip
  • Featured Amenities: Bar/restaurant on site, great breakfast, rooms with amazing views, free parking

Berkeley Hotel & Spa – Check Now

  • Style: A Trendy and Stylish Hotel
  • Price Range: Mid-Range
  • Location: Close to the water near the ferry port, bus stop close by for the Old Town bus
  • Featured Amenities: Outdoor pool, spa, some sea view balconies, really nice breakfast

Apartments MiljasCheck Now

  • Style: Lovely, No-Fuss Apartments
  • Price Range: Upper Budget
  • Location: Close to the water, shops/restaurants and bus to Old Town close by
  • Featured Amenities: Outdoor pool and garden/terrace area, A/C and kitchenettes


If you’ve got questions about where to stay in Dubrovnik for your specific needs (with kids, with a car, etc.), then have a read through these popular questions and answers about staying in Dubrovnik.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik’s Old Town?

To stay right in Dubrovnik’s famous Old Town, perhaps choose an accommodation that is off of a side street or close to the perimeter wall. This might allow for a quieter sleep while staying steps from the best sights.

Check out Apartments Festa for a great apartment and Boutique Hotel Stari Grad for a great hotel within the historic city walls.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik with a car?

If you’re travelling by car to Dubrovnik, you’ll want to stay in a place with ample parking that is also easy to get back on the main highway up and down the Dalmatia coast.

For this, consider a stay in Ploče at Villa Dorma for a B&B with free parking, Guesthouse S&L for a Gruž guesthouse with parking or even Hotel Adria in Gruž which is up the cliff close to the highway with parking and views of the sea!

Where to stay in Dubrovnik with kids?

If you’re travelling to Dubrovnik with kids, you might be looking for an apartment where you can have your base for a few days.

Have a look at Apartments Benussi in Pile because it’s close to the Old Town (and many attractions and the sea) without being right inside the busy walls of the Old Town.

You might also opt for a resort such as Sun Gardens Dubrovnik which has stuff for kids like pools, rock climbing, and a “Kid’s Club”!

Where to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget?

There are a few places to stay for those on a budget in Dubrovnik. You’ll find several cheaper hotels – like Hotel Vis or Hotel Komodor – grouped on the Lapad Peninsula.

There are also budget-friendly accommodations in Gruž – like Apartments Miljas – which is closer to the highway and cruise port/bus terminal.

Finally, a hostel in the Old Town might also work if you’re on a budget. Check out Dubrovnik Old Town Hostel if this is you.

Where to stay in Dubrovnik near the beach?

To enjoy the beach (rocky, pebbly, or concrete) while in Dubrovnik, you should stay in either Ploče or Lapad/Bubin Kuk. There are several popular beaches in these areas and this is where you’d find the best beach hotels in Dubrovnik.

Check out Hotel Excelsior for an upscale Croatia experience with a beach in Ploče or opt for Hotel Vis or Hotel Komodor in Lapad to stay close to Uvala Lapad Beach. Dubrovnik President Valamar just has its own private beach!

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And there you have it – a rundown of where to stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia! In the end, there are just so many “best places to stay in Dubrovnik”.

Remember your budget, style, and interests, and you will be good to book something that is right for you! We hope you have an awesome time in the city.

Please also remember to be a responsible and respectful traveller in Dubrovnik. Appreciate the city for its beauty, its people, and stunning views. Don’t forget to take in the seaside air!

As always, Happy Waddlin’,

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